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  1. Thanks Poke. Appreciate the feedback. Gonna go check out the red one tonight, then make a decision. We're definitely getting one of them, barring anything crazy happening.
  2. Hey folks. The wife and I are thinking about buying our first hybrid. We drive between 70-100 miles a day, have kids and want something somewhat fancy. We don't want a Prius or something small, and so far the MKZ-Heets all those needs and gets 2x our current mpg on paper. I've test drove one, and honestly it was a pretty nice drive. It was a 2015, MKZ-hybrid, 29k miles, leather, heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel, states it has the technology package, but I'm not 100% sure what that entails, and no sunroof (sadness). Silver with larger wheels. What are the major problems I'm going to run into, is 17k a good price (from my searching it seems pretty solid) and are there any red flags I should look for? I'm ok with cars, but hybrids have an entire system I know nothing about, and I'm hoping I can gain some experience from you all before signing on the line. We're going to look at another '15 with 29k miles on it tomorrow, but I don't like the color (red) and it seems to have smaller wheels (not sure), but it's 2k cheaper. Any input is appreciated. Thanks all!