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  1. Voorhees

    Voorhees 2017 MKZ 3.0T

  2. Voorhees

    Chrome Mirror Covers

    I had a friend get there mirrors wrapped w/chrome 3m by a tint shop and they looked good.
  3. Voorhees

    Spring Wash & Wax

    Rain X on windows, armor all wheel protectant, Clay bar then zymol pics
  4. Voorhees

    Spring Wash & Wax

  5. Voorhees

    New here need help

    1 the app only does remote start if vehicle has motum add on. 2 was it cold outside when seats a d wheel came on? I think it only does that if the temp is below a certain deg.
  6. Voorhees

    Spring Wash & Wax

    Looking good guys! That hard work is well worth it. I waxed my mkz before a trip and claybar and polished with zymol after. No pic of how it sits after claybar but this is before trip with just wax.
  7. Voorhees

    New to forum

    Thank guys. I'm loving the 3.0t. Its definitely a luxury sleeper. I noticed a definitive change in less turbo lag with a K&N filter.
  8. Voorhees

    New to forum

    Washed and waxed my Buick. Now the Link washed and in garage waiting for its coat of zymol.
  9. Voorhees

    New to forum

    Hey everybody. New to this forum. Got about 30 days on my new to me Lincoln mkz 2017 w/3.0 at 24k miles. Great addition to the fleet.