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  1. I would think you have already scoured the vehicle configuration/settings on the instrument panel, am I right?
  2. I had to read and re-read to understand the issue but I am a little confused. There were vehicles I owned in the past the have 3 switch positions for the interior lights. Does your switch happen to have "ON", "OFF" and "DOOR" position with the latter being in the middle position?
  3. kramf411

    Tire pressure display

    I may be wrong but I went back to check on @drolds1 statement and it seems to me that he is implying it works and on his 2017 and (2020) using the steering wheel buttons and not the LincolnWay app.
  4. kramf411

    Tire pressure display

    Two things: 1. This could be vehicle year difference. I have the same display as @esqueue. Both of us have 2017. @fusionff has a 2018. Anyone else want to verify with their respective vehicle year? 2. App difference. There is only 1 Lincoln Way app, am I right? May I know what version do you have?
  5. kramf411

    Help with 2014 mkz door lock

    Ruling out a few things. Did you physically checked if the door was indeed locked after the keyfob press? If it locks but not unlock, perhaps it is not totally an actuator issue. It could be a door latch issue which I just saw, upon searching, there was a recall for your model year. Not sure if your particular case is relevant to the recall but may be worth checking out if your vehicle is affected. Before venturing into replacing stuff, did you check if the latch is obstructed, dirty, full of gunk, etc? All of those will prevent the mechanism function properly. Got WD40? 😀
  6. kramf411

    New Tires

    Good to know. Thanks for the info.
  7. kramf411

    Help with 2014 mkz door lock

    Could be the actuator but it did lock with the key fob, right? Are you able to trigger lock/unlock using the door buttons?
  8. kramf411

    New Tires

    Let us know how it handles.
  9. kramf411

    2017 MKZ 3.0TT AWD squeaking

    Mine is squeak free as well.
  10. kramf411

    New Tires

    Snow? Already? If you don't mind me asking, where are you?
  11. kramf411

    APIM, ACM, or DSP Settings

    Regardless of what your intentions are or sound quality perception or integration with your system etc., you can use an aftermarket amp for that matter. What you want to do is take the high level output from the rear speakers or sub and connect it into a line out converter. The low level signal from the LoC is then fed to an aftermarket amplifier of your choice. The amplifier's speaker terminals are then connected back to the speakers. Does that make sense?
  12. kramf411

    Caliper Covers

    Technically not hijacking the thread. Just wanted to ask a relevant question. I non-member friend has the same 2017 3.0 AWD as mine and is looking for the same caliper cover mentioned here. They are apparently is on sale now at a 3rd party retailer. Question: Is there any difference with the 2.0 and 3.0 caliper dimension/size? The retailer is listing the product as for "all MKZ models" but when he checks it at the manufacturer's website (MGP) the part numbers for 2.0 and 3.0 are different. Retailer says they guarantee it will fit across all MKZ models (2017+). What do you think?
  13. kramf411

    Lincoln Merchandise: Would you wear this?

    you gotta wear the cap,too for a complete look 🙂
  14. *Disclaimer: This is all FOR FUN. Each and everyone has there own preference regarding a very delicate subject re: FACEMASK. I just chanced upon this while checking what's going on with Amazon Prime Day. You probably think I have way more time in my hands - yeah, I do since I'm back to working from home 🙂
  15. kramf411

    2019 2.0 TSB - Block Replacement

    Oh this is interesting.