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  1. Dismonkey1

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Brennan- Thanks for sharing your slips. I have basically the same vehicle as you (2017 same color-driver's package). I don't have the exhaust cut-outs or the rear motor mount. In addition to the modified Steeda, I have the GFB diverter, the UP Intercooler, and the Unleashed 93P tune. Since I probably won't make it to a track, it is fun to see what you got out of your mods. One of these days, I really have to figure out how to launch one of these though....
  2. Dismonkey1

    2016 Base Audio System blues

    I take it that this is non THX system with navigation? You would need to see what type of wattage the head end rates at, but you could always replace/upgrade the speakers. If the head end unit needs upgrading, I am not sure what you could do, other than buy one of the premium THX versions and replace with upgraded speakers? Crutchfield doesn't show any compatible stereos, only speakers. On another note, I will say that the Sony Premium system is very under rated. My daughter has it in her Ford Focus SEL and it is better than my 2017 base system.
  3. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Basically trimmed the whole airdam back to where the grommet holes are. I couldn't get the brackets to align anyways with the way I jammed it in there, but the hood strut holds it down with no issues. I am sure there is a more aesthetic way to do it, but I was running out of patience...
  4. Dismonkey1

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    That is strange. When I go on there to compare plans, MLB, PGA, and NBA are not listed for Select. I do remember that it prompted me to enter my zip code to see what sports packages are available with Select when I initially looked (along with my vehicle info). I wonder if they exclude certain sports stations based on region to drive up the numbers for the All Access. Unfortunately, they have a monopoly on satellite radio and listening to regular radio really sucks after Sirius XM. I also had the free intro package and I know I had NHL plus some of the other sports channels. Also, when my subscription was up in January (it was a mixture of free trial and credits from my previous subscription), I elected to with another year of All Access. After all was said and done, they basically charged me around $280 in subscription/taxes/fees and then credited back around $220. I ended up paying $58.00 for the year until Jan. 2020.
  5. Dismonkey1

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    I have only seen the $99 (prepay in full) for 1 year offer (this is for the package that includes all the channels). I have been able to get this twice for two different cars. I want the NHL and NFL channel so that is the package I get. After that expires, it is difficult to get a deal. I have heard of people that cancel and then wait until Sirius contacts them with an offer to get them back. The Select for $60 sounds pretty good unless you really want streaming, etc outside the vehicle.
  6. Dismonkey1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    $300 oil change is right on LOL. Brings back memories of the mid 90's when I was in Germany in the Army. My favorite baby Eagle Vision TSI got totaled on the Autobahn and I needed a new car. It was just plain cheaper to order a BMW with American specs from the factory in Germany than buy an American car through the Armed Forces car sales. Went with a brand new 3 series. Handled and cornered well, but then I took it in for its first oil change/service (the dealer needed to reset the service lights). It was over $150 in 90s money. Car started to have some electrical issues after year #2 and as soon as I got back to the U.S., I ran to the dealer to trade it in on another used Eagle Vision TSI. First and last experience with a German car.
  7. Dismonkey1

    2014 2.0L MKZ Intercooler upgrade

    Depends on your level of comfort taking the car apart. The book has it as a 3 hour job and the shop that I took my intercooler to (for the 3.0) took a little over 3 hours mostly because they took a little to put it all back together. I would hazard to say that most shops don't work much on Lincolns for performance mods.... Personally, it was worth having it done professionally for the cost of some $$$. The intercooler isn't like an air intake, throttle body, etc as far as potential issues with a bad install. You could get away without a tune, but to bring out full potential, you would need a custom tune to bring everything together imo.
  8. Dismonkey1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    I had a similar issue with the folding mirrors on a rather cold day (It was probably in the single digits with wind chill). The mirrors actually wouldn't open after starting the car or at any point during the ride as they were basically frozen. You don't realize how much you use the mirrors until they aren't there and you can't see to make lane changes. Didn't have the issue again, but in reality should have never happened one time. Single digits is cold but not like what they were getting in the Midwest.
  9. Really, how long are you supposed to wait at a light when it turns green...in the D.C. area, people are honking their horns for you to go in anticipation of it turning green. There is no way the other light wasn't red and there is an expectation that other vehicles will be stopping at the light, not cruising through it to T bone you and drive off down the road.
  10. Dismonkey1

