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  1. drolds1

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Nice work, Devin. Looking good. I'm surprised that you had time to do this during tax season.😋 I guess you're not selling the car.
  2. drolds1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    There should be more info on the Ford Fusion Forum and 2G Fusions. Same powertrain, more modders than here.
  3. drolds1

    just had a used MKZ delivered today!

    Welcome, garlins123.
  4. drolds1


    Rodents seem to prefer Honda's wiring. So much so that Honda released an anti-rodent tape wrap for wiring: https://www.collegehillshonda.com/product/4019-2317.html It has mixed reviews on Amazon.
  5. drolds1

    Rim Corrosion

    That confirms my suspicions that a 2017 was too new to have corrosion on the rim and that something else was going on. Yes, OE wheels are absurdly expensive. That's why I take the factory tire/wheel insurance. It paid for itself on my previous MKZ and my daughter just made back the cost with her Escape when she needed a new tire and wheel. But I digress. I had cosmetic damage on a wheel repaired by a wheel repair place and they did an amazing job. OTOH, I had a cracked wheel that couldn't be safely repaired. Some cracks that don't affect the structural integrity of the wheel can be repaired. It depends where the crack(s) is and the size of it. The technician will let you know. No reputable outfit will risk the liability of fixing a wheel that isn't roadworthy. When they rejected mine, they didn't even remount the tire to ensure that I wouldn't drive on it. Good luck. I hope it's repairable. If not, the above suggestions are good ones. BTW, the wheel repair places sometimes have good used wheels in stock or have access to them.
  6. drolds1

    2017 MKZ 70k miles with new wheels

    Welcome to the forums.
  7. drolds1

    Dash Does Not Line Up With Door Panels

    Ha! I've been a "Zaniac" for many years. Simply the best. I've got 4 layers on mine: Z-AIO, Z-2, Z-CS and Grand Finale. It doesn't need all that, but it's addicting.😎
  8. drolds1

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    I don't remember when that started either but in order to qualify for the 6 years of Traffic and Travel Link, the vehicle must be equipped with factory navigation. I also still get NY metro area traffic and weather on Sirius channel 133, one of the few stations of its kind left. Frankly, the traffic info on WAZE is more up to date.
  9. drolds1

    Rim Corrosion

    I have a 2017 Sport with 15K miles as well. It's a lease, so I have it since new. There's no corrosion at the rims (or anywhere else on the wheels). Do you know the history of the car? When they cleaned off the corrosion, did they also apply sealant? What did the valve stem have to do with this issue? I don't think you'll get anywhere with warranty coverage on this unless there's a specific manufacturing defect. The warranty excludes environmental causes. Still, this is unusual on such a young car. There may be something else is going on here aside from normal corrosion. I'd certainly complain about it when you go to the dealer. You could also call the Lincoln Concierge for starters.
  10. drolds1

    Power folding mirrors

    Did you read the entire thread? https://lincolnmkzforum.com/topic/1283-power-folding-mirrors/?do=findComment&comment=11218
  11. drolds1

    What’s your next car?

    Yeah, it's kind of cramped in the back. I haven't seen in person yet to determine how bad it is. A guy in my Lincoln LS club has a G80 V8 and he's pretty happy with it. They do have a Sport version but it's a porker. Almost 4700lbs.
  12. drolds1

    What’s your next car?

    I was excited about the Stinger as well. Now that I've read a few long-term reports, not so much. There have been some first-year model issues. Car & Driver. Every report I've read has complaints about rattles and creaks from the hatch. Maybe these issues will be addressed in newer models. I think I'd prefer the Genesis G70 anyway. Several hundred pounds lighter and a shot at a better dealer experience.
  13. drolds1

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    F7 is for Europe and the U.K.
  14. drolds1

    CEL P0456

    Will that be on the 3:10 to Yuma?😋 I'll be heading to AZ (Gilbert) in a couple of weeks myself. Enjoy the weather.
  15. drolds1

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Still nothing.
  16. drolds1

    Easy entry and exit steering wheel stopped working

    Yes. The dealer will be able to pull a DTC and diagnose the problem. It sounds like a bad module. Let us know.
  17. drolds1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    It doesn't have to be the size of the Aviator/Explorer. The CD6 platform is very flexible and the next Mustang is expected to be built on it. http://fordauthority.com/2018/06/sources-say-all-new-ford-mustang-on-the-way-for-2021-based-on-the-explorers-cd6-platform/
  18. drolds1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    IDK what I'll do either. My lease is up in exactly one year. The current MKZ might still be around then. If not, it's on to something else. That would be a shame since I've been loyal to Lincoln since the 2000 LS. I'm holding onto a slim hope that they'll have something based off the new CD6, RWD platform, but that's probably false hope in light of things. My son just unloaded a 2014 M-B. It was in the shop more that he drove it. One stint was from November to February of the following year, waiting on backordered parts from Germany. The upside was that he was always driving a new Mercedes of some kind since they had to give him loaners. It's also the home of the $300 oil change. At least BMW includes free maintenance.
  19. drolds1

    3M Clear Bra

    I've been using a leaf blower to dry my cars for many years. It's the only way to get water out of those nooks and crannies all over the car. You won't believe how much water is hiding under trim pieces around the windows, moonroof, in the mirrors, etc. More importantly, it minimizes how much you have to touch the paint, thus minimizing the chance of micro-marring it. I use an Absorber to clean up any remaining drops of water. My paint is flawless; no spider-webbing or tiny scratches. Hand-washed only with a boar's hair brush.
  20. drolds1

    Head light upgrade

    That's correct. The feature only works when the Autolamp position is engaged.
  21. drolds1

    Lincoln MKZ Club - Join the Official Lincoln MKZ Club

    IDK one way or the other. He's always replied to me in the past. Somebody has to be running these BON forums.
  22. drolds1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    So far, from what I've read, the new 7.3 is intended for super duty (F-250 and up). It might fit in an F-150 but information is sketchy.
  23. drolds1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Great color!
  24. drolds1

    Bezel lights turning off

    Yes, in the trunk on the driver's side. See video. It's a Fusion, but it's the same for this purpose. Did you get an owners manual with the car? If not, download one here.