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  1. Yeah I was getting confused by acronyms and numbers. The goal was to get a hybrid and was concerned about engine failures, battery failures, poorly designed etc. Seems like everything I've been reading and seeing it's a very reliable car that for some reason deprecated hard over the years. (I'm guessing because they stopped making sedans? or the popularity of suvs etc.) I think I'm getting close to finding the right one, now I have to deal with shipping the car, making sure if it has a poor service record, if its in good shape, etc. etc. And possibly trading-in my hybrid suv and whatnot. Thanks!
  2. Are there any problems, year 7-20 with the 2.0L GTDI I-4 Engine compared to the Turbo or v6 turbo? If driven say 6-12k miles/yearly, not racing just grocery, errands, etc. What are the major components that could fail? And their prices to repair? I'm trying to see if the hybrid engine is worth it compared to the other engines, because v4 non turbo, afaik, will fail less often then a turbo charged v4/6 through normal use. Also the hybrid cuts a quarter of the trunk space because of the battery, not sure if that makes a big difference. The biggest feature I am looking for is the Panoramic roof. Second biggest is the Revel Ultima audio system. Everything else kind of falls by the way side if those two conditions are matched.
  3. Thank you so much, this is exactly what I'm looking for! Are there any major mechanical problems to be wary of for a MKZ Hybrid Reserve (500A) w/ FWD (L5L) and the Luxury Package (47B) or Magnetic Package (47D)? It's based off the Ford Fusion, right? I plan on keeping the car for 20 years, if not longer. Riding around with my Dad in his Lincoln MK IV, then he had a Coffee Cream colored Town Car -- my childhood! Also I don't drive often, around 6-10k miles a year.
  4. Hi, I am currently looking around for a used 2020 MKZ Hybrid with lowish miles. I test drove a 2019 Reserve version and was wondering: What is the top trim for the 2020 MKZ Hybrid? Does it only have 14 speakers? Or is there a trim with 20? Does the 2020 MKZ Hybrid have a panoramic roof? Or is that only on a certain trim? And which? How much should I expect to spend on a MKZ Hybrid w/ around 30-40k miles, panoramic roof, 20-speaker Revel system, year 2019-2020? Anything else I should be on the look out for? Thanks!!