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Congrats- a tune will make a noticeable difference. Better get ready to invest in some new tires. The stockers won't cut it.
  11. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Yes- Zalvern's instructions are extremely helpful. You will need to cut away/trim the front of the box where it meets the air dam basically to in front of where the current bracket holes are. It will probably still need some extra muscle to shove it in, but it also should stay in place even without the brackets (I currently don't have the brackets on and it doesn't move). The hood strut also keeps it down/in place laying in the cut-out. I do not believe an E85 tune is available. Probably only an 89 and 93P. The stock Primacy tires need to go even if you just get a tune. The difference will be noticeable and the tires will break loose with any aggressive WOT acceleration from a slow roll and especially from a stop. The cold weather doesn't help of course. It is important to remember that these are still "Ecoboost" engines even though Lincoln dropped that moniker. These engines can achieve significant gains with just a tune alone. The SHO I had just had an Unleashed 93P tune and a 3bar MAP sensor and it was all I really needed for that car.
  12. Torrie with Unleashed has a tune for the MKZ. You will need an HP MPVI2 pay the two credits to license the vehicle ($100 total). If you buy the HP device from Unleashed, it will come with a requested tune. Right now I have a 93P tune and I enjoy it. I had a slight issue initially (see my modifications post for details) but was able to get it fixed the same day by Torrie after some data logging. Everyone has preferences, but the more people that try this tune, the better he can tweak it. Darkstar did pretty much all of the legwork for Unleashed but more people onboard can't hurt.
  13. Dismonkey1

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Update: Got the Ultimate Performance Intercooler installed on the 23rd. Very nice addition. It took the installer over 3 hours (although they didn't charge me for the full time). No one had ever installed one a Lincoln. The size difference between the stock and new intercooler is apparent. Just got done some tweaking of the Unleashed 93P tune I had installed. I was getting a P0234 code (overboost) along with the malfunction lights (Powertrain/Awd and the check engine) when I rapidly accelerated from a roll to 60 plus mph. Had to do some scanning/logging with the HP and the channel he provided and sent back to Torrie. As usual, he responded within an hour with a new calibration. So far, I haven't had any malfunction although internally, the P0234 code still exists (and can't be cleared by the tuning device) as it is "permanent. I believe though that it will resolve after a few cycles of driving. On the original tune, it looked like the wastegate pressure was dropping off a cliff (down to 4-6) when I hit approx. 60 under WOT. With the revised tune, the wastegate pressure has held steady (in the 14-16 range) each time. Hopefully, that resolves the issue. Other than that, I am enjoying the tune and the mods. The car can really go. Next up is a change of tires. I am not a fan of Michelin Primacy MXM4s for a modded vehicle, and needed some UHP A/S tires. The current stock tires can't hold any traction with a rapid acceleration (flooring it). They fishtail out and they feel dangerous at high speeds. Usually I would go with my trusty standbys, the Cooper RS3-G1s or the Goodyear F1 asymmetric A/S, but decided to go with the new Nokian ZLine A/S. Nokian is a great tire company albeit pretty much unknown in the U.S. Got the 255/40/19s for a great deal and will give them a shot. Should have them installed within the next two weeks.
  14. Dismonkey1


    It will be interesting to see if the mpgs rebound in FLA. It could have been a bad winter blend or the engine not being designed for 93, but I think that it was most probably the extreme cold. The rapid drop in temperature throughout the NE and Mid Atlantic could have easily caused average mpgs to drop over 10%. Couple that to changes in tire pressure and I can see a 6mpg difference being plausible.
  15. Dismonkey1

    Please tell me the factory tire are not good!

    So this is just my 2cents on the stock MXM4s which my Reserve 3.0 AWD came with. They are a perfectly good tire depending on certain factors such as driving style, location, treadwear, and whether your car is tuned/modded. I would agree with the statement above that the A/S tires (and the Primacy are cross between grand-touring and performance) are not meant for heavy snow. If I lived somewhere where there was a good deal of snow, I would probably go with winter tires. Also, your tread is probably low by now which will decrease whatever limited snow performance it had. I can get away with an A/S tire in the D.C. area because we have limited heavy snow and when it does snow, we shut everything down anyways LOL. With all that being said, if you mod your vehicle and cross the threshold where you need performance, handling and dry/wet traction, the Primacys have to go (they just can't handle the power to the rear wheels) and you need to go UHP A/S (but you will probably get even less snow handling than regular A/S- tradeoffs) or straight summers and put on the winters when needed. I would encourage you to provide feedback on bbf2530s questions/comments so that folks can weigh in with some help/answers.