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  1. Someone, curbed my wheels and I was wondering whether I could use magnetic grey paint to touch them up.
  2. Does anyone have experience with Ford/Lincoln's Limited Maintenance Plan? What is it good for?
  3. shtaka

    No GPS Icon

    I've had situations when heavy clouds interfered with satellite connection.
  4. How is this feature supposed to work? The little light stays illuminated all the time. When I press the switch to shut it off, it goes off for a second then comes back on again.
  5. shtaka

    Noisy AC?

    By bumper to bumper I meant the new car warranty. Also have CPO coverage, but new car warranty is more comprehensive. In any case, yes, there shouldn't be a diagnostic fee, but I've heard it from 2 dealers here in Mass.
  6. shtaka

    Noisy AC?

    The problem is that the dealer wants a $149 diagnostic fee and my bumper to bumper is up in a month. I don't want to spend the money and be told "Well, they're all like that." If I had a list of questionable issues, I would consider it. But this is the only potentially serious problem.
  7. shtaka

    Noisy AC?

    When I first turn on the AC I can hear mechanical sounds coming from behind the vents in the dash. I assume flaps opening and closing which I would expect. My question is whether I should be hearing that noise. Seems like it should be a silent operation, especially in a Lincoln. Could it be a sign that the mechanisms are not working smoothly?
  8. shtaka

    Car cover

    I had my cabin air filter changed and the old one looked like a squirrels nest. Understandable, because I typically park under pine trees so depending on time of year I have leaves, pine needles, pollen etc getting into and on the cowl. Plus pine sap on the body (I've used more hand sanitizer on the car than on my hands!) Considering getting a car cover and looking for recommendations.
  9. shtaka

    Getting rid of Sirius.

    I have the same issue with my 2017 with base radio. I had Sirius, but cancelled. Also noted that page with FM presets displays wrong station. If I touch correct station dashboard display changes appropriately.
  10. I described my issue with the strip that runs between the windshield and pano roof in an earlier thread. It is still not fixed and is back at the dealer I purchased it from at the behest of the Concierge. So far, not getting positive feedback from the dealer, but official diagnosis is Friday. Has anyone else had issues with that strip? Were they resolved?
  11. shtaka

    Interior trim touchup

    Can anyone recommend something to use for a touch up for scrapes on the trim that runs along side the center console?
  12. shtaka

    Mixed blessing

    When I asked the question, I was hoping for a simple response, e.g. Tire pressure on a 2017 3.0 is 38psi. Some people run them slightly higher. Check recommended pressure on label and check cold tire pressure. Brevity is the soul of wit.
  13. shtaka

    Pano roof repair issue

    I asked my usually critical wife if she thought the door was misaligned and she thought I was crazy, so I guess I'll drop the issue.
  14. shtaka

    Mixed blessing

    Maybe I didn't tell my story clearly enough. First, I will admit I am not in the habit of religiously checking my tire pressure on a monthly (or other) timeframe. I don't check my oil with a dipstick on a regular basis either. While I don't consider the car's measurement of oil life, MPG or PSI to be gospel, I do use them as baselines and monitor for change and take appropriate action if needed. So, if my MPG had dropped by 2mpg I would have been concerned and looked for a cause. It went up so I'm not concerned but still interested in the cause. That said, I am sensitive to the way the car feels and drives so if something feels "different" I will act on that too if need be. When I took possession of the car in October from the dealer, I mistakenly assumed that they had properly inflated the tires before delivery and didn't think too much of it. When I checked the pressure using the readings from the car, I mentally registered that they were in the 35-37 range and didn't think too much more about it. Since the car was new to me, I had no baseline of driving feel to compare it to and it wasn't till I got it back from 2nd dealer that I noticed a difference in feel that started this whole thread in the first place. I've been on enough car forums over the years, Audi, BMW, Saab and now MKZ to know that people have differing opinions even on something as simple as tire pressure. As a previous poster said, he prefers his at 40 cold. So I was looking for insight and opinions like that from the group. I did appreciate the reminder to check the tires cold. But you did confuse me with your persistence about checking the label. Are there more than one possible labels? I see you have a 2018. Why would my label be different from yours? Different tires sizes?
  15. shtaka

    Mixed blessing

    I was only aware of the previous tire pressure from trying out the option on the dashboard. I mistakenly assumed that the car would come from the dealer with correct pressures set. I guess I can be obsessive about MPG but not PSI! I must mention that I am in my 70's and have been a car guy since I was old enough to drive so, while I appreciate your responses, I do find your tone to be a bit condescending.