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  1. kramf411

    19in Wheel Reliability

    Yesterday, I hit a pothole so very bad on a highway traveling about 70mph. It happened on both the driver side wheels. I thought that was the end of it due to the jarring impact. While driving, I was paying very close attention to whether I would develop some sort of vibration - nothing. I inspected them once I reached my destination to find no damage - I was relieved. By the way, aren't these MKZs fitted with some sort of controlled suspension damping once the sensor detects unusual drop in the wheels?
  2. kramf411

    Seat Memory Issue

    wild guess...do each of you use a different keyfob? maybe it's the keyfob pairing with the seat memory?
  3. kramf411

    Android Auto Question

    I bought this for the very reason bbf2530 indicated. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D7PDLXC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. kramf411

    Android Auto Question

    May I know what app (i.e Spotify, Youtube music etc..) are you using to stream while using AA? If that particular app is supported, it should be visible/listed in the AA screen. If it is, you do not have stream through Bluetooth separately while your phone is connected to AA.
  5. kramf411

    AC on and off by itself - HELP ME

    CTRL + ALT + DEL 😉 With anything computerized/electronics - see whether taking off the battery connections, plugging it back after a few minutes, resolves the issue. Otherwise, it could be something more serious that perhaps someone here have encountered in the past and hopefully chime in. Good luck.
  6. kramf411

    In for service

    Brief update: I received a call from the service advisor saying they found no issues while performing pressure tests but cannot answer why I have to fill up coolant every 3mos. All the other issues above cannot be replicated. Item #6 happens 100% of the time, everyday. What they found out though is that there is a muffler leak. The entire assembly have to be replaced to the tune of $1800. I bought the vehicle as CPO which extends the coverage until July 2022. He said it ran out but I checked my documents and it is indeed still active. He checked again and confirms July 2022 but said the part is not covered. I am now on hold with a Lincoln Concierge who confirms I have an extended premium care plan. Concierge came to confirm that the part is not covered per the dealership's database. Total cost: $1827 incl tax. Concierge said she will "include" my case into an "assistance program" and asked if I'm willing to participate to contribute $300-400. I said $300. She said she is going to investigate further and will hear from her by end of the week. She also went ahead to tell the dealership to order the part - takes a week for delivery. To be continued...
  7. Hello, I hope everyone is well. I brought my vehicle for service yesterday at the Lincoln dealership where I bought it from, 6x farther than the closest dealership from me. Mileage: 66819 miles Loaner car: 2020 Lincoln Corsair, 8k miles 1. Oil Change - specifically asked not to overfill (the dealer near me overfills it) 2. State Inspection/Emissions Tests 3. Coolant reservoir drops below the MIN level in approximately 3mos - checked 1st thing in the morning 4. After a drive, strong burning smell especially noticeable when parked inside garage. 4. Once in a while, the vehicle shakes a little bit - at a stop, idling. Intermittent but worth reporting anyway. 5. 50-60% of the time, I hear popping sound at the front end. This happens while braking or slow accelerating from a stop or accelerating while vehicle is slowly rolling. It may have been doing this for a while. The last 3 days before service, I drove the vehicle with little or no audio at all to check/listen if there is something unusual to report. That is when I discovered the popping sound. 6. Driver seat appears to be "engaging", have "whirring sound", but, no noticeable movement when any door is opened. Happens only during entry and vehicle have been siting for at least a couple of minutes. It does not happen when opening any door after driving. Does any of you encounter any of the above? Just want to compare notes between your experience and what the dealer will tell me 🙂 Today is Day 1 - no report from the dealer yet.
  8. How about this?
  9. kramf411

    Fuel filter question

    If you do have a 3.0L AWD are you still staying tune for the reply when there is proof here that it is indeed an external filter and replaceable at X miles?
  10. kramf411

    Rotors/pads replacements

    While the OEM rotors/pads are fine, I have replaced mine with R1 Concepts - slotted and drilled rotors/ ceramic pads. I wanted them for looks but I also found them to have better braking power than OEM. I did read about cracking on this type of rotors but I have not experienced any on the 3 vehicles I had replaced them with. My longest experience with them was about 80k+ miles 70/30 city/highway driving on a previous vehicle with no issues. I logged about <15k miles now on my '17 3.0 AWD and still going strong. Good luck in your search.
  11. kramf411

    HD radio 2017

  12. kramf411

    No more Oil Life reading on Lincoln Way app

    Just this morning when I used the app to start the car, I saw the oil life monitor on my android phone.
  13. kramf411

    anyone running Vredestein 245/40R19?

    Got it. I also edited the link twice but it lands on the main page all the time.
  14. kramf411

    anyone running Vredestein 245/40R19?

    Are you looking at the Vredestein Quatrac Pro? It is in my shortlist for tire replacement and I am also interested about what folks here have to say about it.
  15. kramf411

    Tinting rear window

    If you're asking me, I do not have a sunshade and I have a Pano Roof.