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  1. austin-tatious

    Reflection of a/c dash vent blocks side mirror

    Mahvelus, absolutely mahvelus. This bit of info (where the clips are with such a beautiful illustration) is most helpful. Do you mind sharing the source for this illustration?
  2. austin-tatious

    Reflection of a/c dash vent blocks side mirror

    This gives me an idea...R&R my vent trim with factory trim in dark wood or carbon fiber or something else dark and not reflective. Any one had experience with removing interior trim?
  3. austin-tatious

    Reflection of a/c dash vent blocks side mirror

    Well. I do agree for a lot of y'all I should never have brought this up! However, I am most appreciative of all y'all's replies. It is really helpful to see the range of experience with this issue. The only thing I've actually done is put black masking tape crudely over the aluminum trim on the driver's side vent. The reflection was exactly the same, but, because it was flat black, it was faint enough to "fix" the issue. Except for this reflection issue, we both really like the front window tint during the day. More privacy and less cabin heating (hot in Texas!). Doing a mat black vinyl wrap on the chrome would "fix" things better than the masking tape and we could live with it. But for us, night driving requires rolling the windows down to be able to see out the side windows. My wife, the internet detective, found kits that cover all or most of the interior trim at https://www.carid.com/2017-lincoln-mkz-dash-kits/b-i-2d-dash-kit-190484740.html?parentsubmodel[]=SUBMODEL|Black+Label I am not going that route since I care only about the a/c vent trim.
  4. austin-tatious

    Reflection of a/c dash vent blocks side mirror

    Thanks bbf2530. Glad to hear you don't see these reflections. I'd love for others to jump in to confirm that they also don't see them as it strengthens the case the window tint is behind what we see. Do you have tinted front windows, driver and passenger sides? The dealer who sold us the car installed the front window tint, so we could take it off if we want...BUT we really like it in the day time. However, at night these older eyes can hardly see through the front windows, much less see what the mirrors are showing other than headlights behind us. Looks like I was unclear about when we see the reflections. Actually, the photos were taken exactly where my eyes are when driving. My wife also sees it while driving. I discovered the issue when driving the car the first time. I put the blind spot mirrors on. The BLIS system is great, but I like to see the cars coming before the BLIS senses them. That's why I have the mirrors. Thanks again for your reply. +Bob
  5. New owner of 2017 MKZ here. ' When the sunlight hits the dash a/c vents they are reflected in the passenger and/or driver side windows so that they obscure the view of the side mirrors. How vivid the reflection is depends on direction of outside light (sun more or less above or from the front) and whether cloudy or full sun. Under the right conditions the side mirrors can hardly been seen at all. I first noticed this when test driving the car. The attached pictures were taken on a very cloudy day. If you've seen this on your car, how bad was it and what, if anything, did you do about it? This car has tinted front windows. Do y'all think the tinting could be making the reflections more intense? Thinking that blacking out the chrome on the a/c vent would help, I placed some flat black painter's tape over the chrome of the drivers side vent and that markedly reduced the problem. So I'm thinking about doing a vinyl wrap of the offending chrome trim. Any thoughts are very appreciated. Thanks.