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  1. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  2. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  3. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  4. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  5. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

  6. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

    On the drive home my blower motor gave up the ghost. Not fun because it’s already 98 degrees in Dallas. It has been acting up off and on for the past couple of days. It would speed up then slowdown or not blow at all - then full speed. I watched this video online for a Fusion blower replacement and it seemed simple enough considering the dealership quoted me $275.00 as an estimate. The Ford house had one in stock for $121.77 plus tax - which came to $135.45. 2 year replacement warranty unlimited miles. Here are a few outlines steps and the a link to the video on the Fusion. I can’t believe how simple this was. I had it completed in 12 minutes. And the new motor is whisper quiet! 1. Motor the passenger seat back as far as it will go. You will need the room. 2. Using a light, look up under the glove box area. Gently pull down on the flat tray going back to the firewall. It pops straight down with little effort. 3. Disconnect the LED light attached to the panel. Pull the panel free from the firewall. 4. Look up and see the blower motor. There are 3 screws holding it in place. 5. Disconnect the power connection to the motor. 6. Remove the 3 screws. Motor now will drop down. 7. Replace old motor with new. And insert the 3 screws to hold it in place. Connect the power connection. 8. Start the car and run thru all the blower speeds. 9. Return the flat panel to its position and connect the LED light. Enjoy the breeze blowing out the vents.
  7. Eurythmian

    Blower Motor Replacement

    Has anyone done this themselves? I have searched the net and found a video for the Ford Fusion but not the Lincoln MKZ. Would it be the same or at least similar? Mine is not keeping a consistent speed and sometimes take a few seconds before it starts blowing and making a strange noise. And my second question is, Ford Parts want 125.00 for this part. O'Reilly has one with a life time warranty for 84.99. Which would you buy? I replaced one a few years back on my LS and purchased it from O'Reilly and it was louder than the factory motor before it went out. Just wondering if they are all like that.
  8. Eurythmian

    Fake Engine RPM Sound Every 30 Seconds

    Well I am not thrilled to report my Fake RPM Sound is back. It happening every 10 seconds now. The past couple of days I shut the car off, opened and closed the door to simulate leaving the vehicle. started it back up and the Fake RPM Sound stopped. Like it had reset itself. Today however this did not work. I looked up what the Audio Control Module (ACM) is and that appears to me more work than I am willing to mess with. I really do not want to pay to have this worked on but it looks like I probably have no choice. To add to my frustration, the blower motor for the Climate System seems to be acting up too. This car is starting to cost quite a bit to maintain... I should have purchased an extended warranty.
  9. Eurythmian

    SYNC2 WMLT Wallpapers

    Here are some more.
  10. Eurythmian

    SYNC2 WMLT Wallpapers

    I can make more during my free time.
  11. Eurythmian

    SYNC2 WMLT Wallpapers

    This is how it looks loaded.
  12. I made a couple wallpapers I want to share with everyone. Enjoy!
  13. Eurythmian

    Spring Cleaning - Isn’t She Purdy?!

    Hazelnut Leather. By The way I just noticed the topic was supposed to read "Isn't She Purdy".