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  1. N0P0WER

    WTB: Stock wheels

    I'm looking for a stock set of wheels to dedicate for snow tires. Anyone have a set or know a good place to search for some? Thanks!
  2. N0P0WER

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    I would too, though sometimes I don't want to use Android Auto and my entire neighborhood is missing from the Lincoln's map, which is just irritating.
  3. N0P0WER

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    I made the same mistake. Per @bbf2530, scroll to the bottom of the screen to get your "SYNC Serial Number (ESN)" number, not the "Onboard Modem Serial Number (ESN)".
  4. N0P0WER

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    I'm wondering if I can create enough of a stink on social media regarding this...
  5. N0P0WER

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    I'll admit I'm minorly irritated that my 2017 MKZ, still under factory warranty AND freshly purchased as certified preowned, isn't eligible for a free update.
  6. Thanks for that. Sounds like it's a permanent (if dubious) feature of this car.
  7. I am shifting my personal email to a new domain and when confirming my email address the forum's email never arrives. However, if I switch it back to the email address I originally enrolled with, it works. Can an admin reach out to me when they have a moment? Thanks.
  8. Some shifts (in automatic, not manual shifting) are really slow to execute, especially 2nd gear to 3rd gear. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. I've been on the forum for a bit. Still need to do a proper photo shoot, but honestly it's a stock appearing MKZ so... who cares? 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD, climate/driver/luxury/tech packages, standard moonroof 32k miles, CPO Unleashed custom tune, GFB DV+, CP-E RMM I bought this as a daily driver, living about ~45 miles outside of Detroit and commuting downtown every day. Currently flirting with buying a FMIC, but I'm waiting on the final bill for my upgrades to my 2012 BMW 135i.
  10. N0P0WER

    Drivers Package Wheels

    Did you eventually sell these? What price did you end up at?
  11. While I tend to use Android Auto for most things, occasionally I do need to use the built in nav and unfortunately my neighborhood is newer than the map. More annoying than anything. Are updates out for the '17 MKZ? I don't see them on https://lincoln.navigation.com/product-list/Catalog/Catalog_Lincoln_MKZ_2017/en_US/LincolnNA/USD yet, but are there grey market options out there?
  12. N0P0WER


    VID_20190816_170613.mp4 Fitting the washers above and below the CP-E rear motor mount was a good time too.
  13. N0P0WER


    I just did the CP-E mount, and yes the rear bolt was an utter pain in the ass. On my 2017 (33k miles) I had to torque on it so hard with a 3'+ breaker that I was convinced I was about to snap the bolt off. Now, granted, with a torque spec of 129ft/lbs and the Loctite Blue the factory added, it all makes sense ... but still ...