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  1. NHgirl

    2014 stalling issues

    My issue had been resolved! It was the on the sensor that sits on the fuel rail! It was literally about a $75.00 fix at the dealer. The dealer said it was common and once repaired, it never stalled again. Sadly, it started leaking antifreeze internally and I had to get rid of it recently. Loved that car
  2. Same exact thing happening to me with my 2014 MKZ w/echo boost. Dealer said no codes show up, no engine light comes on and it’s been exhausting trying to figure it out. Been back and forth to the dealer with no resolve. Finally realized it only happens wity warm starts. It’s the strangest thing ever. My powertrain warranty is almost up and am hoping to get it resolved before then. I had a family member who’s a mechanic look at it yesterday and it sat for 15 minutes before he put it on the diagnostics and started it. It died within a minute or two and that code came up. He replaced the fuel sensor, I think (behind the rear seat), drove fine, parked it for about 20 minutes, started it and it died.
  3. NHgirl

    2014 stalling issues

    Update- the car has continued to stall on warm starts only. I spoke to a family member who is a mechanic and he suggested replacing the fuel sensor (something behind the rear seat). As I was going to his shop yesterday, the car stalled after driving it, parking for about 20 minutes and starting it back up. Got to his garage, waited about 15 minutes to get there which I was happy about since experience tells me that it will die once restarted since it was driven and then sat for a few. He grabbed his code reader. Hooked it up, started the car and after about one minute it starts choking and dies. Finally!! Someone experienced it! No lights came on but the code P0087 showed up on his diagnostic screen. does anyone know of this code is now stored in the car where the dealer pull it up? I have 68k miles and need to have this resolved while it still has the powertrain coverage if covered at all. Any advise is greatly appreciated
  4. Dealer couldn’t find anything after two days of having the car. He told me I have no options but to drive it and hope it happens more often to produce a code. So disappointed and actually nervous
  5. This is my problem with my 2014, any resolve? Mine is at the dealer as we speak
  6. NHgirl

    2014 stalling issues

    Thank you! Car has been back at the dealer and there are no codes, they cannot find a problem. They said they tried to duplicate the stalling issue and it will not stall. He’s going to continue today but I’m starting to feel like this won’t be resolved. I can’t understand why the car would drive fine, then stall after restarting it when parked for 10 -20 minutes, start back up again and drive fine. I love this car but am scared of getting hit by another car due to suddenly stalling.
  7. I’m a Newbee here and am hoping to get some help/advise. I purchased my 2014 mkz a little over one month ago. So in love with the car, drive, etc. About three weeks ago the car just started randomly stalling while pulling out of a parking spot. It happened randomly and about three to dour times now. Took it to a mechanic two separate times and he put the code reader on but nothing popped up. Finally he recommended I see the dealer since there are hidden codes that can’t be seen. Yesterday I took it to the Lincoln Dealer. He diagnosed the fuel injector pump and luckily it was covered under my 6/70 ( I’m actually at 67400). He also said my battery charge was very low and transmission fluid is dirty and should be changed. I pick up the car today, drives beautiful, ran into a store, come out. Start the car and as soon as I pulled from the spot I could tell it was going to stall. I tried pumping the gas to avoid being hit by the jerk on top of me and nothing. The green engine light was blinking, pressed that again and it restarted. The same issue before it went to the dealer! $428.00 and I’m stalling again. I believe it may only be stalling while I use the start button and don’t recall noticing it when I use the key fob. I’m literally driving myself crazy looking for any answers.