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  1. I am a little (very little) disappointed in the stock head lights on my 2017. They work just fine but they are not the brightest and I have a hard time noticing that the brights are actually on. Is there a upgrade I can do to improve the performance without having the rewire the car? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a 2017 MKZ Premier (I have no idea what tires/wheels it has) with 24K miles, had some snow and it was my first experience with the Z in the white slime. Always have had front wheel so know the good and the bad on traction. Well this sucked! I was all over the place under any sort of power. Once at speed it was fine but from a start, yikes. I would be the one at the bottom of the hill screwing everyone's day up. Tires don't look brand new but don't look quite ready to be replaced and I would guess these factories are 40k tires. I put a lot of miles on a commute (20k per year) so probably need new ones this summer. I am hoping the stock tires are picked to make the ride nice and smooth out of the show room and my next one can actually grip something. I've also noticed this in the rain as well, although not as bad. Has anyone noticed the same thing? Comments?
  3. Stardaddyed

    Where to mount a Heads Up Display?

    I tried and tried to get it low on the windshield. I think the basic problem is that I am short (5'7"). If I raise the seat then it is not that comfortable for my legs. Definitely a first world problem!!! The other thing I thought of is to make a mount with a screen for it, like a Hudley. Pretty easy I think. Maybe talk a piece of Plexi and bend it.
  4. Stardaddyed

    Where to mount a Heads Up Display?

    Duh, thanks, good idea. Size is 0.6" x 3.4" x 5.8" (14mm x 85mm x 147mm). It was a whopping $24 on eBay so I thought why not.
  5. Stardaddyed

    Where to mount a Heads Up Display?

    I just purchased an after market HUD unit for my MKZ. I tried placing it right in the middle of the steering wheel, making the display show up right in the middle of the road. The image was smack in the middle of the road. Very distracting. I have moved it to the left and while functional looks a little awkward. Whay would you think of the middle of the dash board?
  6. Stardaddyed

    Adaptive cruise

    I figured as much but I though I would ask the experts!!!
  7. Stardaddyed

    Adaptive cruise

    I know this is probably a self evident (e.g.stupid) question/answer but you never know. I had to buy a used 2017 MKZ Reserve basically because I am opposed to pay $40k+ for a car because I am cheap (and not that well off) but I could find a used MKZ with adaptive cruise. I really wanted that since I drive the highway everyday. Is the feature hidden and hack-able (I doubt it) or addable (probably cost prohibitive)? Like i said neither is likely but thought I would ask the community. Thanks in advance. Star
  8. Stardaddyed

    Automatic settings?

    So a follow up on what I "discovered" for MY vehicle. No software switch is OK just didn't know ( thanks droid1). On the remote start, the heaters and climate control do come on but the lights do not come on to indicate that. When I "start" the car (when you get in), everything shuts off. I have to manually turn everything back on. Also if you start the car with the button the seats and steering wheel does not turn on. The climate control does come on either case. Now I have found here and other places online that might indicate that the issue may be a software bug that may be resolved by a dealer reset or by disconnecting the battery thus initiating a reboot. I will try that and let everyone know. Shoot on the autobrake. I would think it is a dangerous method of implementation. If you use it you would get used to it. If you forgot to put in on one time you could inadvertently roll someplace to you don't want to be! Thanks for the help! Ed
  9. Stardaddyed

    Automatic settings?

    I just purchased a 2017 MKZ Premier. It is awesome and has a great ride. Love it so far. Is there a way to turn on the seats from from the display? In my Ram truck I can turn on the seats from the screen and I was wondering if the MKZ could do the same. Are the heated seat supposed to come on automatically if it is cold outside? Again my trucks seats look at the outside temp and if it is cold outside the heated seats turn on. It doesn't do that for the steering wheel but it does for the seats. Does the MKZ do that as well? I've looked on line, in the manual, etc. and I can't find anything. Can the brake assist be set to come on when the car is started as well? Mine does not switch on when the car starts. I actually like the feature but I would like it to come on all the time. Thanks in advance. Ed