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  1. Does anyone know the method to recalibrate the mkz panoramic sunroof? I have an issue with the closing point being off on my sunroof. I opened my door one day after shutting my car off and the sunroof wasn't closed all the way. Following the sunroof will now open back to that point upon shutting the sunroof. It will shut and open back up to the point that I accidentally closed it, every time now. I have tried the panoramic sunroof recalibration of many models for ford and lincoln vehicles and none will properly allow my car to relearn the close position. The vent position is now off on my car as well. I have even tried disconnecting the battery after opening my doo while the car is off once the sunroof is "fully shut" but the next time it is opened upon closing it has now always closed to the same stopped position. I found a forum with instructions on the non-pano recalibration but it has not worked for my model. have also cleaned and re-lubricated the tracks of the sunroof in case some dirt was in the tracks causing resistance with the bounce-back feature. Any Suggestions?