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  1. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Key FOB Blocked

    I haven't, sorry I can't help beyond that.
  2. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Welcome light

    Correct, if you get close to the car (with fob) and the mirrors are retracted, the "puddle lighting" will illuminate.
  3. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Favorite/Least Favorite Features

    Mine's the AWD 3.0T
  4. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Favorite/Least Favorite Features

    If you seriously start to consider the 3.0 TT make sure you drive it first, and get down on it in a lane change like you were passing somebody like ya meant it. The power comes on nice and quick, but the torque steer may keep me from getting another one. It likes to yank to the left, and then as you're considering/starting a correction to the right, the torque affect goes away and it's way to easy to pull it to the right. Not a good thing if you're just up to the driver's door of the car you're passing. I love my Z, but it's not a track day car unless you're willing to get some suspension work done, and for that kind of money I'd have to start looking for a different car.
  5. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Favorite/Least Favorite Features

    Not sure if this matters, but in Sport mode in my '17 3.0, downshifts harder when you're lightly braking for an upcoming event like stop sign or red light. Is it the same for you in all 3 driving modes? I never use the paddle shifters ('cause I got an automatic car because I can shift to my heart's content on my motorcycles) but my understanding is the shift occurs when you release the paddle, not when you pull it in. I'll try and remember to check it sometime.
  6. 17MKZ3.0TT

    2017 AWD Snow Performance

    So, no snow experience yet (and hopefully not for weeks, yet) but I've gotten some dry miles in including a mostly highway 300 mile jaunt today. They are obviously noisier than OEM, but not bad. I was surprised by the growling they make up front when pulling out from a light/stopsign in a 90° turn in an intersection. You'd swear it was bearing noise or rubbing the inner fenders, but absolutely not, and today up by my camper I pulled out in a tight turn on asphalt covered by pine needles-quiet as stock. Anyway, at least half today's miles were interstate highway running 70~80 mph (just keeping up with the flow of traffic, officer) including some fairly sharp curves at speed in S mode, and it was stable as could be, no sign of understeer or back end walking out. Not sure if it's good as stock, but I don't see how it could be with less contact area. That said, I'm not going to be doing track days and I can say they hold the road great. I can see why a few commented on reviews that they put them on the OEM wheels and were going to leave them on year round. I'm content to have them on aftermarket wheels and in 18", and put the 19"s back on in Spring.
  7. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Lincoln Merchandise: Would you wear this?

    Wondering how a red "MLZA" (Make Lincoln Zs Again) would go over?
  8. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Lincoln Merchandise: Would you wear this?

    Personally, I wouldn't wear it, though one that I currently wear is all cartoon pictures of various donuts, so there's no accounting for taste.
  9. "are these cars expensive to maintain? Are they a money pit?" Yes, and yes. So are Cadillac and most other luxury cars. The more features you stuff into a car, the more will be available to fail, and unless you can do most/all diagnostic and actual wrench work, it'll always be a ticking time bomb. That said, some cars defy the odds, others only lose stuff you can live without. Personally, if $5k is a price range you're comfy with, I would not buy a hybrid or a turbo. You can drive for years without a heated steering wheel or seat, you can manually close and seal a dead sunroof with a tube of whatever, but you'll be walking to work if a turbo or hybrid system puts you in limp mode. As mentioned, the actual car is the determining factor, MKZ or Brand X. Timing belt/chain past due for changing? Front end and/or engine mounts worn & loose? Brakes ready for rebuilt calipers/pistons, or just going to need bolt-on stuff like new pads & rotors? Good hunting. Older cars are like a stock, you just have to be willing to walk away if it tanks, not buy more of it 😉
  10. 17MKZ3.0TT

    2017 AWD Snow Performance

    Will do. It was an unseasonably warm 75° today, and hopefully the trend will continue and I won't see a snowflake for at least a month. I'll probably lose a corner off my Man Card for not putting off installing them until the car was covered in snow, but it sure was nice working in a sunny driveway with a nice breeze instead trying to jack up car corners in a freezing garage without hitting a car or bike with the jack handle. 😉 I took it out for a 15~20 minute drive to see if the TPMS would be freaking out, but so far no warning light. When I pull out from a stop sign or light, I can absolutely notice the tires being slightly louder, then in less than a minute I realize I've forgotten all about them. Expansion joints and other sharp jolts come through a little more noticeable than with the OEM 19" which surprised me, as I expected a little softer ride with the taller sidewalls. Maybe the Blizzaks have a stiffer sidewall, or maybe it'll all be different in 300~400 miles when they're broken in a little. Sometimes a few hundred miles of flexing completely changes the ride with new tires. It's also possible I've lost my perspective on tires this year. I got tired of barely being able to pull away from a stop light in even light snow with my E350 Van (in one of the above pics) so when the original Michelin tires needed replacing I stayed the OEM size, but in their most aggressive tread available in the load range needed for a 1 ton build.
  11. 17MKZ3.0TT

    2017 AWD Snow Performance

    And for the NASCAR fans, Look out bitchez, I'm coming out with four fresh sticker tires!😲
  12. 17MKZ3.0TT

    2017 AWD Snow Performance

    The gray paint on the wheels was darker than their virtual showcase looked like on the TR web page, so I'm happy enough with how they look.😐
  13. Should have been part of the original grill, but Ford probably needed that for the bigger one 😉
  14. Probably be a little more tasteful if it were less bright, regardless of light temperature. They may have figured if the they were going to have that price point to make it worth developing, buyers might be disappointed with anything that didn't jump right out. I think it looks good.
  15. 17MKZ3.0TT

    dash cam - hack?

    Just a shot in the dark, but if the car rental chain has enough clout and negotiates a large enough order, many mfrs. will do a run of, "program cars" with a build combination unavailable through any dealer. I bought a brand new E350 Ford van from a dealer who orders a large large qty. to supply some Florida airport rental locations as courtesy vans. Front & back air/heat, 7 speaker radio, rear BU camera, 3 rows of seats behind the buckets and a very nice interior, but no thermometer or compass, no GPS.Insert other media