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  1. Blackhawk

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Should be a screw on the headlight to adjust level. http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Content?bookCode=O34133&countryCode=USA&languageCode=en&marketCode=US&viewTech=IE&chapterTitleSelected=G1546980&subTitleSelected=G1547004&topicHRef=G1557703&div=l&variantid=4019&vFilteringEnabled=False&userMarket=USA
  2. Blackhawk

    Joined the 3.0t MKZ Team

  3. Blackhawk

    Potential new owner

    I've only gotten mine to 12.7 with my tune from Unleashed performance so far but I haven't had much time at the track. I think the fastest is 12.06 right now. I'm going to be picking up a bigger front mount intercooler soon. Most of the mods for the Fusion Sport work, a lot of good info on https://www.fusionsportforums.com/ The car is a blast to drive, I've always loved sleepers. It surprises the heck out of people on the street and at the track.
  4. Blackhawk

    Potential new owner

    I love my 2017 especially when it comes to power. It's great value to get 400hp/400tq for less than 30k, I'm not sure you can find that in any other car made in the last 3 years. A tune can add an easy another 75HP on top of that
  5. Blackhawk

    Sync 3.4?

    There is a way to "side" load it. Many have done it on the facebook groups and other forums. I won't do it until I'm out of warranty though . https://cyanlabs.net/tutorials/update-ford-sync-3-2-2-3-0-to-version-3-4-all-years-3-4-19200/
  6. Blackhawk

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Are there any benefits to the Steeda hood struts vs the MKZ stock one? I thought the Fusion Sport guys did them because they didn't have them at all. I'll probably pick up the brace as well.
  7. I'll try this later, there were people on facebook talking about the same kind of issues. It almost sounds like the rear door speakers are aligned in the middle of the fade so when you go all the way towards the back you are only getting the 2 subwoofer 6x9s.
  8. Blackhawk

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    The new HPFP gives 35%(or 50% for more $$$) more fuel so you can run a higher ethanol mix. When it's not winter I run a E30 mix tune. I'm on so many facebook groups these days but these are the ones I would recommend. Ecoboost Community (Home of the fastest EcoBoost 1/4 mile list) Wisconsin SHO and EcoBoost Owners Midwest Ecoboost Lincoln MKZ Enthusiasts Lincoln Continental and MKZ 3.0 - Got Boost?
  9. Blackhawk

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    🤣 There are a bunch of Ecoboost guys in the area, There is a meetup at Great Lakes Dragway Apr 8th set up on Facebook. Right now I have a tune from Torrie, GFB, and Steeda intake, hope to get an IC and possibly the upgraded XDI HPFP by that time.
  10. Blackhawk

    Hard shift 1-2

    I've had the same 1-2 slam with light acceleration and a couple other folks I've talked to mentioned it as well. Hopefully they find something.
  11. Blackhawk

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Damn just noticed you scooped the IC up off the fusion sport forums, I made an offer on it but he said he was already dealing with someone. I have a magnetic gray 2017 drivers package as well, cant wait to see how the wheels look as I was thinking for going with darker wheels as well.
  12. Blackhawk

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Looks good, I plan on putting one on this spring. I am in the Chicago area as well near Arlington heights. Sunday was a really nice day out.
  13. Blackhawk

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Damn, very nice and a great 60FT on a cold track. What's your mod list?
  14. Blackhawk

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Did you mean to say it wouldn't hold power on the 1-2 shift above ? if so I saw the same thing where the car would hit the rev limiter on the 1-2 and dump boost. When I was at GLD a week earlier it was warmer out and didn't have the same problem. The day I had the problem the track was packed and I had a bunch of time in between runs. What I've seen on the Facebook is a couple people had the same problem but overfilling the transmission by a half quart should help. Apparently the fluid rushes to the back of the pan on launch so it has problems building pressure for the 1-2 shift. I'll see come spring if it helps me at all.
  15. Blackhawk

    2020 MKZ Order Guide

    Looks like the Mono's are on lots, I'm not sure I like the gloss black wheels. I was thinking about picking up a set for my magnetic gray but I think matte black may be a better choice.