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    Hey everyone, I got a 2017 MKZ 3.0t, AWD. I bought this car 3 months ago and i love it lol..its fun having a sleeper. Since, I already have a 800hp 350z, I wanted to try something different. I got the Steeda intake, 70mm tb, LMS thermostat, LMS throttle enhancer, GFB bov and1.5" lowering springs. All on my car now. I'm waiting for the charge pipes to come before we can install that with the upgraded FMIC. Only parts after that is to get the downpipes from Umtimate Performance and then we will fab up a cat back using borla mufflers, then the tune from Livernoise. My questions are, is there anyone upgrading the forged internals for this engine or anything? I know parts of this engine shares other platforms, I was wondering what would fit? And if something can work, what could work with fuel management? Any information would be great. Anyway, thanks for your time.