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  1. shtaka

    Banned from dealer

    Apparently, I've been banned from bringing my car in for service at my local dealer. I had been working with the Concierge to get a long-standing problem with a piece of pano roof trim resolved. She arranged for me to bring it to Chambers Lincoln, which I did. They seemed to do a good job on the repair, about a month ago, until last week when one of the corners lifted up in the 90-degree heat. I brought it back to Chambers who basically told me to get lost because Lincoln had never paid them for the repair. I called the Concierge, who called them and told me they said they wanted nothing to do with me or my car!! And yes, there was some payment issue between them and Lincoln. Never had this happen in 60 years of car ownership. I am stunned. The Concierge connected me with the SA at Sentry and I will bring it in for them to assess.
  2. shtaka

    Insert for center console cubby

    I'm referring to the little covered cubby in front of the cupholders on a 2017. It's a convenient spot to put my iPhone although it flops around a bit. So I was wondering if anybody is aware of an insert that would snugly hold a cell phone? Or maybe someone with a 3d printer could make one?
  3. shtaka

    2020 MKZ loaner

    While my 2017 3.0 was in the shop they gave me a 2020 MKZ 2.0 loaner. The loaner ran great, the 2.0 was plenty powerful and smooth and the car seemed generally more solid and smooth as compared to my 2017 and I wonder why. The loaner had a sunroof, my 2017 has the pano roof. I'm wondering if the pano roof decreases the overall rigidity of the vehicle vs a standard sunroof? Also, noticed that the auto brake hold feature remembers the last setting so will stay on between starts whereas I have to turn it mine on each time. Is there some way to enable this feature on my car?
  4. shtaka

    Limited Maintenance Plan

    I am trying to decode the contract which is what prompted my post. It definitely says 5000 mile intervals for 48 months or 60000 miles or 12 service visits. And the synthetic option is not checked off, so I guess that's not included. In the small print it says: "engine oil and filter changes, a multi-point inspection, rotation of tires" And, as you said above, Lincoln recommends 1 year/10,000 miles which is a little inconsistent. Which is why I'm wondering if I'm interpreting its use correctly. Are you saying it may be possible to work out some other usage arrangement with the dealer?
  5. shtaka

    Limited Maintenance Plan

    I should have mentioned that I was gifted the plan by the Lincoln Concierge as compensation for some less than stellar service. It apparently covers an oil service, with synthetic oil, every 5000 miles, which, to my mind, is excessive. Especially considering the low miles I put on the car. So I am wondering if there are any better ways to use this plan.
  6. Someone, curbed my wheels and I was wondering whether I could use magnetic grey paint to touch them up.
  7. Does anyone have experience with Ford/Lincoln's Limited Maintenance Plan? What is it good for?
  8. shtaka

    No GPS Icon

    I've had situations when heavy clouds interfered with satellite connection.
  9. How is this feature supposed to work? The little light stays illuminated all the time. When I press the switch to shut it off, it goes off for a second then comes back on again.
  10. shtaka

    Noisy AC?

    By bumper to bumper I meant the new car warranty. Also have CPO coverage, but new car warranty is more comprehensive. In any case, yes, there shouldn't be a diagnostic fee, but I've heard it from 2 dealers here in Mass.
  11. shtaka

    Noisy AC?

    The problem is that the dealer wants a $149 diagnostic fee and my bumper to bumper is up in a month. I don't want to spend the money and be told "Well, they're all like that." If I had a list of questionable issues, I would consider it. But this is the only potentially serious problem.
  12. shtaka

    Noisy AC?

    When I first turn on the AC I can hear mechanical sounds coming from behind the vents in the dash. I assume flaps opening and closing which I would expect. My question is whether I should be hearing that noise. Seems like it should be a silent operation, especially in a Lincoln. Could it be a sign that the mechanisms are not working smoothly?
  13. shtaka

    Car cover

    I had my cabin air filter changed and the old one looked like a squirrels nest. Understandable, because I typically park under pine trees so depending on time of year I have leaves, pine needles, pollen etc getting into and on the cowl. Plus pine sap on the body (I've used more hand sanitizer on the car than on my hands!) Considering getting a car cover and looking for recommendations.
  14. shtaka

    Getting rid of Sirius.

    I have the same issue with my 2017 with base radio. I had Sirius, but cancelled. Also noted that page with FM presets displays wrong station. If I touch correct station dashboard display changes appropriately.
  15. I described my issue with the strip that runs between the windshield and pano roof in an earlier thread. It is still not fixed and is back at the dealer I purchased it from at the behest of the Concierge. So far, not getting positive feedback from the dealer, but official diagnosis is Friday. Has anyone else had issues with that strip? Were they resolved?