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  1. Justagadgetguy

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    Hi and thank you for the welcome from Ontario Canada
  2. Justagadgetguy

    2015 mkz 3.7 awd coolant issue

    Hi everyone, I bought a 2015 mkz 3.7 awd with 97,000 kms and it was running like a dream and then all of a sudden I started having overheating problems and going through a lot of coolant. This went on for about 2 weeks and when I got my oil changed the service guy said that I had a pressure hose leak which explained the coolant issue. I thought I could keep adding coolant and not have any problems, however on a drive last weekend the temperature gauge went up and the warning came on so I pulled over to add more coolant and when I was done the car wouldn't start so had it towed home and started doing research, not many people around here have this kind of car which lead me here. Does anyone know if I have blown a head gasket or quite possibly cracked the block ? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.