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  1. We've had over 70 spammers register recently, so we've turned on profile completion to help us better identify false accounts. With the exception of your MKZ's year, all of the other profile fields will only be viewable to you.
  2. If you can't find an MKZ order guide here, check out BlueOvalForums.com as they have both current and legacy order guides.
  3. robertlane

    Lincoln MKZ Forum Upgraded: 18 June 18

    Made it a nice, bold red. See what you think.
  4. robertlane

    Lincoln MKZ Forum Upgraded: 18 June 18

    Agreed. We are working on this now - maybe black/bold ? Thanks - we're trying to make it more lighter and streamlined.
  5. robertlane

    Lincoln MKZ Forum Upgraded: 18 June 18

    The MKZ Club Badge is back and the purple color in the menu has been replaced by silver. How does the silver look in the menu bar?
  6. robertlane


    Moreover, we'll start issuing warnings to correct repeat offenders. PLEASE keep the forum clean and respectful on each other.
  7. robertlane

    Aftermarket halos

    You mean the lights?
  8. robertlane

    Cooled Seats

    Love the cool seats :)
  9. 2017 Lincoln Continental Order Banks Open! We are pleased to announce your Lincoln Dealer is now accepting orders for the 2017 Lincoln Continental. A luxurious journey awaits you. Accompanying the arrival of our most iconic vehicle is door-to-door pick up and delivery service.* We’ll pick up your Continental when it’s time for routine service and deliver it back to you freshly washed when we’re finished. We’ll even provide you a Lincoln to use while we have yours. It’s just one of the many amenities you’ll enjoy with ownership. To learn more about Continental or for assistance locating a Lincoln Dealer, call your Lincoln Concierge at 1.800.521.4140. Visit your Lincoln Dealer today to order your 2017 Lincoln Continental. Be one of the first 1,500 to place an order and receive a limited-edition, framed rendering of Continental.** This exceptional gift is numbered and has also been signed by Lincoln Design Director David Woodhouse. Click here to locate your Lincoln Dealer More at the Lincoln Continental Forum here
  10. 2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color What do you think of this color on the 2017 Lincoln Continental? click image to enlarge More @ Lincoln Continental.org
  11. I don't see many Lincoln LS models in Dearborn, but here in Florida, I see them more often than I would have thought - the LS was a cool Lincoln that had a lot of potential.
  12. I would agree with you, the ATS should have been included in the mix. In what terms is the ATS better in build quality?
  13. robertlane

    Wifes' new Mkc

    I love the wheel treatment against that colour! :2thumbs:
  14. robertlane

    Internal Water Pump = engine failure

    I haven't read about any wide scale failure of these on the various forums.
  15. robertlane

    mkz hybrid suspension

    Someone posted earlier that they changed their wheels to low profile and they a hard time distinguishing between settings after that.