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  1. reverendalc

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Plugs not looking so great. particularly plug 3, it’s moist. Not terribly. grabbed a bottle of Techron, fingers crossed
  2. reverendalc

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    I feel like this is getting a little combative for some reason. Indeed the purpose of the thread was to resolve the rough idle. Gas and tires were mentioned in passing with regard to a drop in mpg that corresponds with the presentation of rough idle, but not suggested to be the culprit. I know you didn’t specifically say driving habits, but I felt it would be worthwhile to exhaustively rebut any potential causes (both named and unnamed) for my drop in mpg that are external to the ICE’s operation. for edification, Dr Injector is a string of retail businesses in my locale that offer fuel injector cleaning services. I haven’t used them personally, but many claim that their service is comparable to replacing the injectors at a fraction of the price. anyhow, your summation of my summation is correct, and I’ll report back after I’ve had a few bottles of Techron and new plugs. cheers
  3. reverendalc

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Let’s move past the gas, I’m not concerned about it, unless the 2.0 doesn’t like ethanol. summer tires -> all season tires wasnt my main consideration; it was very expensive tires versus less expensive tires. my drop of .9mpg isn’t seasonal or from a change in driving habits or equipment use. I’ve had this car for years and I’ve always been at least 41.7, and I expect it to hit 40.9 any day now. It’s been descending over the course of a year. when I say dieseling, I mean the occasional run-on. It’s not very long and definitely not every time, but it’s there. Sometimes the starts are a little sloppy too… like it’s clamoring to start. The car performs just fine though. It also sounds much louder than it used to. originally it was just the clamoring to start, and I had some motor mounts replaced under warranty, but my Lincoln ESP expired at 100,000 /-: at any rate, I’m going to change the plugs and possibly the coil packs, and I’ll give that Techron stuff a whirl.
  4. reverendalc

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    I never put much stock in the fuel quality because I don’t buy from no-name, unbranded stations. I haven’t tried pure gasoline, but again that’s just a thought. it’s interesting that you mention tires! Around the time I noticed my mileage slowly declining, I DID put new tires. I had some excellent summer tires, but the roads are so continuously wet here that I opted for an all-season tire. I would imagine that tires could easily account for a .9mpg decrease in economy. too bad they can’t be blamed for my ICE /-:
  5. reverendalc

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    This isn’t my first hybrid, and I’ve never had problems using regular unleaded. I don’t hypermile, but I do drive consciously of those pretty little leaves on my tree and my combined economy (it’s kind of a game, the only way I stay sane driving all day). ive never had much luck with OTC “fix in a bottle” products, but i guess it’s worth a try. I’ve got a couple other cars so I thought why not yank the injectors and take them Dr Injector for an ultrasonic bath. has anybody tried both the bottle and the professional cleaning, that can offer a comparison? thanks all!
  6. reverendalc

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Hmm. I tried using premium for a few months but didn’t see any difference, possibly the impact of regular was already done? I’m not opposed to getting the injectors cleaned though, she’s been good to me and it’s my turn to be good to her! I always buy gas at 76 or chevron or Texaco, but not premium. Is anybody suggesting premium?
  7. reverendalc

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Thanks for that! I was on the fence between iridium and motorcraft plugs. Considering how affordable the coil packs are, I don’t see any harm in replacing them… I guess I’ll stick with OEM there too! i can’t really think of anything else that would cause my ICE to run a little rough, or sometimes “diesel” a little bit on start/stop. can you?
  8. Hey all, years of smooth sailing and MKZ loving are winding down… I’ve got a little over 105k on the clock, and my combustion engine is getting kind of rough. I’ve watched my MPG slowly dwindle, and I’m down to 41.0 combined when i was steadily around 41.9 in its younger days. Still excellent mileage, but I’ve never tuned up the ignition. ive tried searching the forum, but it’s yielding lots of junk… I apologize if this has been asked a lot and I just can’t find it, but… what does everybody like for plugs? Mine are about 60k old. Should I swap the coil packs, and if so, what do we like? I want my MKZ to purr again
  9. Following up... the dealer decided to replace one of my motor mounts under warranty as well, with regard to the occasional clunky ICE engagement. They inspected my plugs and coils and suggested it felt like a misfire, but the car has no codes stored or otherwise. they’re telling me that the noise that I’m hearing is “normal.” I took one of their techs for a short drive alongside a concrete wall so we could have the sound thrown back at us, but he insists he doesn’t hear anything abnormal. I asked that if the noise was normal, does that mean that when my car didn’t make it, then it was “abnormal?” He had no answer. I also consulted my door sticker, and to my surprise, my build date was 07/15 not 10/15 as I had previously thought (that was the first registration date). I suggested the TSB to the tech, who replied “if that was it, we’d know already” whatever that means. I brought the TSB up to the service advisor who admitted that many fords receive replacement trannies under that TSB, but there was no conclusive evidence to get ford to step up to the plate. any suggestions?
  10. Hi and thanks. I can’t be sure it’s the electric motor, because even if it was there I couldn’t hear it over the ICE. My build date is 10/2015 if my memory serves me correctly (it’s been at the dealer for a week now) the sound is constant and I don’t recall it changing with speed. As I come to a complete stop, it fades away in volume, but I don’t think it changes in pitch or tone depending upon speed, if that makes a difference.
  11. hello MKZ friends, it's been about a year of smooth sailing, but here i'm back... my 2016 mkzh is giving me some issues, and i'm at 96450 miles and chasing my CPO warranty out at 100k. it's at the dealership right now getting some work done, but they're giving me a bit of a hard time ICE occasionally makes an assortment of noticeable clunks when firing up. dealer was able to reproduce only once, but confirmed. ICE idles far more loudly than it did 50k ago, and slightly rough. ICE doesn't shutdown gracefully the dealer says they can't determine any issue regarding the ICE, despite having reproduced the issue. electric motor produces a significant grating squeal when ICE is off. this is noticeable during both acceleration, electric coasting, and regen braking. it sounds like a bad bearing of some sort the dealer says this is normal i guess that means my car was abnormal when it didn't make this noise? has anybody else been down these roads? silver lining, they're fixing my front seat climate control computer under warranty. i average 41+ mpg in my mkzh, and i want to love this car again, but it feels old and shitty now and they're telling me it's "normal"
  12. for all of you (or any) trekkies... here's an LCARS wallpaper. in the car, and the wallpaper. i made a few minor formatting adjustments between the in-car photo and the source image.
  13. reverendalc

    Hybrid MPG

    i know that i put about 175 miles on my Z today. the wife was driving it over the weekend, and when i got in it was at 39.5mpg and i parked it at 40.3. i'd like to try fuelly or the like to get a second opinion... but i'm not sure i've got the discipline. i do have 7 flowers and a crap ton of leaves tho!
  14. reverendalc

    Time keeps changing on clock

    i'll have to doublecheck that, i don't recall seeing that setting when i pored over all the settings initially. i am sync2, but the bluetooth support is lacking and i'm considering the sync3 swap.
  15. reverendalc

    Time keeps changing on clock

    i just set my dash clock to match my phone two weeks ago (i recall specifically, because i set many clocks to match my phone on that day). i had a teleconference today at 11am, which i usually do in the comfort of my car... when the dash said 10:56, i pulled my phone out to dial in. 11:01. god dammit. the struggle is real