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  1. crashman32

    AWD overheat?

    Update: My ptu WAS CHANGED for free as I bought a powertrain warranty with the used car. I then took old PTU home, and retrofitted a drain (3/8in )plug. I opened the case and it was perfect inside. No gunk or sludge. So i will keep or sell. I plan on retrofitting the new one. Havnt found a shop that will retrofit, so i may have to do this my self.
  2. crashman32

    AWD overheat?

    Update: Ford dealership was not helpful much. No codes on scanner, but did find out the previous owner had PTU changed as it was from a wrecker, had the yellow paint marker on it. Also I noticed (they did not) that the ptu was leaking. Not much but some. Technician filled it back up. Going to take for a long drive this weekend to test thoroughly. If no issues, then oil leak was the issue but will still need a seal or new PTU. Also, PTU APPEARS to not have any wiring to it. If the ptu is overheating due to lack of oil, how does the car know it is hot? Where is the temp gauge located for the awd system? Is it possible the rear transfer case is low on oil? And is the rear transfer case oil refillable?
  3. crashman32

    2015 MKZ DSP Amplifier

    for that price go aftermarket
  4. crashman32

    AWD overheat?

    reasonable, ill check for leaks, got a appointment tomorrow, i will update...
  5. where did you get the sub enclosures, made or purchased? I likes it

    1. Izzy3906


      A friend of mine made them for me.

  6. crashman32

    AWD overheat?

    2014 MKZ here. I have somewhat similar issue, but more complicated. when travelling at 120km/hr after 30km or so AWD message says AWD disabled. Then after a few km it turns back on, but while disabled i hear a faint recurring wrrrr, wrrrr over and over. Feels like a misfire but a consistant one while the AWD is disabled. No check engine light. Only does this at highway speeds, in town has not happened. Any thoughts?