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  1. MKZ4Us

    parking for 2.5 weeks

    Hi bbf2530. Thanks for the quick reply. I seem to forget about the forum for answers. I'll try to visit more often.
  2. MKZ4Us

    parking for 2.5 weeks

    2018 MKZ Hybrid, 18,321 miles. We are leaving on a 7 week cruise. Last year we were gone for a month and returning, the battery was dead. Lincoln came out and charged it no problem. This time wondering about a trickle charge on the 12 volt battery or just disconnecting while gone? Thoughts? Thanks in advance .
  3. I tried the Michelin guardian Hybrid Wipers from Costco but they didn't have a connector that would fit the Lincoln MKZ arm. I'll look for that coupon. Thanks,
  4. Have a 2018 MKZ and looking to replace wiper blades. Measured passenger side, spot on 20". Driver side is right on 23". Odd size. I can find the 20 " blades all day long but can't find a 23". Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  5. MKZ4Us

    2018 MKZ Filter Cabin replacement

    Did get the cabin filter out. Seems a little cumbersome with having to pull (rip) the clips off the top, bottom and the side, where "air bag" symbol is. Several of the clips came out and had to pop them back in. A friendly mouse got into the HAVAC system and smelled the place up. When I finally got the filter out I replaced it with a "Pulolator #PBC36286 Premium filter with Febreze Freshness". Seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the help.
  6. Trying to replace my cabin filter in our 2018 MKZ. You Tube shows only up to 2017 and there seems to be a little difference between years. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve...