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  1. The latest ticket shows a labor rate of $155/hr
  2. Got my vehicle back yesterday. Apparently there was some air bubbles in the system. Yesterday and this morning, the coolant level in the reservoir sits above the max level.
  3. Guess what? I will be bringing the vehicle back tomorrow. I believe I'm still loosing coolant "somewhere". When I reported the burning smell once I got my vehicle, I checked the coolant reservoir to be way below the minimum level. I checked it again after it was parked overnight and found it at the same level. I added coolant today (between min and max level) before going for a 6-mile trip. Immediately upon return, I checked it again - coolant is way below the min level. I'm writing this 3 hours after that trip and the coolant is on the same level. I did not see any liquid dripping unlike before the service but I do see a wet spot - attached picture.
  4. It's not on the ticket and was not told about the actual labor hour/s performed, either. Just verbally telling me they had difficulty fitting the original part before realizing there's a new p/n altogether that they themselves were not informed. True or False - wouldn't really know 😕
  5. Got my car back. They said nothing else was wrong except for the confusion about part p/n and that I have a brand new set of interconnecting hoses. My car smells pretty bad after each drive - worst than when I had the leak. I was told the smell should subside in a couple of days or so after all the liquid has evaporated burnt out.
  6. A little bit of a setback. Dealer called today saying they've been trying to install the replacement hose to no success because Ford changed the part number without providing any information to them. They apparently now have to order an "entire assembly" and installation would be more involved. They, however, will not charge me extra for the service but I will have to pay the difference in the part price to the tune of ~$320.
  7. By the way, I brought my vehicle for service for something else and asked the service advisor about the cost for switching from 3G to 4G. I was told "they did the math" and the amount would end up to be $900+, with the replacement part itself costing ~$600. They had multiple inquiries and none actually had it done.
  8. I did read somewhere that the hose itself is not covered, however, there is apparently an "o-ring issue", (TSB issued) which somehow makes the repair covered. I sent an email to the service manager to inquire and double check...not holding my breath, though.
  9. Also, I was told it is not covered by the 6yr/100k comprehensive limited warranty for a CPO vehicle.
  10. That's all what the advisor said. I will see the work order on Monday when I pick up the vehicle. On my end when I was given the price, I was outright relieved not to hear "thousands" and not think about a 600 dollar hose since I was prepping myself for the worst. When it slowly dawned on me, of course I thought the price could have been high but I couldn't do it myself anyway so there's that.
  11. Dealership called informing me of a bad radiator hose where the coolant is coming out from. ~$690 out of the door.
  12. First of all, Happy New Year everyone. Unfortunately, not so happy anymore for me 😏 Last week, I noticed some strange smell after driving some ~30miles. I didn't give much to it. Coming back home - same distance - I noticed the same smell + some faint smoke coming out of the engine bay. I looked around and noticed the coolant is way below the MIN level - top it off to between MIN/MAX then the car sat overnight. Following day, I checked the coolant level to be the same so I went on a 6-mile trip and back. I noticed the same smell + more smoke coming out of the engine bay. I am out of coolant again. Off course, with the engine off, I top it off again and left the hood open to come back a few minutes later with to see the coolant on the same level. I started the engine and immediately notice the coolant level going down. I looked underneath engine and there I saw liquid dripping rapidly. I scheduled for service this coming Friday - I will have my car towed to the dealership. Did any of you experience the same? Do you have any ideas / wild guess of what it might be -best case to worst case scenario- and related cost? Thanks!
  13. That information is partially correct and I have not been very clear - my bad 😔 Those notifications come up ONLY when I use the autostart schedule feature of the app.
  14. My default has always been 15 minutes ever since. Guess what? It's now back to 15 min. That is after parking the car at work and go home for the day. By the way, those notifications are for each remote start activity. I know they are so I stop opening the notifications.