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  1. Best Solution is to get an android phone and test it out and see if the same problem arises. If thats the case it's their head unit solution or software so upgrade it. If it works with your Android phone , try an iPhone XS / X and if that works. It's probably your phone or the cable your are using with the port.
  2. Takeshi

    Extended Warranty

    Hi Chris109, It depends how much you drive and do you like a peace of mind? With a $100 deductible they'll fix whatever mechanical or technical piece no questions asked if it is a valid defect. However if majority of your problems are rattles, creeks, noise, or even leather or wear material problems : they will not fix those with the extended warranty which was covered in the original warranty so get all those fixed before the original warranty is gone. With the Lincoln's extended warranty please note you also get the complimentary pick up and delivery of their vehicles extended for your extra warranty time you purchases (expires originally after 50k / 4 years). IF you get a third party warranty their will be a-lot of clauses that they may not pay out and will not have the perk of the Loaner vehicle. All of these are worth considering. However since your at 44k miles already it seems the 100k / 6 year extended CPO warranty would do you the best.
  3. Hi David82, How did you the dealer to let you return a Navigator!? In California a dealer would go to court with us for trying to return an $80,000 car 😂. I actually did resolve this myself after evaluating the Lincoln Continental's Revel Ultima (By Far the best Audio System For Vehicles under 100k, only thing better is probably a Naim system from a Bentley, and a Meridian 3D Signature system inside a Range Rover Autobiography) There's several factors why Revel is making these noises even though it has one of the best frequency response from a factory system. Through a technical standpoint the combination, positioning, placement, software DSP algorithm and implementation of the below two features are to be the main cause. REVEL WAVEGUIDES built into every door optimize high-frequency dispersion, allowing a seamless blend between the tweeter and midrange speakers. FIELD BALANCING SHORTING RINGS provide increased clarity so you can hear every subtle detail in a song, and reduce distortion to levels well below audibility to the human ear. Their Only Two Real Models Lincoln Continental for Revel Ultima Base pieces setup and design are the same if you look at the schematics published by Revel / Lincoln in the link above . It shows 80 mm Mid and 25 mm Tweeter being used for center channel, doors, and back / trunk compartment, and 170mm woofers being used for each door. MKZ's and MKX/Nautilus System is based on the Lincoln Continental's Platform with slight variation due to room and fitment of certain pieces. MKZ Cons : Two 6x9 Subwoofers Clear, but not as Deep as Continentals 10 Inch sub woofer The main reason for Sibilance is the Tweeter and Midrange separation as they are houses in two different vertical location. In a Regular Revel system there are no midrange in the back doors and no extra Midrange Speakers and tweeters in the trunk/rear deck to produce the extra Harmonics. The Continental and the Nautilus / MKX are placed in the same housing in a horizontal orientated location Nautilus / MKX Cons: Pretty much a speaker copy of the Continental except for a much larger spread and placement of speaker throughout the Cabin thus thus range and sound quality in which the sound spreads does not fully encompass the cabin space. Lincoln Aviator for Revel Ultima 3D The Lincoln Navigator Borrows from the design 3D Design of the Lincoln Aviator. Using similar sized and placement of woofer, tweeters, and Mid Range speakers for both models with some key difference that produces the Sibilance and lack of 3D. Lincoln Aviator: Perfect System with 3D Extra 8 Ceiling Speakers Producing Midrange and Highs to Fill in the higher space and Cabin Gap. Has the tweeter and Midrange speakers placed in the same housing in a horizontal orientated location on the doors. Lincoln Navigator Cons: Cabin has no 8 Ceiling Speakers Producing Midrange and Highs to Fill in the higher space and Cabin Gap. The main reason for Sibilance is the Tweeter and Midrange separation as they are houses in two different vertical location. The Fix (Surprised Anyone made it this far): Slide Midrange setting to the max on the right. Lower Treble by -2 or -3 on the Tone setting Never use Audience Quantum Logic Sound Setting : For Purest Sound Turn Quantum Logic Sound Setting Off. It's counterintuitive from a tuning perspective considering "S" frequency would be produced by the Mid's and Treble's However this is all due to the DSP "Digital signal processing" installed by the factory. Since these system were based on one Model or two (depending how you view them [Continental / Aviator]) The sounds were designed to have both the Tweeter and the Midrange Speaker to be housed together in a horizontal alignment so that they reach your ear at the same time. Hence there is no Sibilance inside a Continental or Nautilus/ MKX vehicles. The DSP is tuned to have recessed Midrange Vocals, this in turns highlights or accentuates the High Frequencies due to the Midrange being recessed. Normally this would be a problem in the Tweeters and Midrange was housed next to each other vertically reaching your ears at the same time. In practice and reality this the problem as the Midrange is delayed and soften when it reaches your ears doing to be at a different position and having it's sound signature recessed due to the DSP. Thus raising the Midrange to the MAX Causes Two Things Detunes the High Frequency in which the Vocals will fill in the original High Frequency gap. IE (Hear less "SSSS' and more Song : words) Causes a higher output and more dominant Frequency travel through the Air as these Midrange frequencies are delayed physically due to their location comparatively to the Tweeters. : IE Accounts for Lack of Midrange intensity lost due to speaker placement. I hope this helped you understand how Revel Works a little more.
  4. Takeshi

