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  1. Is the rear motor mount still available?
  2. wjr249

    Turbo Blanket

    I am interested in this as well and have been looking at temperature test on other vehicles, a blanket looks like it would help decrease the under hood temps. Does any one know what type of turbo's a 3.0T is equips with?
  3. wjr249

    MKz Lug nuts

    I am looking at replacing all of my lug nuts with Gorilla's "The system" P/N 71633NBC (all lugs in the set are lock lug nuts in black chrome, 71633N for regular chrome). has any one put black lug nuts on and have a picture of them? I fear that I might like the sound of it better than what it actually ends up looking? Back story on why I'm going with all lock nuts: My Wife's navigator lug nuts were in very bad condition the last time we went to Discount Tire, they actually used a mallet to get stuck sockets off and messed up all of her rims, I was not happy. DT blamed Ford but I have repeatedly asked for our lug nuts to be installed by hand to slow the technicians down a little so they can think about what there doing but DT always has reasurances about how there process is perfictlly safe. Needless to say after they marred all of her rims I got fed up and started looking in to alternative options. Installed a chrome set of Gorilla's "The System" and the next time the Navi was at DT the techs had a WTF look on there face when realizing that they were going to have to install a key on every single lug nut in order to remove and install each wheel. See attached photos of front drivers rim after install bellow, DT has agreed to fix/replace the rims to make it right im just trying to avoid being in this situation a second time:
  4. wjr249

    Sync 3.4?

    thanks bbf2530, I would have never found that, thought it was just part of the design. Guess I really need to read the owners manual.
  5. wjr249

    Sync 3.4?

    I took the plunge and upgraded to 3.4 today. drove it around for about an hour and only issue I had was the volume got stuck changing "prompt" volume after I exited the maps. This happened the first time I used the map feature and reset after I turned the car off and came back and hasn't happened agin. 3.4 is quicker when selecting the different options. The biggest miss in 3.4 is the same as 3.0, you have to go all the way to the end in settings to turn on the massaging seats. Upload was pretty easy, it did take me ~45 for all of navigation files to upload.
  6. Hey Chris, thanks for the P/N's do you know if the front one just snap on/off as well?
  7. wjr249

    Velossa Tech big mouth?

    I know this is an older question but I have also seen this product and was wondering about it. My main concern is that it might interfere with the louvered grill. Has any one tried it?
  8. Hi all, I recently (December) purchased a 2017 MKZ w/Drivers package when looking for a Continental. I was having problems finding a Continental for what I wanted to pay but found this MKZ with only 30K miles for a great price. This is my first car and first forced injection, looking forward to the new experiences i get with this type of setup. I've only ever had 4x4 with lifts. Just wanted to say hi and that I will be reading a lot of the tech/mod post getting an idea of what I want to do and contributing where I can. Thoughts so far: Car is at home on the high way. Really like the dash and center console layout, classy feel and ease of use. Push button controls are way better than having a shifter taking up valuable real-estate. Seats have a ton of adjustment however find myself changing the setting position during long trips for comfert (love the massage feature). Considering swapping out the 3.0TAWD badge for a 2.0hybrid just to mess with people. Don't really care for the paddle shifters, I would like to give these an honest chance and any tips, tricks, mods, ect..... would be greatly apreciated. Best, -Trey