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  1. pwcopy

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    "No. The new sync 3 screen will not work with the old myford touch screen." I think you misinterpreted my question. I was asking if my current Navigation function would still work If I switched to the item for sale posted above by ter06: Here's a non gps unit. screen and apim. its a pretty good price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/202743077474?ul_noapp=true. I'm now looking at systems on ebay that are pre-programmed by the seller. Thanks to your info, I will now ask about the gps dongle, new usb hub and plastic mounting bracket. I'm hoping to find a system that includes Android Auto, as I'm an Android user. Many thanks, PW
  2. pwcopy

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    Thanks! My 2016 Reserve has Navigation. Will it still work with this 2017 screen? The listing says "Info-GPS-TV Screen". How do u know it's non-GPS? Really appreciate the help.
  3. pwcopy

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    ter06, Went to car-part.com to search for parts to copy your conversion. Searched 2017 model year so I'd get SYNC 3 parts. No mention of "apim" anywhere. Just the attached list. Am I on the right site? What am I looking for? Many thanks for yr help, PW
  4. Hey, bbf! Thanks for the info and the how-to. Pretty sure mine is riveted. I'm handy, so I should have no problem following yr instructions. What happens to the back sides of the rivets? Will they just fall to the ground. Haven't looked under my front bumper yet. Is it open under there or is there some kind of tray that will hang up the rivets? Many thanks for yr help!
  5. I've wasted the last half-hour searching the web and this forum for information about this topic. If someone has any please let me know. Thank you.
  6. Trying to find step-by-step for removing and re-installing the front passenger seat on my 2016. I will need this if I take it to the upholstery shop for repair. Can't leave the car because I only have the one vehicle. And I'm single; so no help to and from shop to office, etc. I've googled "2016 MKZ Front Passenger Seat Removal," and no luck. Many thanks for your help, PW
  7. pwcopy

    Perforated Leather Blues

    My Lincoln is a base model. No BoW leather. Thanks for your reply.
  8. pwcopy

    Perforated Leather Blues

    One month ago, I brought home a 2016 2.0T FWD with the Reserve Package. The ODO rolled past 25k on the journey from the dealership in Ohio to my home outside Pontiac, Michigan. In as-new condition, it is, as old used car dealers used to say, a "creampuff." Last Thursday, a couple of co-workers and I went to lunch, and part of the deal was a ride in my MKZ. Last night when I got in the car, I noticed a tear in the bottom cushion of the passenger seat, in the center panel. Nobody has sat in it since Thursday lunch. Could something in a pocket do this? I think the perf leather is feels flimsy and I guess this proves me right. The car is still under warranty. Any recourse with a dealer? (Can't go back to Ohio.) I'll go to my local Lincoln dealer next week. If I get no satisfaction there, I know an outstanding upholstery guy, Any suggestions are welcome. Many thanks for your help, PW
  9. pwcopy

    Intelligent Access? (not really...)

    Thanks for the help everybody. I will learn to leave the fob in the car. I never leave my cars running in the garage, so I never thought of the safety hazard.
  10. pwcopy

    Intelligent Access? (not really...)

    What is "going off" is the damn horn blasting whenever I exit the car without shutting off the engine. What does that have to do with remote start? I've owned a dozen vehicles in 46 years of driving, any one of which could have been left running due to lack of attention. I guess there must be morons out there who remote start their vehicles in a closed garage? At any rate, I frequently get out of my vehicle with the engine running, and I don't need it to remind me that the engine is on. I'll review the manual. Thank u.
  11. pwcopy

    2016 Base Audio System blues

    Thank u both for the tips.
  12. 2016 MKZ Base 2.0T FWD: OK, I know the horn sounds twice if you exit the vehicle with the engine running, which is annoying enough, but it's been sound when I exit the car and close the door when the engine is off. How the hell do I shut all these idiotic sounds off. It's already gone of 3 times this quiet afternoon. I'm sure my neighbors are thrilled. Many thanks for your help, PW
  13. Just got a great deal on a 2016 MKZ Base 2.0T that turned over 25K miles driving home from the dealer. Overall I'm satisfied with the vehicle, with one exception: the HD Single CD/MP3 Audio System is a major step down in sound quality from the Sony Premium system in my 2012 Fusion. Any suggestions on how to fix this are greatly appreciated. I'm sure there are previous similar threads, so direct me to those if that's the easiest thing to do. Many thanks for your help, PW