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  1. I guess I should have noticed this and mentioned it to the dealership when I purchased the car but... after sitting in a newer model I noticed my dash has never lined up evenly with the door panels. It sits about 1/8" high. So the line of the trim look uneven wit the doors. I asked about it when my car was in to have the Satellite Antenna cable replaced and they never said why it is like this. Any thoughts as to how I can fix it? It drives me crazy now that I know it's not right. I'll post a photo ASAP.
  2. The trim piece between the front glass and the roof on mine popped up on the end near the drivers side. Plus is delaminated as well. One on the rear of the car delaminated too. I had the dealership replace them while I still had warranty. After getting the car back, the new front piece did not sit flush and it eventually snapped loose again. I myself tried to fix it with a thin, double sided VHB foam tape. That stuff sticks and never comes loose. But it too failed. So back to the dealership I took it and they replaced all the clips and placed a new piece on it which fits perfectly. So far no issues. These cars should have been designed like the MKZ without the plastic piece with the windshield meeting up with the glass roof. It even looks better. I love my retractible roof... but it scares me with the cost to replace anything with it. Last summer it cost me over $1,200.00 to replace the shade and the mechanical track which failed and all crunched up behind the headliner. It made a horrible crunching should like a soda can being slowly crushed. When asked why this would happen, the dealership told me... it just happens. Seriously! That was his answer. So every time I open my shade or roof... I say a short prayer.
  3. Eurythmian

    puddle light logo 2013 mkz

    I replaced the EMO puddle lamps in my 2013 with a set I found on eBay with the logo. I had to modify each of them to get them to fit. Was a lot of work. They were $60.00 and came from China. Took forever for me to get them. But after the long wait and all the work to get them to fit, I really enjoyed them until the logo in both of them became distorted and then it looked like it split. So I ordered LED replacement puddle lamps which went right in with no issues. They are much brighter and I actually prefer them over the knock off logo type. My suggestion, don't bother with the logo version. Just get bright LED replacements. They are cheaper too. Here are a few pics of the knock off Logo puddle lamp.
  4. Eurythmian

    Weighed my MKZ today

    She's heavy - but she can sure dance.
  5. Eurythmian

    2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color

    Not a fan of copper colored vehicles. Clean it looks OK... but get a little earth on it and it is going to be awful. Not in love with the wheels either.
  6. Eurythmian

    What’s your next car?

    I'll probably get a new MKZ - but would truly love to be in a new Continental.
  7. Eurythmian

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    OMG!!! Thats awful! I feel for you man. Glad you are ok. The car can always be replaced.
  8. Eurythmian

    Satellite Antenna Fault

    Disconnecting the battery to reset everything did nothing to resolve this issue. What I am still experiencing is the radio displays the name of the station and the song that's playing but no sound. If I open the deck lid the sound will come on. I let it play for awhile and then close the deck lid. After 3 to 5 seconds the sound cuts off. Sounds like a bad wire or lose connection to me. Dealership will be seeing me soon.
  9. Eurythmian


    2013 Lincoln MKZ / 3.7L V6 / Bordeaux Reserve Metallic / Hazelnut Leather / THX Premium Audio / Panoramic Retractable Roof / Inflatable Rear Seatbelts / Adaptive Cruise Control / Lane Keeping System /
  10. Eurythmian

    Satellite Antenna Fault

    My MKZ Just started doing this over the weekend. Also Displays an update notice but gets stuck at 0%. I called the dealership and they instructed me to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and then reconnect it. This usually clears up the update issue. But what I noticed now is... by opening the deck lid, the Satellite radio starts to play. Close the deck lid and it cuts out and the message returns. I have not done the battery thing yet... I will post results after giving it a go. If it does not work, the dealership will get to fix this.