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  1. So can we expect some additional tuning options or other goodies with the inclusion of the 3.0 engine in the new Explorer?
  2. Just swapping the Turbos will not get you those gains. Not with only one side being marginally bigger with no wheel design or weight changes. If you are keeping boost constant (and no other airflow changes) then half that at best.
  3. So yes, I want to add it to Darkstar’s catted downpipes.... I just don’t want to experiment with the custom route. Not enough American car performance shops around me. The one I used for the intercooler installation was a ridiculous 6 hours of labor for that job.
  4. I just wish someone had a cat back exhaust....
  5. I installed the Steeda intake over the weekend.... I will have some notes...small ones. the notes from Zalvern were very helpful and while fresh on my mind I will add 2-3 items... 1- I did dremmel out some of the front,,, more at the top then the bottom to get it to fit. 2- I needed to sand out the hole slightly for the sensor to fit through. 3- try and use some left over molding to shrink down the leakage from the area you need to cut in for the hood strut. I am going to play with it a little more after having it a week and see what else I find.
  6. Thank you.... I pulled the part number from the link....
  7. Asking for a little help...my shop was trying to install Darkstar’s rear motor mount when the bolt started to strip..... anyone have an idea what that OEM bolt/mount actually is so I can try and order a backup?
  8. So you cut an inch away from the left hand side / right hand side or both? i have my box put together and ready to go but it has been raining here today... I might wait until I get a response (I know I can count on Zalvern to chime in).... but I will no back and remove the brackets
  9. Front half ..... or drill two holes ...is this in reference to the battery tray..... Or the front by the IAT SENSOR?
  10. I am new to the forum and happy to be picking up a 2017 Reserve with drivers package in two weeks. I am (unfortunately) a veteran of modifying audi’s That nearly cost me a marriage. So I am trying to keep things simple.... here is what I have gathered so far: Tune- Livernois is the only one available. Good for the most part. Some comments around misfire that is unrelated to the tune and is simply exposing other issues? Has anyone tried one degree colder plugs? Intercooler- People keep referencing darkstar’s intercooler.... Where can this be found? I can find levels performance and cp-e intercooler... Will those work? I read certain functionality is disabled with the install? Worth the trade-off? Intake- Steeda’s intake is the only only and is 4/10 in overall difficulty’s.. Takes some patience and modifications to the intake box to cut it so it can fit with the hood? Diverter Valve- Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve Plus 9358..... pretty easy install.... Bigger that involves MPG sacrifice and relearning (battery unhook or otherwise) Throttle Body- BBK 1894 65mm throttle body ......... I miss anything?