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  1. hermans

    One-Touch-Up Windows

    My 2013 MKZh had the same problem. It was at the dealer many times and I did the re-programing fix many-many times and it would never work for more that a couple of days. With my 2017 it has not reared it's ugly head.
  2. hermans

    Which Do You Prefer?

    Having had a 2013 and now a 2017...I like the 2013 grill better. My Dad had a 1939 Zephyr and I liked the look of that grille.
  3. hermans

    MKZ touch screen and finger prints

    Do the little old ladies still use oven mitts in the summertime? I lived there for 15 years and saw that often.
  4. hermans

    Navigation lady a bit impolite, no?

    Mine is named after my wife. Now I have two back seat drivers.
  5. 2017 MKZh on the train and traveling to the East Coast. Today it's in Texas. Had to have the VCT replaced under power train warranty. Good news for a change.
  6. Got the service engine light and it turned out to be the camshaft timing sensor. It was replaced under power train warranty. New car should be delivered this coming week.
  7. I had my 2013 MKZh serviced today. At 38,000 miles the front brakes had 9/32 left and the rears had 8/32 left on the pads and the rotors were fine. Tech said that new there is about 10/32. Many more miles to go for the new owner when my 2017 arrives. My lifetime brake score is 91.
  8. I really like the hybrid as I've had 0 issues with them and both of mine delivered great gas mileage. I ordered the White Gold and light interior. Besides the Reserve Package I ordered the Technology Package, Climate Package, the single panel moon roof, the multi-contoured seats, rear sunshade. In June I bought a loaded Edge Ti and the sticker price on the MKZh is less than the Edge was. Go figure.
  9. I've had my 2013 MKZh since very early 2013. Today I ordered a 2017 with the Reserve Package and more goodies than my 2013 had. I always got good gas mileage with the 2013 and expect the same with the new one. I ordered on Z Plan and the '13 is already spoken for by a buyer.
  10. I just replaced the 12v battery on my '13 MKZh. This car is a very early 2013 build. I only have 32K miles on it, but I think it gave me pretty good service. Dealer put in the upgraded battery (higher cranking amps). I was starting to get the flickering electronic bugs and a new battery fixed it.
  11. The A7 I bought off ebay also works just fine in my '13 MKZh.
  12. hermans

    What do you do?

    Semi-retired....legal field.
  13. hermans

    Lincoln offer to upgrade nav. maps

    I still have my 2013 MKZh. So far no such email. I wonder though...the screen is 8 inches, how are they going to make it larger?
  14. hermans

    What Is It?

    The ACC is placed in the same location in both Ford or Lincoln.
  15. hermans

    SiriusXM Update 8/13/2015

    It's also a problem with my 2016 Edge and was a problem in my 2015 MKC. That is why when the free period ends I don't subscribe. Really poor service.