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  1. I am getting a “Drive Control Malfunction Service Required” message on my 2016 Lincoln MKZ with about 60k miles. After connecting OBD, I am able to get the following codes: Body Control Module: -B10F3-11 : Left front position light- Circuit Short to Ground Power Steering Control Module: -U0416-00 : Invalid Data received from VDM Vehicle Dynamics Module: -C110D-13 : Right Front Damper Solenoid- Circuit Open I am assuming the C code is causing the U code and that is where the problem lies. The warning only comes up when I hit a bump and is sometimes accompanied by the “Hood Ajar” warning, both clear and reappear regularly but most times are not an issue. Has anyone had a similar problem or have any suggestions? Check wire harness connections for this and if that doesn’t do it replace the cable? Thank you in advance.