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  1. Eurythmian

    SYNC2 WMLT Wallpapers

    I can make more during my free time.
  2. Eurythmian

    SYNC2 WMLT Wallpapers

    This is how it looks loaded.
  3. I made a couple wallpapers I want to share with everyone. Enjoy!
  4. Eurythmian

    Spring Cleaning - Isn’t She Purdy?!

    Hazelnut Leather. By The way I just noticed the topic was supposed to read "Isn't She Purdy".
  5. Eurythmian

    Perforated Leather Blues

    Did you get it fixed?
  6. Eurythmian

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    I think I’d rather that my $1,500.00 and put that towards a new down payment on a brand new one. That’s a lot of money... Jeeze! But yes, it certainly would be nice to have SYNC3. The loaner the dealership gave me for a week really made me aware at how cumbersome the SYNC2 with MLT is. The fact I can’t seem to get it to display or play an audio sound when I receive a text message is a pain in the a$$. I’ll save my money for my next Lincoln.
  7. I guess I should give up on this....
  8. Eurythmian

    Fake Engine RPM Sound Every 30 Seconds

    Well, I have good news. Disconnecting the battery must have reset the (ACM) because the sound has stopped. At least while I’m sitting still. I wish I had read your reply before doing this because I am interested to see if you solution was correct. Whatever it was has been corrected. I was beginning to go crazy with with the sound of a fake engine flying by every 30 seconds.
  9. Eurythmian

    Fake Engine RPM Sound Every 30 Seconds

    I wonder if disconnecting the battery for a good 30 minutes will reset whatever has freaked out? Suggestions?
  10. Eurythmian

    Hood Latch Stuck

    Mine did this as well right at about 36K. I sprayed it with a silicone lubricant and it's been fine since. I keep it this way by shooting it with a little even few months.
  11. Eurythmian

    Text msgs not displaying in 2014 SYNC2

    My iPhone is set up correctly and it used to display on the car that I had received a text. It stopped doing this about 2 years ago and I can't get it to work properly again. I have investigated to the [oint of just giving up.
  12. I read somewhere that when in Sport Mode the driver will hear noticeably louder RPM notes from the engine. Guess what - I hear them constantly now - even when sitting at a stop light or in the driveway idling. It has to be something fake piped through the sound system. At first I thought I was going crazy and couldn't tell where it was coming from. The fact it happens when I'm sitting still is nuts! If I mute the sound system and it stops. So it has to be coming through my THX system. I can't find anything online about this and I want it to stop. It sounds like a motor cycle off in the distance traveling at a high rate of speed. But not real. An audio sound to make us think we are driving a race car when in Sport Mode. But this is now happening every 30 seconds in regular drive - even in Park. Any suggestions?
  13. 2013 MKZ with SYNC/My Lincoln Touch iPhone 8 Plus Both are operating the latest updated systems. When I first got the car it did prompt and display incoming text messages. For quite awhile now it hasn’t. I’ve gone thru all the setting and everything appears to me set up correctly. I have my SYNC settings for Notifications and contacts turned on. It’s frustrating.