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  1. Since the first week I've had my 2019 MKZ I've had problems with the Sync 3 (initial phone iPhone 8+). The general symptoms are starts normal in home screen and then, after driving 50' the screen locks up, turns blue, until speed is <10mph and then the back up camera shows up on the screen, and no controls work: A/C, radio, phone, etc. After a month of trouble shooting the dealer replaced the APIM and things were better for about a month. Over the last two weeks these symptoms, and other variations on the theme, have increased in frequency. I switched to an iPhone XR on 6/22 - about the same time they replaced the APIM - but it has just started acting up almost daily over the last week or so. The dealer's ace tech guy spoke with Ford and they said the problem MAY be the phone. They just did a reset to manufacturer's set up, and we have NOT synched the phone - which is a bit of an inconvenience in a $38000 car to say the least!! Like most I use my phone a fair amount while I am driving. Fortunately I am not in GA or NY where I'd earn an expensive citation for holding onto my phone. The photo below is one of those variations - the home screen navi info on the left, and a blank screen with the + for zoom on the back up camera and the back up alert info on the top right. This is the latest variation. The question is - have any of you experienced a similar problem and, if so, how did you resolve the problem?? I am anxious to hear!!
  2. Chief7

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Yeah - sometimes my fingers get going fast than my brain and eyes!
  3. Chief7

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    It was, indeed, the APIM. They finally replaced it after 3 mis-tries. But I guess that they have to demonstrate to Ford/Lincoln that they can't get it to function any other way. But, alas, all is well and it works just like it is supposed to now!
  4. Chief7

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    As a retired state Trooper you can imagine how ticked I am at seeing this!!! My blood boils when these morons just drive off like that. He would NOT have wanted me putting the cuffs on him when we took him down!!! I just took delivery (4 weeks ago today) I my 2019 MKZ RI - and I love it. I haven't yet installed the dash cam - a little pride in how pretty this is over my previous bow tie car. But I think that this may be the day. I know how valuable the dash cam is for civilians and Troopers. I ALWAYS had mine on. A perp that tried to run from me fell face first into the gravel when his pants fell off his butt. Then he thought he could file a complain of "police brutality" against me. That's fine - filing a false report was just one more felony change! Anyway, I think Lincoln has a OEM dash cam that the dealer can install. I may stop there on y way to Kiwanis this morning. Like everyone else I am happy you were NOT PHYSICALLY hurt - but I am saddened at the rest of the pain you have to endure now. Stay safe!! Ed
  5. Chief7

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    I have used ProClip mounts in all of my cars for the last 15 years or so. I just received my latest for my new 2019 MKZ and will install it later. For now I am going with the mount on the dash (it does NOT mount permanently on the dash and is easy to remove) but may try another of their units that goes on the center console. Maybe I'll take a picture later. Here is a link to their web page: https://www.proclipusa.com
  6. Chief7

    Sync Freezing Up

    My 2019 with 242 miles has been having this lock up issue since delivery! It has been in twice and had a service bulletin done on it a week ago. The problem remains. I did a Master Reset on it myself, and it is better, but still is not consistent in proper operations. It will start up correctly and then all buttons - including radio channel changes - are inoperative. Sometimes it just gives me a blue screen with nothing working but whatever radio channel was on. Today, when leaving for a meeting about 20 miles away, I set the navi for the location - and it locked up. I shut down. opened and closed the door, and it took 3 minutes to shut down. When I restarted it worked fine... until I exited the interstate. then the navigation just stopped! About 1/4 miles later it started up again! I stopped at the dealer and spoke with the service manager and am hoping the will find a solution. I'm thinking whatever electronic brains are behind the dash are the problem - and I am hoping they will just replace them!
  7. Chief7

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    I'm LOVING this car - except for hiccups with the Sync 3!!! I am getting ready for my third appointment with service for this problem!
  8. Chief7

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    I took delivery of my 2019 MKZ on Tuesday - and I'm still getting used it the many advantages of this beauty. There's been a lot of changes since my last Lincoln - a Continental Mark VIII