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  1. qstix

    Bent wheels

    Had a odd out of balance feeling at 30 MPH and 60MPH.On my 2016 MKZ had to replace 3 wheels bent. Anyone having issues with 19 inch wheels being bent? Long story below LOL I bought the care used from a ford dealer. i mentioned this before i took delivery and the ashored me it would be fixed. Guess what LOL. They put 4 new tiers on it, also all new rotors and pads.driving home same issue. Called the next day let them know same issue. Brought it back in they replaced a wheel 3day special order 19 inch $$$ they said all set. took it for a test drive same thing. Went back in and told them. Asked the service writer to go for a ride. He drove it and agreed to the unbalanced feeling. At that point he said its a used car and was not sure what i was promised.Against my natural demeanor i calmly stated a car that i can drive without fear of my safety. He told me he need to talk to his boss and would call me the next day. He called me back and I was ready for a long battle ! To my surprise he said his boss told him whatever it took to make me happy! After a week they replaced 2 more wheels and a wheel bearing. this fixed the issue made me feel bad for them.
  2. qstix

    TPMS 2016 mkz black label

    Nice. I will need to find out what i need to do that. What module for the 2016 and read up on how to do it. Thank you Bill
  3. qstix

    TPMS 2016 mkz black label

  4. Try looking at Part Number: DP5Z5451916B Same thing on my 2016.
  5. qstix

    TPMS 2016 mkz black label

    My wife left me unsupervised and i picked up a 2016 MKZ black label. I had a 2007 before this. I was wondering if this car should show the tire pressures on the dash? I did drop the tire pressure and the tire idiot light came on also the dash had a popup screen telling me low tire and press ok. But in the others that i test drove they had a screen were you could see all 4 tire pressures. Is this a turn on? i went thru all the settings on the dash and haven't found it. Thank you Bill