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  1. Roman

    So confused about it!

    This what I have when connected computer last time ( few weeks ago)
  2. Hi everybody, I can’t the find topic so I will make new one, it happens more when the car is cold, I’m driving and randomly (but I think it’s when engine switches to hybrid) I have all this errors, press ok on left display (or even if I’m not) they just disappear and everything is working properly again (steering wheel,lights moves and all), anyone else have the same issue ever??
  3. Roman

    White Perl

  4. Roman

    Izzy's Showroom

  5. Roman

    Izzy's Showroom

    Where did you buy this covers? Or it’s aqua print?
  6. Roman


    Hi man! Where you find this lip for front bumper?)
  7. Roman


    Hi everybody, I buy this mkz hybrid not even month ago, I’m sooooo happy))) so on plans change steering wheel ( already ordered) and I wanna change interior from light gray ( a pillars and roof ) to black alcantara)