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  1. Changing front struts and putting OEM back in. They came with this screw sticking out the top and there is no hole in the car for this. assuming its for shipping purposes and should be removed prior to installation? Also I mixed up the left and right assemblies. How can I tell the difference?
  2. 2010 MKZ AWD - I replaced the 3 piece driveshaft last week with a new 2 piece. Had read that I needed to unhook the front exhaust connection and drop the exhaust. I was able to replace the shaft without completely dropping the exhaust. I disconnected the two middle rubber exhaust supports and was able to lower the exhaust just enough to slide the old axle out the back and then slide the new one back in.
  3. Mine is shot so will look for another. So this goes on the top side if the pipe w/o any insulation. Anyone have the part number?
  4. Seeing I do not have any takers I will prime the pump. Took a peak at this tonight and oh crap. Looks like there is little to no access to the middle and upper diff cover bolts. Plus if you could get them out not sure the cover comes off without dropping the the differential down. I sure hope it does not come to that. My plan A is to pull the drivers side half shaft and seal, suck out the fluid from there. put fluid back in. Then put seal and half shaft back in.
  5. Seems it will hold the heat in and make things hotter.
  6. 2010 MKZ AWD. Working on changing the PTU oil and noticed this heat shield laying loose on top of the exhaust pipe. Should I replace this and does someone have a picture of the correct position of this? Will need to buy a new one seeing this is shot.
  7. 2010 MKZ. Working on changing the PTU fluid and took off the plastic guard under engine that has insulation on it. Is this necessary? Seems it will just help heat everything up on the lower end. I am thinking about leaving it off.
  8. Abbby

    2010 MKZ AWD tranny fluid

    bbf2530 - I agree with you and appreciate the help. Now I just need to find the premium fluid. May need to go to the dealer. not a lot of options in my rural area. Will be stopping at Farm and Fleet today. Will not get the Maxlife.
  9. Abbby

    2010 MKZ AWD tranny fluid

    Here is what the Valvoline chart shows.
  10. Abbby

    2010 MKZ AWD tranny fluid

    I do tend to agree with using XT-8-QAW but would like to fully understand so I make an informed decision. If you look at the attached Ford chart I do not see XT-8-QAW in there unless that is LV. I am going to trying to confirm what transmission is in my vehicle. The Aisin AW21 is not in this chart but I am guessing the chart has the Ford number.
  11. Abbby

    2010 MKZ AWD tranny fluid

    The owners manual specifies to use motorcraft premium transmission fluid. It does not give any more details. I went to the Ford dealer and they told me that it varies depending on what transmission you have and they would need the VIN number to verify. I gave them my VIN number and it came up as requiring mercon v. That is what I plan to use unless I find evidence otherwise. Thank you for the information
  12. Hi. I just bought a 2010 MKZ AWD and want to change the transmission fluid. Not sure if I need Mercon LV or XT-8-QAW. Looks like Valvoline Maxlife ATF might be the right stuff. Thanks in advance.
  13. Just bought a 2010 MKZ AWD and missed this in my inspection. The rear differential appears to be leaking from the drivers side half shaft. Anyone have a video or details on how to fix this. I understand the half shatf needs to come out and seal replaced. Hope thats it.