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  1. kramf411

    Memory Seats

    Exactly! When I got the vehicle, one of the few things I did was to program the memory seat immediately - that is by holding the button number until it beeps. I knew, once in a while I did have to reposition it and did not really think I did the programming wrong in the first place. Then, I saw the "SET" button.🙄
  2. kramf411

    Memory Seats

    Is it an option to use/program one of your memory seat buttons for this purpose?
  3. kramf411

    Center armrest storage

    Yeah, it is a pretty nice and solid piece. One of the better <$20 item I have spent on. fusionff , hope you get yours soon.
  4. kramf411

    3.0T oil change ?

    I have the same app version. I can see my service history using the app but the web version does not load my service history - it may be broken or under maintenance?
  5. kramf411

    3.0T oil change ?

    I just checked the Lincoln Way app. Click on Vehicle Details. You are presented with a choice between Your Vehicle and Services & Support. Under Services & Support, you can find Services History. From here, you can view the recent service visit updated by the dealer (if they participate) or ADD a service yourself. Good luck!
  6. kramf411

    Locking 2020 no audible

    This is what I do. The only time I touch my key fob is when I take it out of my pocket to hang it back on the key holder or take it from the key holder and into my pocket.
  7. kramf411

    Locking 2020 no audible

    All of my non-Lincoln cars behave the same way. To me it seems like a confirmation that is indeed locked. When you first get out of the car, you consciously click the lock button and you yourself have verified/seen it blinked and know it locked. Now, you walk away - car behind your back - you begin to wonder if you locked the car, and without looking back, you click the lock button - horn goes off to confirm. Although, after a period of time from the initial pressing of the lock button, you need to press it twice in succession to hear the confirmation honk. As bbf2530 said, you might be able to always hear/see both lights and horn by configuration.
  8. kramf411

    Center armrest storage

    I think Amazon also have it for those who want to purchase the item. By the way, when I purchased mine, it also indicated a long delivery estimate, but, (maybe by luck) all of my ebay purchases from abroad did not exceed 12 days from payment to delivery.
  9. kramf411

    Chrome brake light picture.

    You mean this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Chrome-Center-Brake-Light-Cover-Trim-For-Lincoln-MKZ-2014-2019-/293200826051
  10. kramf411

    Center armrest storage

    Who got the last one from fusionff's link? 😀 Oh wow, I was looking at my purchase history - $11.27 at that time from the same seller.
  11. I was looking for a solution to store my stuffs (phone, wallet etc) so that are neatly tucked. The center compartment is is too small. My stuffs will fit but the lids has to remain open - I didn't like that. The armrest compartment was good but it will also mean me fumbling deep into the pocket,so I found this item which suits my need perfectly. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-Center-Armrest-Storage-Glove-Box-Tray-For-Lincoln-MKZ-2017-2018/303176363364?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&amp;_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I think I had this since end of last year. Today, I decided to take a picture. Boredom really strikes hard 😀
  12. kramf411


    I'm bored so I would like to make a guess 😀 It could be Bluetooth 5. This BT version has been implemented on devices for a few years now. If it is, it means you could have longer range + more data and faster speed.
  13. kramf411

    Smart Phone

    I have little more time being at home, working from home - means more time browsing online. With two college students owning IPhones means I can spare myself a Motorola G6😀 May be it's time for an upgrade. I do not have hands-on experience on any of the new phones(except for browsing for the specs) so I can't really comment on functionality. What I can offer is price point comparison based on my research. I've looked at the Samsung S20 5G. It is now at $799 at Bestbuy. However, if you purchase through Samsung unlocked (12G/128GB) + discount code, it comes down to $743.xx - all inclusive/shipped. The OnePlus 8 is a comparable model to the S20 - both are 5G, both are great phones. Depending on the configuration, it will be $699 / $799 at OnePlus. I haven't seen any carrier pricing yet. Yeah, 5G is not quite there yet. Your 4G LTE phones will still remain functional for a very long - even way beyond you start to itch for an upgrade. If you do not mind a "less newer" phone, the OnePlus 7Pro has great features. It is now a whopping $450 at TMobile.
  14. kramf411

    Remote Start

    I'm assuming you're performing the correct procedure to remote start using the Lincoln App. Have you tried clearing the data/cache, log-in, then try again? Otherwise, you might have to do a master reset of the unit itself. Good luck
  15. kramf411

    2017 MKZ 3.0TT AWD squeaking

    I have forgotten to update my situation. Approximately a month ago, I started cleaning my weatherstrips with a plain damp microfiber cloth. When I drove the car the following day, both rear doors started squeaking the same manner as what I originally described. Upon closer investigation, the plastic trim was actually rubbing with the weatherstripping and the cleaning I did the day before, I suppose, induced more friction between the plastic and the rubber. I have a Leather/Vinyl/Rubber conditioner which I initially bought for the purpose of cleaning the leather seats of my vehicles. I applied it to the w-strips - just like that, squeaking is gone. I'm hoping that was it.