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  1. The onboard mileage displays are all very inaccurate, likely every manufacturer's too. The older systems were rudimentary and used basic calculations from the fuel tank level sensor, and built in MPG factors. I've owned many older Ford's with those, and typically the overall MPG displays are at least 10% optimistic. If it says 19mpg for example, then actual fill up data will be 17-18mpg or less. The newer MPG systems adjust their calculations based on your prior driving habits. If you drive with a heavy foot a good bit, right before a fill up, then expect the range figure to be much lower, than if you say are on a trip cruising for hours at a time. The system is trying to predict what your range will be, based on how the car has been driven recently. So it's always going to be very inaccurate unless you drive absolutely the same constantly, and nobody does that. But it's their attempt to be as accurate as possible. I'm glad they try, but there is a better way, give the driver the option to input usage data, a MPG factor. That's beyond what any maker has done, so don't expect that either. Regards,
  2. CDW6212R

    The Other Shoe Drops

    Curious, what do you know about the AWD Mustang I heard about at work? A coworker told me that a friend's dad ordered a new Mustang that's electric and AWD. I know nothing of the car and had not heard of such a thing until last week. I don't like the idea of the electric motor in a Mustang, unless it's a hybrid(back up engine). It sounds interesting, electric motors are great for torque, and economy in small amounts.
  3. CDW6212R

    Finally got my plate transferred, so here's my car

    Very nice. I saw one very similar to that recently in a dealer's ad. That's about what I'm hunting for, I just haven't got the time to get my trade in ready to go yet. Enjoy that a lot.
  4. How is the 6F55 related to the other six speed's that Ford makes, the 6R60 and 6R80 trans? I read great things about the 6R80, but that was in the newer Mustangs, retrofitting etc.
  5. Interesting. I have a spare sunroof from my first 91 LSC SE. I might try to find out what light does get through it before spending the time to install a solar panel under one.
  6. Ooh, they've mixed the 3.0T engine with the hybrid motor, 630lbft of torque, very cool. I like to hear that there is space in the vehicle for that, I doubt it's as easy to do in a car. Maybe a two-seater Mustang special model, that would be interesting.
  7. Interesting, so it's the new cars too. My Lincoln Mark VII's have all been tough on batteries if the car isn't driven regularly. I've found an idea that can keep up with the drain, if there is a solar panel sized close to the sunroof inside perimeter. I haven't found one I like yet that fits, I want one 28"x13" I believe it is, to fit the clear glass surface. I have a controller that if it will make 30-40watts, that will maintain a battery that has normal current draw on it while unused. We'll see, I haven't made time to ask around of the sellers of flexible solar panels.
  8. CDW6212R

    Future of the MKZ: Articles of Speculation

    That is interesting. I like the thought of a performance hybrid, but whether that can be done is questionable, given the tight space of a sedan. I'd be happy with anything similar to the current MKZ 3.0T, if it looked no worse. I love back end still, and performance wise only the FWD bothers me. I wonder if the AWD system is a sensing type using an electrical signal to engage the rear drive? In the first A4WD Fords, that meant an electromagnetic clutch, which can be triggered additionally by an add on switch etc. If so, I'd want to force AWD any time I intend to hit the gas, before hitting the gas. That should be built in, but Ford is known for not seeing well, what needs to be done.
  9. CDW6212R

    3M Clear Bra

    That's a cool idea, the leaf blower for drying. I've got a C3 blower I prefer over the gas powered one. I'll try that next time I wash my nice cars. I've got a $15 a month anytime deal at the local Zips car wash, for my daily driver work truck. So I haven't washed anything since last Summer, it's time to.
  10. CDW6212R

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    I just read of a new 7.3 liter engine Ford is developing. I hear it'll be an F150 engine choice but will fit a Mustang. It's evidently going to be a pushrod V8, sounds like a step back to the traditional smaller SBF size, with modern variable valve timing etc. That's what the Chevy LS engines are now, modern SBC's with new tech, plus heads patterned after the old Cleveland heads, which dominate NASCAR, since 1975. Maybe that new Ford engine might be a Mustang choice, we should know in a couple of years.
  11. CDW6212R

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Good planning. Take good care of the spare armrest too, keep it treated with a leather preservative etc. I had my old one saved from my 91 LSC SE, but in the garage and not treated since my wreck in 1997. The leather is pretty hard and rough compared to when I removed it in 1998. Untreated even nice leather will go bad, stored away out of the weather.
  12. CDW6212R


    Fuel is not as good during the Winter, and the changing of blends with an unlucky fill up(tank with old gas) can make any car run poorly for a while. Try to find stations which sell real gas, no alcohol gas. I don't need premium for my cars right now, but I have a station close that has real gas for 5 cents less than their premium with alcohol. They source the real gas from a different vendor, and the prices are unrelated. I'd buy the premium if the engine is made to take advantage of it, but it's a waste if it's not.
  13. CDW6212R

    2017, 19" wheel max tire with

    Each 10mm gain in section width is right at about 1/2" in diameter gain. The profile factor(the series(40)), it's worth about 1" per step. So the 255/40/19 is about 1/2" taller than the stock 245/40/19 tires.
  14. CDW6212R

    New Owner - 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Thanks for the link to the main description of the TSB, that helps. Curious too, do you know if the correction was a new head design etc, or an assembly repair or change?
  15. CDW6212R

    New Owner - 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Good trade then Scott, you found the one that fit the goals. I still wonder about the 3.0 engine TSB, if it's every 2017 or just some. I found two 17's south of me with plenty of miles on them, I'm not ready to contact anyone to ask how the TSB could work for a used purchase, I still have lots of estate work to do, and my work vehicle rebuild. I know more about what to look for now, thanks to you guys here for the details of the driver's package etc.