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  1. gfong

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Welcome aboard...Very sharp looking ride you got there! Enjoy!
  2. gfong

    Missing the nice Weather

    Thank, much appreciated. Have a great day.
  3. gfong

    Missing the nice Weather

    Right on, I do like the interior colour as well. Best I have got out of the Mach is 11.55 @117 mph. I'm right at my redline in 4th gear when I cross the 1/4 mile. The 4:56 gear gets me out of the hole very fast and hard but limits my top end as the odd time I hit redline in 4th going through the speed trap. There are a lot faster out there for sure but for what I have done to it and keeping it NA, I'm happy with it. It is a true street/strip car and I still have air conditioning! 🙂 I won Canada's fastest street shoot out in my class and also won 1st place at Detroit Woodward Dream Cruise Mustang Alley Street/Strip class car show. The then vice president of Ford USA gave me my trophy, was cool. Pretty happy with the results. Shines up nice and goes fast!
  4. gfong

    Missing the nice Weather

    Man you named a lot of awesome cars in that one sentence! 🙂 HaHa your MKZ is fast and your Camaro is faster, Nice rides you have. Cool on the 04 Mustang and I agree with you on the new edge. Your buddies Mach must have looked nice as well. Keep em shiny side up!
  5. Purchased my 2017 Lincoln MKZ Reserve AWD 2.0L Turbo used from a Ford Lincoln dealer in mid July 2021. Really enjoying the car but missing the nice Weather! Thought I would post a few pics. I did drive it through Winter but not very much as there were not many places to go with the beer bug around! 🙂 Pictures are from July 2021 all washed up. Parking lot picture is from about a month ago after running it through the car wash. Needed to get all the salt and grime off it! Not to bad for a 2017! My actual Spring/Summer street/strip car is under the cover! 🙂 Will include a pic of me with it not under cover but at the track. My 2003 Mach 1 5 speed with darn near every upgrade for normally aspirated engine (NA). Heads, intake, cams, ported + polished. Complete suspension upgrades, drag shocks/struts, springs, tubular k member, Moser axels, 4:56 gears, Detroit Tru track diff, rev limiter for launching, all welded underneath with full length sub frames, aluminum drive shaft with loop, line lock, drag rims and slicks and more! Bought the Mach brand new in 2003 and been making it faster each year. You name It has probably been done! Wanted to keep it NA and go fast 🙂 The Weather lately...Darn near white out conditions yesterday, -2C/28F and now today 12C/53F! No snow today but blowing with gusts at 90kms/55 mph! Crazy! Happy motoring to all!
  6. gfong

    New 3.0t MKZ owner here

    Welcome , nice ride. Enjoy.
  7. gfong

    Michelin Cross Climate 2 , A/S tire

    Thanks man, Tire rack and sites like it are nice for information and price. I choose to keep it local for purchases but I do use the tire sites for info. I did check with Michelin and they do not make a OEM size for my 19" rim. They said they are expanding sizes in the future. Will decide if I'm staying on the ones I have or grabbing the Continentals as they have my size and have great reviews. Thanks again and sorry for taking your post off track a bit! Back to your post with the Michelin CrossClimate 2's... The internet is going crazy with loving these tires! Good pick for sure!
  8. gfong

    Michelin Cross Climate 2 , A/S tire

    When I went to check I could not find the proper size for my 2017 MKZ Reserve which is P245/40WR19. I know you have a 2018, am curious what size are you running and do you have 19" rims? Glad the tires are working out for you. I looking at the Continental Extreme Contact DWS-06 Plus or the Michelin CrossClimate 2 as the dealer that I purchased the car from put new Antares Ingens A1 245/40ZR19 M&S on. They are all season so I may try this Winter with them, shame to swap them out since they are so new.
  9. gfong

    19in Wheel Reliability

    I have only owned my 2017 with 19" rims for under 6 months but when I was looking for a used car, curb rash was extreme on most of the rims I looked at. Most of them were 19" as I wanted a Reserve. I know a lot of the damage is driver error by getting to close to curb and such but how the tire sits in on the rim and not protecting the rim edge is not ideal IMO. Directly to your question my car has original 19" stock reserve rims and they are fine except for some road rash as I described above. They seem solid!
  10. gfong

    Funny confession .

    2017-2020 MKZ... Have to agree the front grill is eye catching and the rear end is what sold me on the car (as far as styling). I have a 2017 MKZ that I just picked up this year, so hoping to keep it for a few years and then find a nice low km 2020 MKZ on the used market in 2023/2024.
  11. gfong

    Newly Lincoln-ized!

    Welcome aboard, nice looking ride, enjoy!
  12. gfong

    Tim's 2014

    Same thought as bbf2530 when you posted it. Looks good ..now on to the Red! 🙂
  13. gfong

    Tim's 2018

    Looks great man. Nice upgrade!
  14. Cool, never thought of it that way. Looks like black it is for the matts. Thanks all.
  15. Right on, appreciate the info. Lincoln did do a nice job of colour coordinating with the Terracotta and black interior as well as the other interiors. Think I will leave well enough alone! thanks again Thanks for the opinion, much appreciated. I have a street/strip car (under cover in last pic) that I drag race and do car shows with so I am always tinkering with practical and what looks good. As far as matts go, switching out for the seasons is just a thing for me I guess. I just picked up the MKZ (used) a couple months ago so will be using the Weathertech for sure come Winter time. If it is to crappy out I stay in, the boy's at the coffee shop wont miss me for a few days! 🙂