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  1. sevenhate

    Canister Purge Valve

    you are absolutely correct that a P1450 code doesn't automatically lead to the conclusion of the purge valve. However, Ford and Lincoln have had issues with purge valves on their vehicles going back a while and I believe TSBs on other makes regarding it as well. I am able to read the vehicle codes and in general look up the most common cause. So, for minimal effort and less than $30 it is worth it to replace the part and verify at the very least that is not the issue before moving forward to other options. their diagnostic equipment is capable of a lot more than just general code reading and for somethings that is worth that initial cost. I didn't see any harm in them replacing it if I had asked them to. I didn't bring the car to them for the CEL. I had them perform multipoint inspection and service and had the tires replaced because one had a sidewall bulge. So had them mount and balance and perform a 4 wheel alignment. All of this gives me either a list of things they find needing fixed or no list of things (as was the case) for driveline and mechanical and they did note that the CEL was on but I didn't request or turned down diagnostics. the CEL was not on when I purchased it, came on a few days later, I can reset it for a period of time but it does come back. Regarding the emblems I was assured before bringing it in that it would not be an issue and that they could use the VIN. I did ask. I purchased the car approximately 2hours from where I live. it was near King of Prussia, PA. so going back to that location is not ideal but the price was where I wanted it to be with the options I was looking for. -s
  2. sevenhate

    Canister Purge Valve

    Thanks for information and suggestion. I didn't expect special treatment as much as I had hoped for a bit more of something along the lines of exceptional service. It was a Ford dealership and not Lincoln which may explain things to some extent. As for the warranty suggestion to be honest I didn't think of it and nothing was brought up about it (falls under exceptional service). I am not sure if the initial new car warranty is transferable but I do know the 5yr 70k is. However looking into that engine sensors and entire fuel pressurization system are listed as exclusions to it, so may not have helped. As for the parts, you may be right on going direct to the parts department, but I was assured that they could use my VIN to look all of it up. Although emblems were double the price through them than on the site in my previous post and they were able to get me the correct part number for the MKZ portion. However I will use your suggestion in the future.
  3. sevenhate

    Canister Purge Valve

    you would think that, right? I just had it inspected and they saw the check engine light which I already knew the code for P1450 and they said they would have to connect their computer and instant charge of 100+ just for that. I told them no I just need a canister purge valve and they didn't even look it up. I was also trying to get the rear emblems (mkz and black label badging) replaced since they either fell off or were stolen since the Z and black label were missing. They said they couldn't find any issue with the emblems. I told them they don't sell MK vehicles... then had to walk them through the difference between emblems. mind you this is a ford dealer with the VIN. They also couldn't find the black label emblem and said it doesn't exist in any of their records for these cars. I suggested they google image search. Some other minor questionable issues with their service as well but, I did at least try I just wasn't demanding. FWIW Tasca auto parts sells factory parts at fair prices.
  4. sevenhate

    Canister Purge Valve

    For any viewers curious or interested, Bosch/FoMoCo p/n 0280142519 is what is on the car, very obvious and visible in your face kind of thing once the plastic engine cover is removed. However, most auto parts sites and searches for parts by year, make, and model etc DO NOT show the correct part. this includes Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts. They show and provide the wrong part which is why I struggled to find where it was located.
  5. sevenhate

    Canister Purge Valve

    Hello all, new member here, recently purchased a 2017 3.0t black label and I am shocked to see how little information is available on the MKZ after 2016 over all. I am trying to locate the canister purge valve location on the 3.0T engine it wasn't immediately obvious and I am getting the check engine light for P1450 code. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have not removed any of the intake yet but prefer to have a better idea before I do. Thanks in advance look fwd to reading more here. -s