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  1. McConaugheysBooger

    Slick Spots on Steering Wheel

    I forgot to followup on this post but over the course of the year I've used only Griots 3 in 1 Gentle Leather Cleaner, Conditioner and Protectant and it seems to lift only a very small amount of oils from the leather. It will look slightly more matte for a day or two. I'm learning to deal with it as normal wear and tear but it still looks odd compared to the bottom that I rarely touch. Having no interest in cleaning the wheel every other day but I do use leather wipes on it once a week and that helps. This is my daily driver on a 1.5hr RT commute so the leather is inevitably going to absorb lotions, oil and whatever other grime my hands pick up in between washes.
  2. McConaugheysBooger

    Please tell me the factory tire are not good!

    I know this is an old thread but I am throwing my 2 cents in for future readers. The OEM Michelin MXM4 94v SL 245/40/r19 has been surprisingly poor performing, for me. It is a smooth quiet tire. Those are the only two good things I can say about it. At proper inflation, these tires could no longer handle wet roads after 15k miles. I couldn't even get the car out of my cove to go to work during a very minor Memphis snow event. And they lasted no more than 25k miles before the tread was useless and my shop was unwilling to even rotate them. For a tire that proclaims to be in the sweet spot of an all-season, good handling, comfortable ride, and tread wear, I've had and now have better for less money. Never was a fan of Continental but the the Extreme/Control Contact rated better overall in dicey weather than all others except the fairly new Vredestein Quatrac Pro, and I'm willing to endure a little extra road noise for the extra grip in the rain. I usually keep my music too loud to hear it anyway. As a bonus they were $20/tire cheaper than MXM4. Your priorities may differ. But after extensive research on the internet when tire shopping for the mkz, it seems rarely is anyone getting 40k miles on any brand in this tire size... touring a/s, performance or otherwise.
  3. McConaugheysBooger

    Slick Spots on Steering Wheel

    The oils or the pressure from my hands are causing a slick, shiny spot on the top part of my steering wheel where my hand naturally rests despite using a soft cloth with meguiars mild interior detailing cleaner and then a leather conditioner at least once a month. Looks weird with the bottom part of my steering wheel having a nice matte sheen and the top right looking high gloss LOL. Seems it needs something stronger than the mild clean and condition I've been doing... but I'm afraid to take any abrasive brush or detergent to the most used part of the wheel. Thoughts?
  4. McConaugheysBooger

    Cabin Floor Protection

    I've had my '17 MKZ for right at one year, and I've just noticed my heels have been digging into the cabin floor carpet near the gas pedal. Of course it had to be right above where the floor mat is so I have a white spot where its been rubbed out. Does anyone know if there's a product made for this? My previous two vehicles took several years before my heels dug a hole in the fabric. Women have been driving with heels for years I gotta believe there is a solution for this? Side hope: is there any way to repair that without replacing the whole cabin bottom?
  5. McConaugheysBooger

    Phone Keeps Connecting/Disconnecting

    I have an S10+ and I have also had this problem. It started after the last Sync update... I think in October. I had an S9 up until about May of last year and it, and this S10+ worked fine until then. Very annoying. Plus, the phone audio doesnt work at all on incoming calls. I have to hang up on people and call them back... outbound seems to work fine. what a bug. I really hate sync and wish android auto would just get in the head unit making business.
  6. I successfully installed the latest 19025 build for sync, and went to step 4 of the website to upload the file from my sync to report the update. There is a large 404 image that appears saying the page has been taken down for redesign. On mobile, it says "We've hit a roadblock". So we are unable to report the sync update. So when I went to check again for updates, it prompts me to download the update I just installed. When I check for updates within the sync system of the car, it finds no update. So the website will be unreliable for finding a latest update until they fix the page and allow us to report this recent update. I'll have to remember to check back every few weeks to report the 19025 update so I wont accidentally go thru the hell of installing the same one twice.
  7. McConaugheysBooger

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    It's a joke that map just released in 3Q2019 says it only contains information from 1Q2017 to 1Q2018. Over $100 bucks to buy a map that is already over a year old... No thanks. I'll stick to Waze community-based maps that are fresh and free.
  8. McConaugheysBooger

    Lincoln/Ford Digital Disadvantage

    I was today years old when I found out my vehicle can be remote started, locked and unlocked via the Lincoln Way mobile app. I scope out every feature and function within the first few days of getting a new ride but I've had this 2017 mkz reserve for quite a while now and somehow totally missed this. So glad I found it. The range on the keyfob sucks so i havent been able to remote start my car from the office to the parking lot about 200ft and a few walls away. I was seriously considering getting another viper system for the better range just to warm up the car before leaving work. So glad I stumbled across this while trying to investigate sync and map updates which is a total pain for another topic. The Lincoln website being such garbage is largely to blame for my missing this. Apparently it's available for the reserve and black label only trims starting in 2017 and standard on the 18+ model years. Basically if your sync infotainment has an onboard modem, you're good. I really like my ride, but if Ford/Lincoln want to keep millennial buyers' brand loyalty, they will need to invest more in seamless digital technology across their infotainment, apps, and website. Their whole approach to these is very antiquated and subpar to Hyundai and Chevrolet and most aftermarket infotainments. It's a joke to put 2+ year old maps and gracenote in brand new 19s off the lot and leave the buyer to have to figure out how to update that with bad website redirects and an exFAT usb stick. One of the dealer's strongest selling points for these vehicles is already garbage out of the box. Thank goodness for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay stepping in to fill the void. If google assistant can be configured to remote start my vehicle, I would be able to ditch the entire suite of lincoln/ford manufacturer-provided apps and platforms completely. Cause even Alexa does not know how to do that, despite the Lincoln+Alexa with skill enabled being specifically for that purpose. End rant. 🙂
  9. McConaugheysBooger

    New Brand to me

    New owner of a 2017 MKZ Reserve. This is my first experience with Lincoln. Hoping its a good one. So far the forum has been helpful to look at. And of course, I had to roll the proverbial McConaughey booger as I drove it off the dealer's lot... and BOOM, just like that - A forum username was born. Looking forward to the conversations. -Jamie