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  1. OldSkoolBMX

    Climate Issues

    Any idea where to find the location of this blend door and is there possibly 2 since it has dual climate control? Thanks
  2. OldSkoolBMX

    Climate Issues

    Keep hoping one of these tech guys you speak ok would chime in 😁
  3. OldSkoolBMX

    Climate Issues

    Yes, cold AC air blows out of the middle passenger side vent
  4. OldSkoolBMX

    Climate Issues

    Well I've tried turning it to floor vent and then defrost a few times but it doesn't get any cooler. From what I can feel it stays warm
  5. OldSkoolBMX

    Climate Issues

    2016 MKZ 127k miles (yes, I know it's a lot) So I recently noticed when I turn my AC on cold air will only blow out of the passenger middle vent. All other cents blow warm air. I was thinking AC recharge and almost bought some AC Pro but was told our Hybrids dont use regular stuff and it would ruin our cars. Anyways, b4 I take it to the Ford dealer for a diagnostic anyone got any ideas what it could be.
  6. OldSkoolBMX

    Bezel lights turning off

    Is that the battery in the trunk? Drivers side? I bought it about 4 or 5 months ago with 103k. I put about 600 miles a week on it myself.
  7. First time poster here, I didn't know if this was the right forum because I'm having two issues one being climate and then the other one being I think navigation. so I was driving right now, and this is the second time that has happened in the last 2 months, and my volume and climate control lights on the bezel went blank. But right before that I had a warning come on the radio screen saying that there was a problem with the navigation and to contact my local dealer. My car is a 2016 hybrid and it has a hundred and twenty-three thousand miles on it. I also noticed that the passenger side airbag light came on. So does anybody know what possibly is causing this or something I could check?