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  1. bnewt

    No "walk up" Lights

    personally, I would not take the chance I would get a replacement battery I hate when I have vehicle trouble You can take your car into most any AutoZone or the like & they will test your battery with the battery sitting dormant for so long & the having to jump start & the battery messages, I would say it is time for a replacement
  2. bnewt

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    oh well, worth a try
  3. bnewt

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    What are you going to do with the chrome that you removed? I just purchased a 2020 MKZ, black with monochromatic package. Not crazy with the all black appearance, but it was about all that I could find with the 3.0 I like some chrome to make it pop
  4. bnewt

    Lane departure ?

    I am getting the steering wheel pulling to the direction that would bring the car back into the proper lane, but I thought there was something else since I have both alert & aid switched on Haven't had the car long enough to know if I like having to turn this feature on every time the car is driven
  5. bnewt

    Profile picture

    I would also like to insert a picture of my mkz but don't know how Also, what goes in the My MKZ location?
  6. bnewt

    Lane departure ?

    just bought a 2020 MKZ 3.0, AWD thought that I had the lane departure notifications set up, but only getting the steering wheel wheel turning to move back into the proper lane what have I missed? also does this feature have to be turned on with the push button every time you drive the car
  7. bnewt

    Welcome light

    originally the puddle light on the explorer is just a light, then I switched to one that displays the Ford oval logo just plug in to replace the oem version
  8. bnewt

    Welcome light

    Yes I did answer the ? about my explorer....see my post above your reply but I will answer again....yes the explorer mirrors fold upon locking & unfold upon unlocking...puddle lights appear at both BUT the explorer puddle lights appear EVERY TIME the doors are opened........locked or unlocked I just assumed that the higher end vehicle like the MKZ would function the same way
  9. bnewt

    Where to mount a Heads Up Display?

    wonder why HUD wasn't an option for the MKZ? would have been nice
  10. bnewt

    Welcome light

    yes , I have them set that way I just assumed that the MKZ would operate the same way as my Explorer Limited, with the puddle lights come on every time the doors open
  11. bnewt

    Bridgestone Quiet Tracks in 19 inch

    yes, it has the monochromatic package...not really my preference, but all that I could find with the 3.0 AWD so far, I like the all black better than I thought that I would, but still going to switch out the black wheels, probably for some brushed aluminum
  12. bnewt

    Welcome light

    just seems like the way the explorer functions is better.....at least to me, but I guess I will have to live with the MKZ's setup
  13. bnewt

    Sync 3.4?

    not really......the MKZ is the wife's car :)
  14. bnewt

    Sync 3.4?

    Just purchased 2020 MKZ Sync 3 version is 3.4 Map version is 1.18 I understand the map upgrade to 1.19 is free, but if I do upgrade does that void warranty Should I expect to encounter any "issues" with the upgrade? Finally, I have a 2017 Explorer Limited that has Sync 3 version 3.3 and was wondering what the differences were between 3.3 & 3.4. Is there a "list" somewhere that would show the differences?
  15. I have a question regarding the welcome lighting...……. I have a 2017 Explorer that the puddle lights come on every time the door is opened...…...does the mkz not have that feature? I have a 2020 and it appears that the welcome light comes on only after the car has been unlocked & the mirrors unfold