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  1. Dismonkey1

    2020 Explorer 3.0

    Performance SUVs are the new hot thing. It was only a matter of time before Ford used the 3.0 on something more profitable (and since they have basically no cars left in the U.S., it would need to be an SUV or truck). Doesn't really bother me because it should lead to enhanced versions of the engine. The Explorer ST already gets a plus 15 in torque. But it isn't like it is really competing in the driving arena with a sedan; that Explorer will be a beast to drive compared to the much smaller/lower profile SUV. Regardless of the suspension and trans, it will be ungainly in comparison. However, the 10 speed will be interesting to see and hopefully they can mate a similar version to the Lincolns in the near future. Ford can produce some great engines when they want. They can also take a really nice engine (see: Ford Taurus SHO) and just let it wither and die... Hopefully, this will not be the case with future Lincoln sedans.
  2. Dismonkey1

    New Owner - 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Yes- hard to find. I really only cared about the driver's package and didn't need/want stuff like the technology package or sunroof when I was looking for one to buy. I ended up to driving to a dealer 2 hours away for a used 2017 so I could get one with the Driver's Package plus Climate package (and I live in the Washington D.C. so it isn't like there aren't plenty of car dealerships). The next closest with the DP meant a drive up to Pennsylvania near Philly. The one I purchased had been sitting there for awhile. I am guessing that the typical Lincoln demographic would much rather have one with Technology, Sunroof, and all the other gadgets, rather than the DP. Here is a link with the available 2017 options. Driver's package is only offered on the Reserve http://www.jimhayesinc.com/cms.cfm?fuseaction=research.viewModel&modelid=29203&makeId=25&year=2017&pageId=3324&internalAction=Options
  3. Dismonkey1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    I will need to keep an eye out for any negative changes over time. I am also pretty sure that the current tune I have is a result of your efforts with Torrie so a thank you is in order. I am not much of a data logger, but their is great potential of course using the HP software and I am sure that Torrie would be more than willing to keep improving the product. Just not sure how much more either party can get out of the engine or the transmission which just isn't as smooth or advanced as some of its rivals. I have also had tunes for GM and Dodge products such as a G8 GT, a Camaro SS, Challenger RT, and an SRT8 Superbee, and you were lucky to get 20 HP and TQ. Unless you spent tons of money on downpipes, exhausts, etc- it was hard to improve with just bolt-ons. I don't believe that either LMS or Unleashed is a bad choice- to each their own, but I had the Unleashed tune on my old SHO and I was very happy with it. Customer Service is always outstanding which is also a plus. As Zalvern also commented, the competition should make both products better.
  4. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Hi- Just got the Unleashed tune installed (93P) from Torrie- did a slightly more in depth posting on the Livernois tune section. As Darkstar indicated above, the intercooler is on the (his) Unlimited Performance website. They offer both a Vibrant core (slightly less expensive) and a Garrett core. I have the intercooler with the Garrett core sitting in my basement but am waiting to get it installed when I have some time to drop the car off (this is not something that I can do on my own and feel comfortable). I rate the Steeda at an 11/10 for difficulty...just kidding, but is a little bit of a pain. I would also recommend just buying a new IAT sensor from Rock Auto for $7 rather that risking breaking the OEM out of the stock airbox.
  5. Dismonkey1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    FYI- Just loaded the Unleashed tune from Torrie (93P) yesterday using the HP MPVI2. Just off the bat, I could see that the shifts were firmer and throttle response was better. There is a noticeable power increase as well. Only problem is that the stock crap Primacy tires can't handle the upgrade for me to properly test. I almost lost control when trying to floor it from a 15 mph role. The back tires just cut loose (never happened with the stock tune). I will need to drive it some more to see how the shifting is across all parameters but at least for me, getting rid of the shift lag at lower speeds is worthwhile. Almost scared to install the intercooler later on LOL. Would be good to see some of the folks on this forum give it a shot to see what they think vs. the Livernois tune. I had Torrie's tune for my SHO and it was (imo) the best. I'm just not really a track guy, so I don't have anything to offer in terms of time slips and such.
  6. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    3rd time was the charm. Got the CAI installed. As you can see from the pic, I cut down the front of the intake to right before where the bracket holes were. Leaving the brackets on just didn't give me enough space to cram it in. So far no codes and nothing seems amiss. Thanks for all the insight with the CAI and the also with the intercooler tips. I'll update after the tune and then later on after the intercooler install.
  7. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    No...LOL. I'll be paying someone to install the intercooler. Probably sometime in January. I feel comfortable enough on most cars with "above engine" items such as CAIs, throttle bodies, thermostats, catch cans, etc. My rule of thumb is I don't go underneath or for anything that requires the car to be raised short of an emergency tire change.
  8. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Well....I was close. I had to cut away about an inch or so (good ole mini hacksaw) of the box at the front air dam (down to where the brackets would be). I also took off the brackets. I managed to get the thing wedged in there. No way brackets or not, it was coming loose from the front. After hooking up the hoses, there was a chance that it might move upwards around the battery box, but I am fairly certain that with the hood closed and strut resting on it, it wouldn't go anywhere. What held me back was removing the IAT sensor from the stock airbox. Usually with other vehicles, it is no big deal if the tabs break because you will never use the stock box again anyways (or they use actual screw in sensors). However, since it looked like I was going to have to break the tabs to get it out (not a big deal to stick in the Steeda grommet hole), I opted not to do so. Just wasn't 100% sure that if I turned the engine on with the Steeda CAI installed, that there wouldn't be an issue. So I opted to keep the stock box intact and put it back in. I did go on Rock Auto and ordered another IAT sensor for 5$ that I can use exclusively with the Steeda. It is rather frustrating, but there is a glimmer of hope. Now I will need to wait for my schedule and the weather to align so I can try again when the part comes in. On another note, I will be getting the Ultimate Performance Garrett intercooler for Christmas. Also, I will try to load up my stock files to the HP tuner this weekend so I can send back to Unleashed. Thanks again for the hints and support.
  9. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Update- After getting an external/inverted torx set, the OEM part came off no problem and the GFB replacement went on without issue..maybe 15 minutes to put it back together and put back on the car. As for the Steeda CAI...that was a no go. Not sure how that thing fits without removing the battery and modifying the tray to create some more space. The only good thing is that the OEM airbox is probably the easiest I have experienced to remove and replace.
  10. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Thank you both for the response. I will order a set and go from there. I haven't gotten back with Unleashed Tuning yet regarding the tune. I have the HP tuner, but wanted to complete both of these mods first. Would be nice if it was a little warmer though as I don't have a garage....
  11. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Hi All- I recently purchased a 2017 Lincoln MKZ 3.0T with the Driver's package. Most recently came out of a Taurus SHO and also have had a Camaro SS and Dodge Charger SRT8 Superbee. I usually do some of the simpler bolt on mods (depending on whether it is worth it) and want to change out the Blow Off Valve Diverter and the Air Intake first. I have the GFB T9358 and the Steeda Airbox. First up is the GFB. This should be fairly easy, but I can't figure out how to get the OEM part off (the bolts are inverted with no nut on the outside). Can someone please tell what tool/method they used to remove it? It is probably simple, but I don't want to break anything and with this vehicle there is very little on the internet. Then I'll move onto figuring out how to fit the airbox. Not sure if anyone has used Unleashed Tuning (Torrie) for their MKZ but as of a couple weeks ago he was in the process of tracking a 3.0 MKZ to get his tunes down. He was great with the SHO (I had the 93P) and I am waiting for him to be ready. He says he will be able to tune it the HP tuner. Thanks- Kevin