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    Seat Back Cooling Issues

    See this post. There's more information than I originally had.
  2. drolds1

    Seat Back Cooling Issues

    The illustrations that I posted earlier are from the 2020 service manual. 2020 Lincoln MKZ order guide: So, yeah. I agree-BS. I don't know what else you can do. As I PM'd you earlier, mine don't work right either.
  3. drolds1

    Key Fob Upgrade

    Ironic. Lincoln specifically designed this fob as part of the MKZ upgrade for 2017. They wanted it to have a heavier, more luxurious feel befitting a luxury car and to further differentiate it from the Fusion. IMO, the previous fob that I had with my 2014 was a cheap-feeling piece shared with the Fusion. The "chrome" trim on it started peeling and went under my fingernail. Ouch! I was a member of the Lincoln MKS forum when that was model was introduced and there were numerous complaints about the fob. Some owners had them replaced under warranty for the peeling issue.
  4. Just to add to the Michelin "hoop jumping," I've read anecdotal accounts of Michelin dealers denying any warranty claims on tires with tire dressing applied.
  5. drolds1

    2020 MKZ loaner

    Yes, I found it annoying in my 2017 to have to keep turning on the Auto Hold feature each time the car was restarted. My son had a M-B that, IMO, had a better solution, i.e., after stopping, you just pushed down further on the brake pedal to engage Auto Hold. There was a trade-off, however. In my 2020, the LKA defaults to off and has to be reactivated after shutoff. I prefer it the 2020 way. Of course, they could have just left the LKA on as well as Auto Hold. I didn't think there was a ledger for features.😏
  6. You're very welcome. Glad to help. There was a wait for loaners even before the pandemic. Yes, dealer inventory levels are at historic lows. A friend of mine just got his new c-class M-B after extending his lease on the old one that expired last March. I have a subscription to AlldataDIY.
  7. drolds1

    Heated Seats not working

    If it's just the standard heated seat only, then yes, it's a heating pad. For the climate controlled seats, however, there are separate blowers for the lower cushion and the backrest. The blower motor and TED for heating/cooling is an integrated module. Lower cushion motor: Back cushion motor: Big Red, did the dealer pull the codes from the system to come up with that diagnosis? If they're cooling and not heating on both sides, it seems unlikely that 4 motors/TEDs went out at the same time. Especially, if both blowers in each seat are running in the A/C mode. The price quoted seems way off, even when considering it's CDN. This has sometimes discovered to be a simple repair, just by pulling the connections from the module under the passenger's seat and inspecting for bent or burnt pins. Sometimes just reconnecting them cures the problem. I'd give it a shot. If that's not it, I'd try another dealer that's willing to properly diagnose this. A ford dealer could handle this as well. Let us know what happens.
  8. If you ever want to see if a particular code is discussed in the forums, just enter it into the search box above and any pertinent discussions will come up. I did that and nothing came up. WRT how long this will take to diagnose and repair, it's difficult to say. There are a lot of variables here. Here's a description of the reason for the code being triggered and the possible causes for the code in a 3.0T: I haven't showed the diagnostic "tree" but it's pretty extensive. This can be as simple as a loose hose, or it can get complicated, e.g., requiring the use of a smoke machine, etc. I think it's a safe bet that the service writer is going to advise you to leave the car and not wait. In my experience, unless it's routine, like an oil change/tire rotation, new battery, etc. you won't want to wait. You might come in early in the morning at sit there for hours before they even pull your car into the service bay. You're entitled to a Lincoln loaner for warranty work. What I do is make the appointment and arrange for a loaner for the afternoon before the appointment, drop the car before closing time and go home in the loaner. Is the car showing any kind of driveability issues? If not, this isn't an emergency.
  9. drolds1

    The works coupons.

    The last "works" coupon was from my dealer and the price is now $69.95. Interestingly enough, that includes full synthetic oil, which was never included before. That's actually quite a bargain when you compare the cost of similar service for imports. My friend just paid $129.95 for his 2007 Lexus, and it didn't include what the Ford/Lincoln deal does. At M-B and BMW, it runs into the hundreds.
  10. There's also a whopper of a reflection in the rear window from the top of the retractable sunshade.
  11. That's correct, Tom. That link is connected to the sensor itself.
  12. drolds1

    MKZ Wheels on a Mach-E

    Interesting look and effect. https://fordauthority.com/2021/07/2021-ford-mustang-mach-e-with-lincoln-mkz-wheels-looks-great-video/
  13. In addition to your duplicate post of today being locked by bbf2530, this one will be locked as well. You just posted this question this past Thursday here and were asked not to create duplicate posts at that time. If you wish to revive a thread, go back to said thread and say something like "bump" or just ask if anyone can please help. Please comply with the forum rules if you wish to continue here.
  14. drolds1

