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  1. That is calculated by my app and it calculated wrong..Not sure how to delete this
  2. etrain

    remove items under seat

    Still comes on and off when the ghost is sitting in the passenger seat
  3. etrain

    remove items under seat

    it says "remove objects near passenger seat"
  4. etrain

    remove items under seat

    pretty sure it says under the seat but i will check next time it come on
  5. anyone had this notice? I have removed everything under the seat but i still get this on the dash. Its referring to the passenger seat, i think
  6. etrain

    Hybrid MPG

    yes, i found out exactly what you said, at the dealer today
  7. etrain

    Hybrid MPG

    does anyone know how I can find out what software mine has? annnnnnd how I could get it installed if its an old version. Just did a highway run and can only get it to engage ev at 45mph max. I have a 2011 if that makes a difference
  8. Was just thinking that I don't hear that starter sound. Does the electric motor start the icm?
  9. etrain

    Hybrid MPG

    How do i run only on electric to see what mph it disengages? Mine runs on whatever it decides is best
  10. etrain

    Hybrid MPG

    anyone know how i can tell if this software update was done? comment 588 pg 1 of this thread
  11. Yes, there is always something drawing power in you car but it should be negligible (a very small spark) I was assuming that the op did not have a dc ammeter and wanted a diy suggestion. If he had an ammeter, as I do, we could compare readings. A load tester would tell him if the battery is weak. Purposely leaving the headlights on for 30 mins would help him without cost. If the car won't start after 20 mins with light on, get a new one. From a forum its hard to know what level of competence someone has
  12. what makes you think the battery drain is from the trunk? It could be anywhere. I disconnect the negative and then do a slight touch to the terminal to see if there is spark (battery drain). Turn off things, lights, map lights etc and see if the spark goes away. you have then found your drain
  13. etrain

    LED tail lights burnt out

    I had it in at the dealer and sure enough the right tail light needs replacing under warranty
  14. ok, here you go with how I fixed it. I did not read the other article. The connector was a bitch to get off because of the welding that happened. The solder joints on the rear of the board needed to be resoldered (I did all the joints not just the bad one) Everything else you should be able to see in the pictures. I used a drill to hollow out the burnt pin.
  15. I hold you to that because that is where I found it and you are correct about the overheat and melt - 1 terminal totally burnt....ty