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  1. pwcopy

    RnR Rear Valence

    Bone-Stock 2016 MKZ Reserve w/BLIS and Rear Park Assist A step-by-step Remove/Replace process would be most appreciated, unless the process simply removing fasteners. I do see a couple of pop-rivets in the parts diagram. How do I get them out? Any tips or special tools I need would come in handy as well. Many thanks for your help. PW
  2. pwcopy

    Aftermarket Rear Valance

    2016 Base Reserve 2.0 w/BLIS & Rear Park Assist Mangled the rear valance yesterday. This is not the bumper cover. It's the all-black part that attaches underneath it and houses the exhaust ports. Having trouble locating the 2012—2016 OEM version of the part (FO1195131/DP5Z17810AB/DP5Z17810AA) much less an aftermarket version. Rock Auto is out of stock. Any tips on other vendors are much appreciated. Many thanks for your help.
  3. pwcopy

    Remove Trunk Lining

    Thanks! They already replace the motor on one of the five times they didn't replace the squeak. I asked why they did that when anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together can hear the squeak is coming from the hinge.
  4. pwcopy

    Remove Trunk Lining

    2016 Reserve, Ruby Red/Cappucino Anybody got tips on removing trunk panels without breaking clips? Facing the trunk opening, the hinge on the right has a massive squeak on closing. The dealer says is it has to go the their body shop for repair. I've already been in 5 times to get this fixed, it never got touched and I call BS. Why TF does it have to go to the body shop to get a squirt of lube on a squeaky hinge?!? Many thanks for your help, PW
  5. pwcopy

    Change Oil Soon?

    OK. I'll mind the nanny. But in 50 years of driving, I've always stuck to the maintenance intervals in the owner's manual, and I've never had an engine burn oil or go south on me. Thanks everybody.
  6. Why is this warning coming on over 2k miles before the 40k scheduled maintenance? Many thanks for your help, PW
  7. pwcopy

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    First, let me say I have NOT done the conversion. Several big-ticket expenses (water heater, tires) have come my way of late, so spending the money on the car is not a priority. Please read this entire thread. you will find most of your answers there: > The MyFord Touch screen will not work with Sync 3 electronics > The Sync 3 screen and electronics must be from an 2017-2019 MKZ > DDTech offers complete systems, although at substantially greater cost
  8. pwcopy

    WTB: Stock wheels

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-of-4-Lincoln-MKZ-18-Hyper-Silver-Wheel-Rim-Factory-Stock-2013-2014-15-16/254406211917?epid=2147914746&hash=item3b3bcab94d:g:p64AAOSweRpdp46G I was going to suggest these, but they might be too rashy. For me, it wouldn't matter on winter wheels. I've been doing a lot of looking lately, and refurb/reman wheels from a reputable vendor run $860+free shipping/no caps/tpms sensors for 2016 18x8 wheels. You might be able to put together 4 wheels for less, but you'd be buying from multiple vendors. Hope u find what you want.
  9. pwcopy

    2016 18" Wheel question

    bbf2530, thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Contacted the vendors and they all said their posts were wrong, that the wheels they were selling were 7-spoke OE or replicas. I am looking for the 18/7-spoke OE design. Anything within my budget will be refurbished or replica. Can't find reasonably priced new OE.
  10. pwcopy

    2016 18" Wheel question

    I'm looking for a set of 2016 18" seven-spoke wheels for winter tires on my 2016 MKZ. I've seen their finish listed as "Hyper Silver" or "Polished" from various vendors. To me, Hyper Silver is paint, and Polished is polished aluminum with clear coat. Did these wheels come in both finishes, or are vendors using two terms for the same thing? Pls straighten me out on this. Many thanks for your help.
  11. pwcopy

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    "No. The new sync 3 screen will not work with the old myford touch screen." I think you misinterpreted my question. I was asking if my current Navigation function would still work If I switched to the item for sale posted above by ter06: Here's a non gps unit. screen and apim. its a pretty good price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/202743077474?ul_noapp=true. I'm now looking at systems on ebay that are pre-programmed by the seller. Thanks to your info, I will now ask about the gps dongle, new usb hub and plastic mounting bracket. I'm hoping to find a system that includes Android Auto, as I'm an Android user. Many thanks, PW
  12. pwcopy

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    Thanks! My 2016 Reserve has Navigation. Will it still work with this 2017 screen? The listing says "Info-GPS-TV Screen". How do u know it's non-GPS? Really appreciate the help.
  13. pwcopy

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    ter06, Went to car-part.com to search for parts to copy your conversion. Searched 2017 model year so I'd get SYNC 3 parts. No mention of "apim" anywhere. Just the attached list. Am I on the right site? What am I looking for? Many thanks for yr help, PW
  14. Hey, bbf! Thanks for the info and the how-to. Pretty sure mine is riveted. I'm handy, so I should have no problem following yr instructions. What happens to the back sides of the rivets? Will they just fall to the ground. Haven't looked under my front bumper yet. Is it open under there or is there some kind of tray that will hang up the rivets? Many thanks for yr help!