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  1. @TomVIn your picture below, I see a hole between the two 6x9 holes. Do you assume that it is the same hole that the 12 speaker Fusion uses to mount a 3.5" speaker? I assume that all the main frame is shared between the Fusion. Thanks.
  2. esqueue

    Tire pressure display

    @bbf2530Ah what you said above also applies for my 2017 car as for getting a good WiFi signal. I actually did my first update using a hotspot on my phone. That's when I realized that the car asks if you want to keep it running after idling for a long time. When I read a thread here, I incorrectly assumed that the 2018 downloaded without a wifi connection. Thanks for the correction.
  3. esqueue

    Tire pressure display

    Wow so it is the 2018+ models that shows tire pressures in the Lincoln Way app. I know that they have the onboard hotspot and also download updates on their own as TomV was annoyed with.
  4. esqueue

    Tire pressure display

    I've never gotten an actual psi reading from here on my 2017. It just says monitoring but it will warn me with "Low" if any tire is low. When I click on "tire pressure" It shows that it only shows monitoring or low.
  5. esqueue

    ANC defeat?

    I disabled ANC via FORScan a few weeks back and just turned it on just to see the difference. It's nearly impossible to hear the sound coming from the speakers but it makes the engine seem louder. As I despise the sound of most V6 engines, I turned it off again. As bbf2530 said, it would be cool if they kept the noise cancelling while disabling that childish engine noise nonsense.
  6. Just for the record, 87 is the minimum octane required. I saw this while reading through my entire manual. I always recommend this as you can learn little things. I found out that I can raise all windows and vent the pano or lock all windows including the pano with the keyfob. I found out why my back window wasn't auto rolling up, I found out that I was missing a funnel and many other little tricks. Edit: disregard all I said about the octane, I only checked for the 3.0t. I don't know about the other engine setups.
  7. You are correct. The ACM still controls the front and rear center speakers and front tweeters. It also seems that the AMP connections from many older Ford and Lincoln vehicles will work. They have a third plug that was replaced by the digital connection on the newer vehicles. Thanks for the catch.
  8. I finally got my wiring diagram which fortunately includes both Fusion and MKZ which is great. I plan on adding the Sony amplifier which should be more simple to install and allow me to use the ACM with HD radio that I've already purchased. There are FORScan settings to enable the Sony amplifier. The only delay will be getting and possibly 3D printing harness connectors as I don't plan on cutting any existing wires. A double male shielded USB mini cable will do for the A2B signal transfer. I'll need to get a few harness plugs and I may be able to come by everything but the existing sub woofer harness which should be fairly easy to replicate. My current non HD Radio ACM has a 5 channel amplifier and 2 fixed subwoofer outputs going to a seperate amp amp. 1. Left Front Full Range & Tweeter 2. Right Front Full Range & Tweeter 3. Instrument Dash Panel Speaker 4. Left Rear Full Range & Tweeter 5. Right Rear Full Range & Tweeter. External amplifier 6. Rear Left 6 x 9 7. Rear Right 6 X 9 The Sony amp from the Fusion is 10 channels and requires wiring to two front tweeters and a new rear center speaker which needs to be added. 1. Left Front Full Range 2. Left Front Tweeter 3. Right Front Full Range 4. Right Front Tweeter 5. Instrument Dash Panel Speaker 6. Left Rear Full Range & Tweeter 7. Right Rear Full Range & Tweeter 8. Rear Left 6 x 9 9. Rear Right 6 X 9 10. Center Rear Speaker I'm now looking for ACM Male and Female CS4821A, CS4821B (Possibly made for the Fusion) Sony 16 pin Male C4326A and C4326B (I'll ask a Junkyard on ebay to cut this) Current woofer 2ch amp female connectors C466A, C466B (these will most likely have to be 3D printed)
  9. Beautiful car!!! How do you like the lights? Do the colors match up on yours? Your pictures show that they match. Yeah, it's especially awesome to pull up and park next to another MKZ. I guarantee they will ask questions.
  10. I used the yellow marker lights on the side. I honestly don't remember 100% but I put a t-tap on both wires and used a multimeter to tell them apart. I believe that the there was a black wire which was tested to be ground.
  11. esqueue

    Octane rating

    The following are all my opinions based on what I know about how engines function. I can see how running a different octane on a vehicle slightly affect the MPG. Reducing the timing and boost will have impact on engine efficiency which in turn may change the MPG. The thing is that if you aren't driving the vehicle aggressively, neither the boost or timing gets changed. If you drive aggressively, with 87 octane, your car is giving you less power for the amount of fuel due to retarded timing and less boost. We all agree that higher compression engines are more efficient as less of the energy is used as heat. Boost essentially raises the compression so higher boost and advanced timing can makes an engine more efficient to a certain degree. Who knows...There is so much misinformation of fuel octane that it is surprising. I believe that a very high percent of people still believe that higher octane burns more cleaner or it has more power in the fuel, or that it gives their low compression car more power. There are also some media sources telling people that there is absolutely no difference between low and high octane fuels which also false. I get horrible mileage on all my cars so I can't help in that aspect. It's worth it to me. I had to get a canned tune to run the times that people claim that they can get stock using 93 octane due to California 91 octane only fuel.
  12. For the record, I had a vibration and it turned out that one of the rims needed to be replaced. I guess the person prior did something.
  13. I've decided to just use a Sony DSP which will require running new wires to the front tweeters and a new center rear channel. I finally found a Sony DSP with a cut harness so I purchased a rear center channel and a t-harness to add a sub with a line out converter that I'll repurpose for my needs. The other harness that was labeled for my job was $30 more and came with less parts (parts which I'll use for a dashcam with backup battery install).
  14. What's fortunate is that the Electrical Wiring diagram is for both Fusion and MKZ. This is great as I am researching the Fusion amp. Manual should be here soon but in the meantime I'm looking for the sony amp with the harness cut which will make things a bit easier. I'm also look into 3D printing a female connector to avoid cutting anything. Fortunately the Fusion quite a bit of aftermarket support while the lincoln has nearly Zero.
  15. From my brief research, I believe that you can. The 14 has 2 speakers per rear door while the 20 has 3.