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  1. Fastitocalon

    Slight Grill Mod and Aftermarket Rims

    Sure thing, this is a link to them on Tire Rack where I purchased them https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/results.jsp?&autoMake=Lincoln&autoModel=MKZ+3.0T+AWD&autoYear=2017&autoModClar= Absolutely. You have to make yourself happy and I am really happy with the overall aesthetic of the car now. I just got a new sub and amp installed yesterday also so overall I am very happy right now!
  2. Decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to paint my grille (rubber paint) to see if I could pull it off. I am happy with the results (though not perfect by any means) and think it really goes well with my wheels. My daughter however who I was picking up, does not seem to care!
  3. Fastitocalon

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    This is a brutal lesson in how this works and even though the news is not what I want to hear it is good to know since I can properly weigh the risks and potential costs associated with any changes I make. I will take this knowledge into my next vehicle and rebalance my priorities to better suit the vision I have.
  4. Fastitocalon

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I feel I understand much better now about the process in general. If I had to come out of pocket for even 3k (I believe) for cylinder heads it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world but I assuredly wouldn't be happy about it. Frankly, the risks involved greatly outweigh the benefits right now and as such I will most likely wait till at least the first portion of my warranty has ended. After looking through the warranty documentation it seems (let me know if you feel otherwise) that the cylinder heads are part of the powertrain warranty (6 years / 70k) and the intercooler is part of the emissions warranty (8 years / 80k). If this is correct and there is no way I can guarantee I won't be denied a claim due to modifications then I do not think I am comfortable making these changes. I think I will change my attention to upgrading the Revel system instead. If I had known how well regarded the Ultimate version was received I would have attempted to purchase that version, alas, it gives me something to do. Thanks again for your knowledge, it has helped greatly in understanding the situation I am in.
  5. Fastitocalon

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I agree with your modding philosophy and maybe I would be better served upgrading QoL improvements as opposed to something that is arguably not needed. After reading your post I google-fu'd intercoolers and I ran across this. https://unleashedtuning.com/17-ford-fusion-sport-lincoln-mkz-3-0t-front-mount-intercooler/ . Would this be along the lines of what you upgraded to? Additionally, I am under the impression that a tune will almost assuredly be a breach of warranty and thus would not be covered, any insight on whether or not the hardware upgrades would also void any existing warranty I have? Thanks again for your help. I appreciate any insight and recommendations given.
  6. Fastitocalon

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I have not had any CEL. The only issue I've ever had was on the freeway and at WOT it just cut out completely (90ish mph) but came right back after a second (maybe pushed RPM too high, I dunno). To add to it I can't replicate the gurgle either anymore so my already flimsy ground has essentially crumbled away. I really want to mod this car but the thought of having to come out of pocket for new cylinder heads is nauseating. I will still take it in and mention what you both have said, however, I am quite apprehensive anything will come out of it since it is working as intended at stock.
  7. Fastitocalon

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Thanks again for your input. I purchased my MKZ used a few months ago and was maybe a little gungho about the whole ordeal and didn't notice if this issue was present then. In regards to the TSB, I am using what Zalvern posted earlier "If plugs are wet, and hearing dash board gurgling, then new cylinder heads will be needed on that engine asap before seeking better performance and modding." with their reference to the TSB I linked. My appointment isn't until Tues so I have a bit to converse with you all and have a plan for how to approach moving forward.
  8. Fastitocalon

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I called and made the appointment. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate your input. Any recommendations on whether or not I should bring up the TSB while at the dealership(attached)? I am hesitant to seem like a "know-it-all" but will push if it is the best course of action. Thanks! MKZ TSB.pdf
  9. Fastitocalon

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Hi, Thanks for the welcome and the help! I have a 2017 3.0 AWD with under 29k miles and a build date of 08/16. I essentially was hoping for some guidance as to go about asking for this service. Additionally. I feel my car may be underperforming. I purchased an odb2 scanner and the Torque Pro app and a couple questions. For tests such as torque and horsepower, are they accurate in even the slightest (the app has not crested 300 for either hp or torque)? If not, can anyone give me an idea how I would go about accurately getting these figures? Also, I know to potentially get to the advertised power I need to use 93, if the previous owner used 87 will the hp and torque bump up automatically or do I need to do something on my end? Thanks again for the assistance.
  10. Fastitocalon

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    So I want to get the Livernois tune but my car falls under this build date and has a slight water gurgle immediately after start but goes away almost instantly. My car exhibits no other symptoms of this issue but I am terrified of blowing the cylinder heads. Any ideas if I would be able to talk my way into a warranty repair? It seems like an ultra longshot to me but figured I would at least sign up and ask. Thanks.