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    Where Are The 2013 MKZ's?

    There aren't any at dealers yet. On my dealer's website you can't input 'MKZ' under '2013.' Another local dealer shows 3 cars when you search their new car inventory. However, when you click on any of those it says "on order" so they don't actually have them in stock either. Why don't you call the dealer and ask if they actually have any for sale? I bet the answer will be no.
  2. drolds1

    Programing Sommer Garage Door Opener

    You're quite welcome. Did it work out?
  3. drolds1

    Programing Sommer Garage Door Opener

    Are you certain your MKZ has Homelink? My 2010 had a Lear Car2U system and Lear's website for Lincoln shows that the 2010 MKZ had the Lear system.. If you're using Homelink instructions to program and it's not a Homelink system, it'll never work. I had the same problem with my 2010. The owner's guide was an earlier printing and still had instructions for Homelink. It took the dealer SM 2 hours to figure this out. They didn't know that they had changed the system either. Use the Car2U site or go here to download directions from the updated OM for a fixed code opener. Your Jeep probably has Homelink. Let us know what happens.
  4. drolds1

    New 2012 MKZ Owner

    Welcome to the forums. Which version did you get?
  5. drolds1

    Another Newbie

    It's Platinum White and I got it in July. I had a 2010 in Sterling Gray. The lease on that one was up in November and I was planning to wait for the 2013 but the early lease termination deal they offered me on the 2012 was impossible to refuse.
  6. drolds1

    Another Newbie

    Welcome. It's not only good to see another member in this quiet forum but especially good to see another Sport owner. This is my second one. They're pretty rare around here. I've only seen two others in the past 3+ years.
  7. How have you seen window stickers for the 2013 MKZ? They will be built at Hermosillo.
  8. drolds1

    New to forum

    Welcome! It's always good to see a new member. This forum is very quiet. I'm on my second MKZ and have had no problems with windshield distortion. If it bothers you to that point make an appointment with your dealer and let them look at it. You can compare some other cars on the lot as well. If it's affecting your forward vision it's a safety issue and they should replace the W/S under the B2B warranty as a manufacturing defect.
  9. drolds1

    New Member 2008 MKZ

    Welcome, Mike. It's good to see another member in this very quiet forum.
  10. drolds1

    New Oregon Owner, 2010 MKZ Sport FWD

    Welcome. This forum is pretty inactive. I'm glad to see another member, especially one with a Sport. They're pretty rare around here. I just turned in a 2010 Sport and got a 2012. I was waiting for a 2013 but the deal they offered me to end my lease early and take the '12 was insane and too good to pass up. It's only a 24 month lease. I'll see about the new MKZ then. Any first-year issues should be worked out by then and the leasing deals will be better. Good luck with that cargo net. Did you get the one made by Ford? If it's the same as the one I got for my 2010, the instructions don't match the car and the the threaded inserts in the retaining hooks don't match the studs in the trunk. Let us know what happens and post your impressions of the car.
  11. http://www.lincoln.com/cars/mkz/2013/build/trs/dispatch.do
  12. drolds1

    2013 Lincoln MKZ Officially Introduced

    The 2.0T in 2013 MKZ will make 240hp. That's less than the current 3.5V6 @263. It will, however, make more torque (270lb-ft). than the V6. If you want AWD, you have no choice. It'll only be available with the V6.
  13. drolds1

    whirring sound

    That's your electric cooling fan shutting down. Perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about. The fan always runs when your A/C is on.
  14. drolds1


    Yeah, I see what you mean. It's the flash bouncing off the shoulder harness.
  15. drolds1


    That is not a Sport. The Sport has 18" polished aluminum wheels-the same as the base wheel on the MKS. Those are the 17" chrome-clad (plastic) wheels. It also has body color door handles and dark-colored vertical grille bars, neither of which is on this car. The interior of the Sport also has a white accent stripe in the middle of the seat cushion and back along with white piping, also not on this car. See below for Sport interior and wheel (wheel 'A'). AWD is certainly available on the Sport. I have one. The 3.5 badge does not come on any MKZ. That was apparently added by the owner. This is clearly not a Sport. I'll post pix another time so you can compare it to this car.
  16. drolds1

    First Small Problem

    They can't change individual LEDs in the lamp assembly. The whole assembly is changed. It's the same for any LED assembly used on cars. LEDs are far more reliable and long-lived than incandescent bulbs. They will easily outlast the car itself. You just happened to get a bad one. It happens. Why would you be surprised that a Lincoln dealer has parts for Lincolns in stock? I don't know about your service writer but my son is a certified Ford parts specialist and works at the highest grossing Ford-Lincoln parts distributing dealer in this area. He's their top selling guy. He said he stocks them to sell for collision repair and has never needed one for the service department. If there's any frequent failure rate for a part, he'll know about it. This isn't even on the radar.
  17. drolds1

    What Were They Thinking?

    After 3 Lincoln LSes that had the pattern you prefer, It's taken me a long time to get used to the MKZs pattern. However, there are other cars that use the this pattern. You really don't have to worry about over-revving the engine as the electronic limiter intervenes. I hit it plenty of times before I got used to the MKZ's pattern ;)
  18. drolds1

    2012 MKZ FWD

    While it's no BMW, the car is a lot more fun to drive with the Sport package.
  19. drolds1

    2013 Lincoln MKZ Officially Introduced

    Well, then I'm old too. My best friend's father had a '51 Pontiac like that. Traded it in on a 1961 Mercury Comet. ;)
  20. drolds1

    2013 Lincoln MKZ Officially Introduced

    The exact same thing it does in the 2013 MKS and many other cars. It's the position for manual shifting.
  21. drolds1

    New Member 2012 MKZ FWD

    Sync was introduced for the 2008MY. I think you're confusing Sync and Sync services. The latter does not automatically come with the former. Sync services was introduced for the 2010 MY but 2010 cars with factory navigation don't have it. As HybridFan has correctly noted, Sync services aren't available on 2009 cars. Note also that Sync services requires a subscription fee after the first 3 years of ownership. Sync itself is free on Sync-equipped cars. BTW, I'm 64 and have no trouble using all the voice commands in my 2010 MKZ.
  22. drolds1

    Greetings my fellow MKZ owners

    Welcome! The cabin filter in the MKZ is located behind the glovebox. To access it, you remove the glovebox by pressing in the sides to get the restraints past the stops. The you unclip the damper cord from the glovebox door. Be careful not to break the clip. The filter is behind a rectangular cover with latches on either side. Use a small flat-bladed screwdriver to release the latches. There's a flap on the right side of the filter that you have to bend over to get the filter out and the new one in. You need to be something of a contortionist to do this. Small hands would help as there's a metal cylinder in the way. It houses the mechanism for the damping cord. See the illustration below.
  23. drolds1

    Thoughts on the 2013 MKZ

    Canuck is correct on both counts. Lincoln hasn't announced the engine lineup for the MKZ yet. Whatever you read applies to the Fusion only. However, the 2013 MKZ will offer a V6 and you'll be quite surprised as to which one it is. Lincoln has made it quite clear that they intend to offer exclusive powertrains. BTW, I think you're confusing SYNC and MF/LT.
  24. I'd been planning the exact thing. I wrapped some duct tape around the studs in an attempt to tighten up the threads. That lasted for a while but it's not permanent. Great that we have to "fix" this ourselves, isn't' it? :closedeyes:
  25. No, you didn't miss anything. It's a real head-scratcher, isn't it? Those are the attachment points. I pulled the trunk lining out to make sure I wasn't missing anything.