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  1. Putting tint on windows will increase their ability to act as mirrors, plus it's illegal and a great way to increase your odds of killing a motorcyclist by pulling out in front of one. I know it's not really what you were asking, but there's a reason why front side windows aren't supposed to be tinted more than the OEM DOT %. Also puts cops on edge during traffic stops when they have no idea if the driver has a large bore handgun pointed right at them.
  2. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Side view mirrors

    Assuming your car has this feature, the "per use" control is on the driver's armrest near the mirror aim control. If you mean the control to turn it on/off globally, that will be found by toggling left side steering wheel controls, displayed on the left side multi gauge display. Your owners manual will have the exact sequence for the menu.
  3. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Rear suspension height

    Interesting, and kind of sad. I'm sure I'm not the only one who puts in maybe half my miles alone and the other half with 1 or 2 passengers and enough luggage for a long weekend. Not unusual for the two of us to have a 30 qt cooler packed with food from the freezer, 2-3 suitcases, and probably a good 30 pounds of DeWalt goodies & a tool pouch when we head up to our permanent trailer about 150 miles. I've never seen any difference in height or level walking up to the car at a gas station or whatever, but the air ride in previous cars sure was nice.
  4. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Rear suspension height

    Good info, drolds, amazing what my research missed in 2018, when I was deciding between an MKZ or Genesis. I just assumed (insert "assume" joke here) that since my 2001 Buick LeSabre and later my 2006 Caddy STS had self-leveling air ride on the back, so would a new MKZ. oopsie. Magnetic ride suspension, but no equiv. to air shocks and/or compressor & limit switch?
  5. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Battery dead within 3hrs

    Had that happen with the OEM battery at around 3 years and under 20k miles, bad cell. Rpld. at no cost under warranty. I had to use a 40 amp booster cart to start the car one morning and found it dead again the next day. A small voltmeter plugged into the ACC socket showed around 10 volts and of course almost immediately after the jump start I was in the > 13V range. That just showed the charging system was strong and able to put out everything needed to function. Once shut off, the battery on it's own would head for dead.
  6. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Noisy AC?

    I suppose SOMEBODY has to pay the dealership for their time investigating possible warranty work needs. Might make sense to charge if nothing needs doing, but on the other hand, it would also help brand loyalty if they ate 10-15 minutes time to listen to an owner's car. Maybe call the "Lincoln Concierge" number from the owners manual? 1-800-521-4140
  7. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Noisy AC?

    If I was down to my last month of warranty and thought something in an expensive system was wrong, I'd invest the $149 in a heartbeat. Get the service appointment down in writing ASAP IMHO.
  8. 17MKZ3.0TT

    19in Wheel Reliability

    I have really bad roads in my 'hood and in maybe 30k miles, the OEM 19" on my '17 have been fine. That's compared to some years back when 3 of the 4 OEM 18" on my '06 Caddy STS had decent dings in them that had needed repair.
  9. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Seat Memory Issue

    Agreed, and I appreciate folks commenting ideas that make not be a cure, but do mention a related concept. I'm afraid I can't help with this problem, but as a former automation tech who spent some years troubleshooting belligerent robots, pick & place, and multi-station Bosch pallet lines, I can say it's unreal how many group huddles with fellow techs ended up forming theories way out of left field that turned out to spawn a solution. Hope to see the conversation continue :)
  10. 17MKZ3.0TT

    MKZ Wheels on a Mach-E

    Good article, and the car does look better with the Z wheels. (Hope they continue the visual transformation by epoxying on a 2017-20 MKZ grill next. 😄)
  11. 17MKZ3.0TT


    I have pretty much nothing good to say about the OEM 19" Michelin mxm4 tires, other than they keep the tires from touching the road (and they wear so fast they don't even do that very long) and didn't cost extra compared to going with NO tires.😄 Winter traction in Wisconsin ice and snow was OK, but I attribute that to the car's AWD. Since they wear out so quick, I suppose even that hurts in snow because they're liable to have less tread depth if folks don't really keep an eye on them. I can strongly recommend going the route I did-four 18" aftermarket mags with Blizzaks, purchased pre-mounted & balanced from Tire Rack. Save your OEM wheels w/whatever std. compound & tread you prefer for the warmer 2/3 of your driving and enjoy the winter tires in winter.
  12. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Rattling, possibly coming from within the door.

    I'd try some 3" wide painter's masking tape on that suspect panel, in copious amounts. That way you can take it for a test ride and get a definitive answer before doing anything further.
  13. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Hybrid Battery Replacement

    Rivard, just out of curiosity, what was the general price of replacing the battery, and was that just for the battery or the battery and actual swap? Thanks.
  14. 17MKZ3.0TT

    Funny confession .

    The front grills are really polarizing. I was in the market for a nice sedan when the MKZ first came out, but thought it looked too plain, almost like a Grenada from the rear. I kept my LeSabre for a few more years. Then the angel-wings grill came, with what I think is a home run from behind rear treatment. I disliked the grill so much I traded the aging Buick on a Cadillac. Then the 2017 came out with the last/current front end. Bingo! Love my 2017 and I'll try and make it last. I had such low miles (under 20k) on it when they announced 2020 would be the last sedan that I couldn't justify taking the giant hit just to buy a 2020. I have several vehicles including a pristine 2013 Econoline Wagon I pulled the 3 rows of seats from, leaving me with a well-appointed dual heat/AC, lots of speakers and nicely carpeted "cargo van", so I don't need or want an SUV. If Lincoln is only making SUVs when it's time to replace the 2017 Z then I suppose I'll see who's making the sedan I can live with.
  15. 17MKZ3.0TT

    anyone running Vredestein 245/40R19?

    Rpld. the two front Mich. OEM rimsavers with the Vred. about 2-3 months ago. Can't really tell any difference, including mpg. Before the end of the year I'll do the other two unless there's any unusual wear problems. Since my OEMs needed 2 replaced at 20k miles despite rotations at 8k & 16k miles, I'm not jumping in on these next ones. Wet handling has been every bit as good as the OEM, no hydroplaning, etc. It'll be a while since I have any real mileage to report since I have winter wheels & tires for the cold stuff and several other vehicles to share my overall yearly miles driven. Regardless, the Vredstien seem to be just what the prior happy Tire Rack reviewers said they were 😊