    CPO Program

    The Warranty transfer should be free but the deductible is $100 for CPO. You should go ask the Lincoln concierge for more info and confirmation just provide them the VIN.
  5. Takeshi

    CPO Program

    You want to check with the Lincoln Concierge to see if your VIN is a CPO car also get the expiration date.
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows of any after market tail light modifications for 2013+ MKZ Tail light bar. It's a 6 year old design now and it's getting dated. I was hoping to swap out my tail light for a similar fresh design. Thanks, Takeshi
  7. Hello MKZ Revel Ultima Owners, I was wondering if anyone is having very harsh treble and mid range sound from the Revel Ultima speakers (20 speakers) specifically this does not occur on the 14 speaker setup? Whenever I play a heavy song with alot of "SSS or "TTT" like "Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling" the vocals come out very sharp and you can hear a lot of Sibilance (harsh tone's coming from human voices). I don't want to turn down the treble and the midrange all the way down as that just makes all the songs completely flat. Has anyone encountered this problem and fixed it? Did you go through Lincoln warranty or have some special other solutions? Let me know if you guys are experiencing the same thing and have any solution. Thanks All!
  8. Takeshi

    Revel - "Onstage" or "Audience"?

    I am no audiophile, what I do have to my name is trying out all the top tier Audio Brand name Car Manufacture's Audio system in which they have to offer. Thus it's safe to say Revel Ultima has the best Bass Frequency so far among the Automotive Name Brand Audio System IE ( Naim [2nd : Bentley], Burmester [3rd, Mercedes], Bowers & Wilkins, B& O , Mark Levinson, .. etc). If you want the best bass a car factory system has to offer in a car look no further then Revel Ultima due to it having no Subwoofer, the bass is Clean, Full, and Direct. You won't find muddy bass with this system. However, what you will find is Extremities in the Midrange and Treble amongst the Frequency Response highlighting human pronunciations and recordings sibilance. You will have to tone it down if your are listening to Flac files, otherwise the vocals will sound very sharp and cause Sibilance to your listening experience. Listen Onstage if you have people in the backseat, listen in Audience if you only have the front seat's occupied.
  9. Takeshi

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Oh my god, are you running the 3.0T AWD? I average 17 in the city too and 22-23 mpg average. However on highway I am only averaging around 24-25 MPG with 91. Do you you think there could be a recall that's causing the low highway mpg?
  10. Takeshi

    '17 Black Label (Chalet) seat wear

    Hi Zalvern, I have the same issue, with my used Black Label MKZ I have recently bought. It seems the dealer is evaluating this. How would I testify and justify it is the material's development's process fault?
  11. Takeshi

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Hello Members, I recently got a used MKZ Black Label, I was wondering what the MPG you are averaging around when driving with 91 tune or 93 tune please specific the octane and tune, thank you very much!