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  1. Thread moved to appropriate forum. The Lounge is intended for off-topic discussions, per the first post in the forum:
  2. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/08/07/myford-touch-lawsuit-settled/?yptr=yahoo
  3. drolds1

    Extended Warranty

    AFAIK, Lincoln ESPs include 24-hour roadside assistance.
  4. drolds1

    Extended Warranty

    I don't quite understand how someone who works on cars for the AAA would get the opportunity to work on a car with a Ford/Lincoln ESP. Why would someone with a Lincoln ESP go to an independent shop instead of a Lincoln dealer? I doubt Lincoln would even honor the warranty. At any rate, stay away from third-party warranties. Complaints are plentiful. Shop around online for quotes on pricing. You can buy the warranty from any authorized dealer and like everything else, prices are negotiable.
  5. drolds1

    Found out 2017 Premiere 18" Rim is bent.

    Do an internet search for alloy wheel repair in your area. These places do an excellent job of repairing wheels, provided safety is not compromised. They will determine that. The cost is a fraction of that of a new or used replacement.
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    Topic moved to appropriate forum by moderator. The "Forum Help & Suggestions" section is for discussions about the operation of the site itself. Technical questions about the MKZ are posted in the appropriately-designated area. WRT your question, IDK if this is possible, but even if it were, the rest of your system is incompatible with the THX system. It's not just a different amp.
  7. drolds1

    MKZ 2013 recall Door latch

    If there were any outstanding recalls on your car, they would have showed up on Ford OASIS as soon the VIN was entered into the system.
  8. drolds1

    C8 Corvette's Reveal

    It's not like they weren't anticipating it. We've been hearing about a mid-engine Corvette for the last 30+ years.
  9. Did you ever change the PTU fluid? See this video.
  10. drolds1

    2014 Trunk Won't Open

    Thanks for posting.
  11. drolds1

    Backup sensor speaker

    The air bag replacement had nothing to do with this. The speaker is in the rear bulkhead. You can't hear anything from the sensors either. They're radar sensors. The crackling means the speaker has failed. This is not uncommon in first-gen Fusions/MKZs. It's a bit of a job to replace the speaker, but not all that difficult. This is for a Milan but the MKZ is similar: https://youtu.be/DUDkzFwQW1w
  12. drolds1

    help !! car wont turn on.

    It's a 2 year-old post and the OP hasn't been active since then.
  13. drolds1

    power steering fluid

  14. drolds1

    2017 MKZ Black Label passenger side seat cooling inop

    If the heat is heating but not cooling, the blower motors (there are 2) must be operational. Could be the front seat climate control module but, yes, the service dept. will have to scan the system for DTCs.
  15. drolds1

    Rear Panel Side Lights

    Aside from lighting up with the "Lincoln Welcome," that's also the side marker light, as required by DOT regs. Now that you've pointed it out, I'll be on the lookout for it. I'll need to be taking it in eventually anyway. I noticed the sound of air rushing by at above 35 mph and the traffic noise seemed much louder than usual. This a quiet car. It's the effect you get with a slightly open window but try as I might, I couldn't find an open window. I pulled up on all the switches but the problem remained. After a few days of this and starting to go slightly nuts, out of desperation, I pulled up on the driver's switch 3 or 4 times and heard the window move up a tiny fraction of an inch. Problem solved, temporarily at least. Sanity preserved, although my wife may not agree with that๐Ÿ˜œ.
  16. drolds1

    Rear Panel Side Lights

    I assume you're talking about the left rear side marker light. I haven't had this problem.
  17. drolds1

    2015 MKZ HYBRID ,

    There is no audible warning for BLIS (thank goodness). There is, however, an audible warning for Cross Traffic Alert, which is bundled with BLIS.
  18. drolds1

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    As the title says, I drove a Dodge Charger Hellcat the other day. All I can say is HOLY CRAP!๐Ÿ˜ฑ It's insane. Floor it from a 40mph roll and it goes sideways. Had it up to 115 before I take my foot off the throttle They just came out with a Challenger "Redeye" version, which is 797hp. The one i drove is "only" 707hp. For when 707 just isn't enough power, there's the Redeye. The 840hp Demon is no longer available. My measly 400hp MKZ now feels slow by comparison.๐Ÿ˜‹
  19. drolds1

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    That's quite impressive, Devin.
  20. drolds1

    Livernois Tune Times...

  21. drolds1

    New to forum

    Welcome, Voorhees! Enjoy that 3.0!
  22. drolds1

    2020 Explorer 3.0

    A 2020 Explorer Police Interceptor Utility beat all other tested cop cars in Michigan State Police testing, including the V8 Dodge Charger. This all-new platform was powered by a 3.0EB engine. I'm guessing this is the same, or a version of, the 3.0T used in the MKZ. No specs have been released yet. I wonder if the civilian Explorer Sport will get this engine as well. So much for Lincoln exclusivity. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/10/04/michigan-state-police-ford-police-interceptor-utility-quickest.html
  23. drolds1

    2018 MKZ Filter Cabin replacement

    It's been the same since 2013. Very easy DIY project.
  24. drolds1

    Auto Climate Control & Air Conditioning

    That's how I get the system to "vent" outside, non-conditioned air if the ambient temp is cool enough to benefit from without running A/C.
  25. drolds1

    Fake Engine RPM Sound Every 30 Seconds

    I couldn't help but wonder if a malfunction in the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system is producing this sound. Just a thought.