    No GPS Icon

    This past Saturday evening, as I was driving in a completely open area, the "No GPS" message and icon appeared on the screen, yet the map was showing the correct area and movement, so I tried programming a destination. That worked perfectly as well. After I restarted at my destination, there was no message but after driving for a minute, it reappeared. Everything was still working properly. Yesterday, the message was permanently gone. I checked GPS.gov and there were no reported outages or glitches for Saturday. Weird, just weird.🤔
  15. drolds1

    No GPS Icon

    Thanks for searching but in my case, I hadn't set a destination and despite the "No GPS" message, I was exactly where the car icon showed my location to be. When I did set a destination, it worked perfectly.
  16. I have a subscription to AllDataDIY, which in turn gets these illustrations from the factory service manual. I've had these subscriptions for many years. They were low cost and not the greatest. This year, they've raised prices, but the improvements are night and day and after several years, they've finally made 2016-2020 MYs available. Not be confused with AllData for professionals, used by many independent shops.
  17. It should pop right out with a trim removal tool by prying at the 4 clips, as illustrated below:
  18. drolds1

    Vacuum pump going out?

    You've already posted this question in the Hybrid section. Please don't create duplicate threads. One post per topic, please. Your question won't be answered any faster, and it causes confusion on the part of any potential respondents. This thread is now closed.
  19. drolds1

    Backup Camera quits

    Without knowing the model year of your MKZ, the general answer is that the camera is located (obviously) behind the lens and the wiring runs through the trunk lid. It's exposed by removing the trim on the underside of the deck lid.
  20. drolds1

    No GPS Icon

    No. I haven't taken it in, since it was gone the next day and hasn't recurred. Plus, the warning was apparently a false alarm since the map/nav worked perfectly. If that hadn't been the case, I would have made a service appointment. Hopefully, that won't happen.
  21. Hi, austin-tatious and welcome to the MKZ forum. You post caught my eye (no pun intended) because I have noticed this in all 3 of my 2nd-gen MKZs. It's more noticeable right after cleaning the glass. It's also more pronounced while wearing sunglasses, which leads me to believe that the condition is being exacerbated by your window tints. My windows aren't tinted. I used to have a reasonable tint put on all my cars until my state cracked down on anything beyond 30%. Part of the annual state safety inspection here includes measurement using a light meter, and you cannot pass if the tints are darker than the law allows. Not to mention that I'm not getting any younger and night vision diminishes with age. OK. This wasn't supposed to turn into a window tinting symposium, so I'll drop it here. Suffice it to say that I have noticed what you've described in my own 3 MKZs. Here is a quick photo that I took this afternoon, and you can see a slight reflection of the outer IP AC vent. Depending on conditions, it can be considerably more prominent than shown here. I don't know what you could do to mitigate this other than what you've done so far.
  22. drolds1

    No GPS Icon

    Crazy, right? At least if there was really no GPS when it said so, but evrerything was working.
  23. Welcome to the MKZ forum. Your question is being moved to an appropriate section of the forum. The Forum Help & Suggestions section is intended for questions and comments about the operation of the site itself. Questions and comments about the MKZ should be posted in the most appropriate sub-forum. In this case, that would the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Owners section.
  24. drolds1

    Rear suspension height

    Yes, As I pointed out, there are no air springs or shocks. While technically there are ride height sensors, the car itself has no self-leveling capability, which was Zondedo's original question. They're used in conjunction with the CCD. Different story, however, for the Aviator with Lincoln Air Glide suspension. I just hope it's more reliable than it was on the Mark 7 and TC.
  25. drolds1

    Rear suspension height

    Well, whaddaya know? It looks like I spoke too soon. Further research show that there are front and rear height sensors. They have to be calibrated with the Ford scan tool, though. My duh for answering too quickly. My apolgies. Still no air shocks or compressor, however. Rear Suspension Height Sensor Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. Refer to: Jacking and Lifting - Overview (100-02 Jacking and Lifting, Description and Operation) . NOTE: RH height sensor assembly shown, LH similar. Disconnect the rear suspension height sensor electrical connector. Remove the rear suspension height sensor arm bracket-to-lower arm bolt. Torque : 177 lb.in (20 Nm) Remove the rear suspension height sensor bracket bolt and remove the sensor. Torque : 177 lb.in (20 Nm) Installation NOTE: The RH and LH height sensor assemblies cannot be used on opposite sides of the vehicle. To install, reverse the removal procedure. Calibrate the suspension height sensor. Connect the scan tool and carry out the Ride Height Calibration routine. Follow the scan tool directions.