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  1. Woody2016

    Sound deading

    Hi everyone, Have 2016 MKZ, Do these doors come with factory sound deading material? Because I was going to purchase soundskin and try to improve sound from speakers and keep out road noise
  2. I have 16 awd mkz 2.0. Do you feel when your in traffic and the air is on and your coming to a stop different time it feels like the car stutters or jumps
  3. Woody2016


    I have a 16 mkz 11 speaker radio system. Does anyone know if you can switch out the factory amp and replace it with a THX amp.
  4. Woody2016


    Thank Izzy, After watching the video I think I'm going to let best buy tackle this one. Going to call Crutchfield to see what speaker will be compatible with the amp in the car.
  5. Woody2016


    Hi everybody, got some good feed back on upgrading the factory speakers. Thank you. I couldn't find a video on YouTube on how to remove the door panels. Does anyone have a video or site I can look up.
  6. Woody2016


    Thank you for the input. Going to look into it.
  7. Woody2016


    Is it worth replacing the factory speakers in the front and rear door. I dont have the THX system. Just the base system
  8. Woody2016


    Has anyone ever replaced the factory speakers in the front and and rear doors? And was it worth it.