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  1. JimF

    Water Leak

    Oops, missed the part of the front passenger side was dry. 🙄
  2. JimF

    Water Leak

    Sounds like the classic leaking heater core. Same symptoms on my 1971 Buick LeSabre, 1978 Mercury Cougar, 1985 Ford Taurus, and 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix; usually when the car was 6 - 12 years old.
  3. JimF

    32,000 miles and time for tires

    I replaced the stock MXM4s with Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus and couldn't be happier with them. Traction is incredible all the way down to -5 F. In the snow, not so much, but that is what the F-150 is for.
  4. JimF

    Texas Snow

    "And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime." Very nice reference to Little Green Apples by Roger Miller. 😉
  5. JimF

    Tire pressure display

    So it turns out my 15 year old digital tire pressure gauge is getting old and cranky, refusing to show consistent readings. 👴 I picked up a new digital gauge, as well as an analog gauge. Both new gauges match each other, while the old one is getting a little senile. After the snow clears up I'll recheck the TPMS readings.
  6. JimF

    Tire pressure display

    I set the my tire pressures to 38 psi with a digital tire pressure gauge... the dash display shows 34 to 41 psi. The wife's 2017 shows 37 to 39 psi. My 2018 F-150 tire pressure display always matches the digital gauge. Variations in the TPMS sensors?? 🙄
  7. JimF

    Tire pressure display

    Both my wife's and my 2017 MKZs show "monitoring" in the Lincoln Way app. My 2018 F-150 shows the actual tire pressures in the My Ford app. Must be a 2018 and newer feature.
  8. JimF

    Tire pressure display

    I used to see the tire pressures on the Lincoln Way app, until the latest app update. Now I only see, as Scott has mentioned above, the tire pressure as "Monitoring" when the car is parked. If I am driving, I can see the approximate tire pressure on the instrument panel but not on the Lincoln Way app. The app appears geared toward displaying low pressure warning rather than actual pressure.
  9. However CDW, if you look for a 2017-2018 MKZ Black Label with the Drivers Package and Cashmere Venetian Star interior, you will get White w/Ebony interior. there is currently a Diamond Black with Drivers Package and Cashmere Venetian Star interior available in PA. I realize you are not looking for a black MKZ, but it does give you another option to look for. And yes, I thoroughly enjoy my 2017 MKZ Black Label with Driver's Package and Thoroughbred interior. 🙂
  10. LOL, but no, not with a hybrid. The 3.0 is a totally different animal, however. With 93 octane (or better) you get 400 hp and 400 lb-ft torque, with 87 octane the hp and torque are reduced due to engine management logic. Enough so that you can definitely feel the difference in acceleration within two tanks of gas.
  11. Same here. Older, but more than willing to pay extra for 93 octane to get every last bit out of the 3.0. 😎 Here in southern NH, if you are doing 10 mph over the speed limit, you're being passed by most everyone. Well, except for the left lane speed enforcing idiots who you have to try to pass on the right. 😂
  12. JimF

    Android auto locking up

    Never had Android Auto lockup on either of my 2017s. Always works like a charm.
  13. JimF

    Front Fascia - Spot the difference

    The drivers side lower fascia is open on the 3.0T for the oil cooler, closed on the 2.0T and Hybrid models.
  14. The Bluetooth volume on my phone defaults to mid-level (50%) when I connect to either my MKZ or my F-150. I got into the habit of turning the phone Bluetooth volume to maximum after connecting to have the same volume level across sources.
  15. JimF

    Coming soon

    Bergey's is where I got my 2017 Black Label. Very nice folks and very easy to work with. I flew down from NH and drove the car home.