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  1. sam kahill

    2015 MKZ HYBRID ,

    Hi again, based on the criteria you listed, my car is NOT a Black Label, no suede headliner, just a synthetic perforated in white, and no wood, silver trim instead, the dash is leather and the doors are part leather the top 6 inches.No badges either.
  2. I experimented with solar panel, and found that the sunroof , since it is tinted does not pass on sufficient amount of the sunlight to the panel, the windshield was best place to capture most of the sun light.( I know panel on and panel off..not too convenient but helps an idle battery stay strong) the average LED bulb consumes about 20Ma, I am sure the car electronics use a lot more, but being a Hybrid, I dunno (yet) if High voltage battery shares with the load.I have a clip-on ammeter, I will try to measure the draw on the 12v Battery and report back. cheers.
  3. sam kahill

    2015 MKZ HYBRID ,

    I should've specified that the audible on the Mazda ONLY sounds when you activate your signal while a vehicle is in the blind spot. Me too loving my 2.0H, still discovering all the features, I am wondering if it is a Black Label, is it possible, does anyone know how to tell.
  4. sam kahill

    2015 MKZ HYBRID ,

  5. sam kahill

    2015 MKZ HYBRID ,

    I have a question about the Blind spot monitoring, I cannot figure out how to turn the audible warning for it, the feature is turned on in the settings but no sound to warn you on the light in the mirror, I have a Mazda that does both light and a choice of 2 audibles.(2015 MKZ Hybrid)
  6. sam kahill

    2015 MKZ HYBRID ,

    Hello all, I just joined this forum. I just bought a used 2015 MKZ Hybrid, and yes mine makes that sound, and it changes pitch with vehicle's speed, I noticed it the first time I test drove it, it sound like an electric motor, you have the main propulsion motor and another in the tranny (eCVT), I read somewhere this CVT does not use a belt, instead it uses an electric motor. So you have 2 possible sources for that sound, and it isn't necessarily a bad sound of something wrong, I am not concerned.