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  1. ATM

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Thanks! We're super happy with this car. It's already becoming a favorite of mine within a month of getting it. Little better shot with the window tint.
  2. ATM

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    No worries I don't mind doing it. Gives me a reason to detail the car 👍
  3. ATM

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    One more...
  4. ATM

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    You're right, it does look like 2.0 in that photo. Some of those are from the dealer's website where we purchased the car. Here are a couple of better shots - they show the color more accurately as well. I had the windows tinted (a must here in AZ) and removed the dealer plate and license plate frame. Now I need to get out the heat gun and remove the dealer sticker from the back.
  5. ATM

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Sorry... should have added these to the original post (noob move).
  6. ATM

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Hey all... Thanks for the add. I recently became a Lincoln owner. We purchased a low mile 2017 MKZ Reserve 3.0 AWD. Jade Green Metallic with Cappuccino interior and black 19" wheels. I'm absolutely loving this car. Given the weight and excellent ride quality I wasn't sure what to expect but the performance is pretty impressive when you get in it. 👍 I'm still learning the various package details but this is from the window sticker: INCLUDED ON THIS VEHICLE EQUIPMENT GROUP 300A OPTIONAL EOUIPMENT/OTHER 3.0L GTDI V6 ENGINE 6-SPD AUTO TRANS 6F55 245/40R19 XL FLOOR MATS W/TRUNK MAT MKZ TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE MKZ LUXURY PACKAGE LED ADAPTIVE HEADLAMPS REVEL ULTIMA AUDIO SYSTEM 50 STATE EMISSIONS MKZ CLIMATE PACKAGE REAR HEATED SEATS HEATED STEERING WHEEL ALL-WEATHER FLOORMATS MULTI-CONTOUR SEATS REAR INFLATABLE SEATBELTS CARGO NET