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  1. Front half ..... or drill two holes ...is this in reference to the battery tray..... Or the front by the IAT SENSOR?
  2. I am new to the forum and happy to be picking up a 2017 Reserve with drivers package in two weeks. I am (unfortunately) a veteran of modifying audi’s That nearly cost me a marriage. So I am trying to keep things simple.... here is what I have gathered so far: Tune- Livernois is the only one available. Good for the most part. Some comments around misfire that is unrelated to the tune and is simply exposing other issues? Has anyone tried one degree colder plugs? Intercooler- People keep referencing darkstar’s intercooler.... Where can this be found? I can find levels performance and cp-e intercooler... Will those work? I read certain functionality is disabled with the install? Worth the trade-off? Intake- Steeda’s intake is the only only and is 4/10 in overall difficulty’s.. Takes some patience and modifications to the intake box to cut it so it can fit with the hood? Diverter Valve- Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve Plus 9358..... pretty easy install.... Bigger that involves MPG sacrifice and relearning (battery unhook or otherwise) Throttle Body- BBK 1894 65mm throttle body ......... I miss anything?