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    Blower Motor Replacement

    Has anyone done this themselves? I have searched the net and found a video for the Ford Fusion but not the Lincoln MKZ. Would it be the same or at least similar? Mine is not keeping a consistent speed and sometimes take a few seconds before it starts blowing and making a strange noise. And my second question is, Ford Parts want 125.00 for this part. O'Reilly has one with a life time warranty for 84.99. Which would you buy? I replaced one a few years back on my LS and purchased it from O'Reilly and it was louder than the factory motor before it went out. Just wondering if they are all like that.
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    Blower Motor Replacement

  3. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  4. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  5. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  6. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  7. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

    On the drive home my blower motor gave up the ghost. Not fun because it’s already 98 degrees in Dallas. It has been acting up off and on for the past couple of days. It would speed up then slowdown or not blow at all - then full speed. I watched this video online for a Fusion blower replacement and it seemed simple enough considering the dealership quoted me $275.00 as an estimate. The Ford house had one in stock for $121.77 plus tax - which came to $135.45. 2 year replacement warranty unlimited miles. Here are a few outlines steps and the a link to the video on the Fusion. I can’t believe how simple this was. I had it completed in 12 minutes. And the new motor is whisper quiet! 1. Motor the passenger seat back as far as it will go. You will need the room. 2. Using a light, look up under the glove box area. Gently pull down on the flat tray going back to the firewall. It pops straight down with little effort. 3. Disconnect the LED light attached to the panel. Pull the panel free from the firewall. 4. Look up and see the blower motor. There are 3 screws holding it in place. 5. Disconnect the power connection to the motor. 6. Remove the 3 screws. Motor now will drop down. 7. Replace old motor with new. And insert the 3 screws to hold it in place. Connect the power connection. 8. Start the car and run thru all the blower speeds. 9. Return the flat panel to its position and connect the LED light. Enjoy the breeze blowing out the vents.
  8. I read somewhere that when in Sport Mode the driver will hear noticeably louder RPM notes from the engine. Guess what - I hear them constantly now - even when sitting at a stop light or in the driveway idling. It has to be something fake piped through the sound system. At first I thought I was going crazy and couldn't tell where it was coming from. The fact it happens when I'm sitting still is nuts! If I mute the sound system and it stops. So it has to be coming through my THX system. I can't find anything online about this and I want it to stop. It sounds like a motor cycle off in the distance traveling at a high rate of speed. But not real. An audio sound to make us think we are driving a race car when in Sport Mode. But this is now happening every 30 seconds in regular drive - even in Park. Any suggestions?
  9. Eurythmian

    Fake Engine RPM Sound Every 30 Seconds

    Well I am not thrilled to report my Fake RPM Sound is back. It happening every 10 seconds now. The past couple of days I shut the car off, opened and closed the door to simulate leaving the vehicle. started it back up and the Fake RPM Sound stopped. Like it had reset itself. Today however this did not work. I looked up what the Audio Control Module (ACM) is and that appears to me more work than I am willing to mess with. I really do not want to pay to have this worked on but it looks like I probably have no choice. To add to my frustration, the blower motor for the Climate System seems to be acting up too. This car is starting to cost quite a bit to maintain... I should have purchased an extended warranty.
  10. I made a couple wallpapers I want to share with everyone. Enjoy!
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    SYNC2 WMLT Wallpapers

    Here are some more.
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    SYNC2 WMLT Wallpapers

    I can make more during my free time.
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    SYNC2 WMLT Wallpapers

    This is how it looks loaded.
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    Spring Cleaning - Isn’t She Purdy?!

    Hazelnut Leather. By The way I just noticed the topic was supposed to read "Isn't She Purdy".
  15. Eurythmian

    Perforated Leather Blues

    Did you get it fixed?
  16. Eurythmian

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    I think I’d rather that my $1,500.00 and put that towards a new down payment on a brand new one. That’s a lot of money... Jeeze! But yes, it certainly would be nice to have SYNC3. The loaner the dealership gave me for a week really made me aware at how cumbersome the SYNC2 with MLT is. The fact I can’t seem to get it to display or play an audio sound when I receive a text message is a pain in the a$$. I’ll save my money for my next Lincoln.
  17. 2013 MKZ with SYNC/My Lincoln Touch iPhone 8 Plus Both are operating the latest updated systems. When I first got the car it did prompt and display incoming text messages. For quite awhile now it hasn’t. I’ve gone thru all the setting and everything appears to me set up correctly. I have my SYNC settings for Notifications and contacts turned on. It’s frustrating.
  18. I guess I should give up on this....
  19. Eurythmian

    Fake Engine RPM Sound Every 30 Seconds

    Well, I have good news. Disconnecting the battery must have reset the (ACM) because the sound has stopped. At least while I’m sitting still. I wish I had read your reply before doing this because I am interested to see if you solution was correct. Whatever it was has been corrected. I was beginning to go crazy with with the sound of a fake engine flying by every 30 seconds.
  20. Eurythmian

    Fake Engine RPM Sound Every 30 Seconds

    I wonder if disconnecting the battery for a good 30 minutes will reset whatever has freaked out? Suggestions?
  21. Eurythmian

    Hood Latch Stuck

    Mine did this as well right at about 36K. I sprayed it with a silicone lubricant and it's been fine since. I keep it this way by shooting it with a little even few months.
  22. Eurythmian

    Text msgs not displaying in 2014 SYNC2

    My iPhone is set up correctly and it used to display on the car that I had received a text. It stopped doing this about 2 years ago and I can't get it to work properly again. I have investigated to the [oint of just giving up.
  23. Eurythmian

    Small Update Mod

    A while back the dealership did some work to my drivers seat. After getting the car back, I felt something moving against my left pant leg and reached down to find the cover that houses the electric controls to the seat - completely off and dangling by the wiring. So after getting home and taking a look at it, I realized they had snapped off most of the clips which hole the piece in place and completely snapped off all the front and back clips. One of which has a screw thru it. They just pulled it off without investigating how to remove it. I had to fight with them to get them to replace the piece which they charged me $365.00 for. I had to buy the parts and they covered the labor. Isn’t that big of them. I just wanted it fixed and was tired of dealing with them after a two week period. During the repair time, I had gone online to see if I could locate a used part which had all of its clips. God must have been smiling down on me because I found both the passenger and driver’s side parts on eBay for $45.00 each. The best part is, they came off a 2017 Black Label Edition. And for those who know, the Black Label have fancier covers on their front seats. So I decided to let the dealership replace the damaged piece and thought I would swap them out and sell the regular covers when I got the car back. Well I’m just now getting around to swapping them out. What I noticed about their replacement part was... they didn’t replace it. They placed whatever screw they could find to get the part attached back on and charged me for a new one. I plan to report this dealership to both the Ford/Lincoln main office for complaints. So here is my upgrade. I’m liking the new look. What do you guys think?