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  1. k9frog

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I received the new spare tire today, It fits perfect on the car and in the trunk, The size of this tire is 135-70-17,All is good and we have a spare tire just in case.....
  2. k9frog

    MKZ and Concealed carry

    Little late to the party but i carry my colt defender in a cross draw holster and other times i use my IWB, There is so much wiggle room sitting in the front seats never an issue carrying.
  3. k9frog

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I got the tire today, i mounted the tire on the car first thing and it fit just fine, The diameter fits it is the side wall height that is messing with me now, I would say it is close to an inch in width to much,Which means when i try to put down the inside trunk cover on it is not sitting flat , I could fix this by cutting out a piece of hard foam,Cut out around the tire and that will fix the issue, Right now im waiting to hear back from the people i got the tire from............
  4. k9frog

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    Once i get the spare tire set-up i will post how well it fit in the trunk, Should have it by thursday, Just thinking i should really try mounting the spare on the car just to make sure it fits
  5. k9frog

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    What year car do you have, I- just looked up my size -155-70-17, I have a 2015 mkz, There really is no difference in sizes between them 2 tires ,I hope to never use the spare but how do you go on a trip with no spare....
  6. k9frog

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I spoke to the people from ebay and they told me if i have 26" in the trunk area it will fit, The trunk area is 26-1/4", The tire size is 25.64",It looks good to me so i placed the order for the set-up, Hopefully every thing will fit ok, If not he does have a return policy
  7. k9frog

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I have not been able to find any info one way or the other I know the spare tire size to be •155-70-r17, That is the size tire on ebay for the whole set up,
  8. k9frog

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I didnt think of that,Not saying it can not happen,But to my thinking you would need to be hit pretty hard in the rear to move that tire up and over the trunk shelf and also the tire is clamp down pretty good But i does give me something to think about.
  9. Hello all, Recently we made our first lincoln purchase, 2015 mkz hybrid with 30000 miles all options except sun roof, It just dont feel right not having a spare tire in the trunk, Is it possible to get a spare tire set-up from a mkz that will fit in the trunk of a mkz hybrid, This is what i am looking at, https://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-2018-LINCOLN-MKZ-HYBRID-COMPACT-SPARE-TIRE-WITH-JACK-KIT/323443048617?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Question would be will this fit in the space allowed in the trunk.