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  1. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Power Steering pooped out

    It does involve little details like the parts, removing the sub frame, doing a wheel alignment afterwards, etc. I was more ticked off at the miles.
  2. 17MKZ3.0TT

    New purchase and some paint work

    Anything that'll roll down the street is being snapped up right now. Car looks good, but I'm biased since I have a black '17.
  3. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Should I buy it?

    Sounds good if you trust them, and have the replacement matching wheel promise in writing. A good body shop should be able to tell you quickly if there's been chassis repairs on any of the 4 corners, no guarantee the corner with the different wheel was where it was located in an accident. Not all maint. gets reported, btw, there could have been full oil changes by the owner, or various maint. by a small local shop that doesn't report to anyone. One reason I take mine to the local dealership and pay just a little more for the oil & filter and similar. There's no record of my changing the cabin filter...
  4. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Power Steering pooped out

    Unless something changes, the diagnosis is in. It's not the electronic steering, it's the worn out rack & pinion system it's trying to push back & forth. Yeah, I guess 40k miles is a reasonable amount of time to wear out, compared to those Alabama Korean and Indiana Japanese economy cars costing less than my $50+k Lincoln MFF (Mexican Fancy Fusion). Estimate is $3780-ish plus tax. Guess 40K miles is the expected time for a nice bill on well-maintained Ford products now? My "E350 XLT Super Duty" 9 passenger van needed upper and lower ball joints at 40k miles. It normally has just the 2 front captains chairs in it, and 2x a year, a golf cart. I've had somewhere around a dozen Ford products since 1974 or 1975, with diminished satisfaction except for better rust protection with each successive. (I take full responsibility for the 1967 Mustang fastback 2+2 I bounced off two trees and totaled in '74.) 😢
  5. 2017 3.0TT, just hit 40k miles and the electronic power steering quit. Was about a mile into a city errand trip, with only 6~7 90° turns, so I doubt the assist motor overheated. Fuse is good, so that's about all I can investigate on my own. Just dropped it off at the local Ford dealership that I've used for years with Ford trucks & later for the Z. I'll update as I find out what's up.
  6. Oops, you are correct on all points. mea culpa x2 🙈
  7. Curious why you'd use a substandard spec battery in a car that seems to already snack on the more robust OEM ones?
  8. 17MKZ3.0TT

    2023 MKZ

    Not sure if I like the grill after the original favorable first impression. To big, overall, like they think they have to copy Lexus? Subtle usually goes a long way in Lincoln Land. When they dumped sedans after 2020 I just accepted that my MKZ's eventual replacement would be a non-Lincoln and Lincoln seems OK with that.
  9. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Oil Change

    Since I also own a Ford E350 Econoline, I've always had them do my oil changes and routine warranty service when my AC was underperforming. They mail regular service coupon brochures to where I've always paid under $100 for an oil change. They also do tire tread depth, rotor thickness and other routine inspections, which get entered into the car's service record to be accessible by any Ford/Lincoln dealer anywhere. I'm satisfied.
  10. 17MKZ3.0TT

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Nice! Love that color. That was my first choice, but I got tired of waiting and went with black/black.
  11. 17MKZ3.0TT

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Looks like it says 2.0T on the back? Love the color, never seen one in the flesh.
  12. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Lincoln BEV

    Perhaps, but what if you find yourself with a good/better place to recharge 1-25 miles from where you are? As an avid rider, I have had a few cases of having to really back it down when zooming it into a strong headwind and the next gas was perhaps just out of reach when I had to put it on reserve. One time in the 70's I rolled into late on a Saturday evening in the general vicinity of Rolla or Cuba, MO. A lot of places still closed on Sunday back then, and I'd have been looking for a motel or a farmer willing to sell a few gallons from his tank.
  13. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Lincoln BEV

    I'll possibly consider an EV at some point, but I'm not interested in buying the Wright Brothers 3rd plane. Plug-in Hybrids make so much more sense. I just finished a (not unusual) 300+plus mile weekend with nights parked at an RV trailer w/30A service. That's plenty for HVAC, electronics, appliances, etc. but not while a car sucks teat at the same time., and not when the golf cart gets plugged in late Sat. evenings when I get back for the evenings.
  14. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Lincoln BEV

    I'm curious, do most MKZ/Lincoln Sedan owners have additional 4-wheel vehicles? If I could only have one 4 wheel vehicle, it's be the biggest, "Ford Suburban" luxobarge made, since I will always want to load something too big for a sedan/SUV in the back. I have a nice sedan because I always have a PU or van as a second vehicle, and a two-seater & MCs for fun scoots and nice weather cheeseburger foraging. Does Lincoln perhaps believe the new world order will get rid of second children and vehicles? I don't golf, so maybe I'm just missing something obvious like, "a Navigator/Aviator" holds a golf partner, two bags and two indentured caddies?😏
  15. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Lincoln BEV

    Sadly, it's another SUV. The Lincoln rep was on Stuart Varney's show (SX/Sirius Fox Biz Ch.) this morning to hawk it. Stuart pointed out it's what Lincoln is proposing, but asked if it's what their customers want. She blew it off with a quick, "We believe it is." In my case, she's wrong. I usually keep my "nice sedans" for 3-5 years, and I'd be replacing my MKZ this year while it still has less than 35k miles on it. Since Lincoln dropped sedans from the brand, I'll just change the cabin filter and let it go at than. Someday if I need an SUV, maybe I'll consider one of theirs, but for now, maybe I'll wait a year to see how the chip shortage thing works out and then replace my truck instead.