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  1. JNMKZ2014

    2014 stalling issues

    MKZ hasn’t stalled since replacing this.
  2. JNMKZ2014

    2014 stalling issues

    Oil Pressure Valve Sensor/Switch
  3. JNMKZ2014

    2014 stalling issues

    Hi. My 2014 MKZ is no longer stalling. Issues resolved. Yes, pulling out onto a busy road used to be VERY dangerous. I can’t remember the part number, but I replaced a sensor where the arrow is pointing in the picture. It’s kind of down in there, behind some stuff, but not too hard to get to. Easy fix. No mechanic needed. I think that sensor malfunctioning causes the car to run too lean or too rich.
  4. JNMKZ2014

    2014 stalling issues

    NHgirl, if you see this, do you remember which sensor was replaced? The air/fuel ratio sensor? Upstream or downstream? Or was it the fuel injection rail pressure sensor? My MKZ stopped stalling for 10 months, and now it’s stalling again. Same issue as before.
  5. JNMKZ2014

    2014 stalling issues

    No Check Engine lights are illuminated. When it first started stalling intermittently I went to Autozone and had them test my battery. The battery was not the issue. I didn’t have them run diagnostics at that time because no CE lights were on. I did some research and thought replacing the one fuel sensor I replaced would solve the problem. Unfortunately I was wrong. I think I may be a little over 70k, but I will check. If I’m still under warranty I’ll bring it to a Lincoln dealer. The car usually starts right up, no problem. After it stalls though, the green Power light will be blinking. I have to put it in Park, turn it off, and then restart it. When this happens, it still starts, but it definitely struggles more than usual. I have no issues when the car is up to speed, I’d say 20mph and up. I’m almost positive the issue is fuel related.
  6. JNMKZ2014

    2014 stalling issues

    New here. Does anyone know if the stalling issue has been solved? My 2014 MKZ is doing the EXACT same thing. I replaced one of the fuel sensors already. It seemed to help for about a month, then the issue resurfaced. I was just vacuuming out my car (car vac that plugs into cigarette lighter) so I had to leave my car running. It stalled 3 times before I finally gave up. It stalls when idling or right after start up when I’m going maybe 5mph leaving a parking lot.