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  1. Thanks and I finally figured it out, I used forscan and enabled police dark mode, seems the next to last dimming bar on the dimmer is police mode where it darkens everything perfectly. I appreciate the help and info but I still have one concern, sometimes if your approaching a stop and undo your seatbelt the car throws itself in park without even opening door, this can't be normal can it? it did it on my 2013 and yesterday on my 2016, just seems like an odd way to tear something up that otherwise would be fine just left alone.
  2. Newbie here, not new to lincoln i have had 4, 2002 LS, 2005 LS, 2013 MKZ, now a 2016 MKZ. I havent taken delivery of my 2016 MKZ yet but im assuming its set up mostly like the 2013 and i have some issues i can not stand that is as-built in car from factory. Ive searched with no avail and apologies if im repeating topic covered idk what its called. Sometimes you need to open your door when easing backward or forward, is there a forscan mod or change to stop that BS, the colums are hard against hitting your head, not to mention it cant be good on the transmission to be thrown in park like that while in motion. Interior lights, sometimes me and the significant other for the night want to park by the lake, but all the damn lights on the interior its like a spotlight. even with screen off the dash panel lights are so bright along with the hidden lights in the headliner icon for the rear (tho im hoping the new one dont have it due to it being pano roof,) i have tried enabling police dark mode i guess i did incorrect bc nothing happened and i seen no new sliders or options for lights. Thanks, LINCJSD